Four teams linked to Ricky Jean Francois

The Colts, Titans, Eagles and Saints have all shown an interest in 49ers defensive tackle Ricky Jean Francois, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport said Tuesday.

Jean Francois, who ranks No. 83 in PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100, plans to visit clubs in his decision-making process, Rapoport said.

The 26-year-old Jean Francois has appeared in 51 games in four seasons as San Francisco, playing mostly as a reserve. He notched a career-best 22 tackles in 2012. He started three games a season ago, one at nose tackle and two at right defensive tackle.

9 responses to “Four teams linked to Ricky Jean Francois

  1. The Eagles have been linked to everyone. You know why? because Howie Roseman is the new Vinny Cerrato. Big Signings, bragging about bad drafts, and poor success on the field while he has been in charge.

    No need to worry about the Eagles until they get rid of Roseman and get a real GM…

  2. Like to keep him for depth reasons obviuosly but paying starter money to a back up is something the 49ers weren’t willing to do!

    Good luck to his future

  3. DL was clearly the Niners biggest need going into the offseason, and if Francois leaves, it only becomes bigger. Justin Smith will be 34 by the time the next season starts, and Sopoaga is a FA as well. They need depth, but they also will likely need guys who can play right away.

  4. xemptone – Roseman is far from Vinny Ceratto. Vinny had the Skins over the cap year in and year out. They annually had to cut their young up-and-comers to make space for their bad signings. Sure, Roseman has made a handful of “bad” signings…but the contracts were far from bad….it was the player and how their talent translated to this team that was bad.

  5. xemptone: If you had half a clue you would know that Banner was the guy behind all of the signings of 2011. Notice it was him that went on every radio station, and TV interview telling the media how it took 2+ years of planning to free up the cap space to make the big splash in 2011.

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