Gonzalez tells Falcons he’s returning

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And, once again, the curse of the 95-percent certainty comes to fruition.

Tight end Tony Gonzalez has informed the Falcons that he’ll return in 2013, according to Jay Glazer of FOXSports.com.

“After discussing it with my family and really, truly struggling with this decision, I informed the Falcons that I would like to return for one more shot,” Gonzalez told Glazer. “Considering how this season ended, I wanted to give it another run with Matt [Ryan], Smitty [head coach Mike Smith] and the guys we have in there. It was the first time I had won a playoff game and hopefully coming back once more we can take it one step further.”

Gonzalez consistently said during the 2013 season that he was 95-percent certain to retire.  At one point, Falcons coach Mike Smith told PFT, “You hope for the five percent.”

“I was done, I thought I had my mind made up,” Gonzalez told Glazer.  “This whole year I knew it would be my last but the way our final game ended and talking to all the guys in the locker room, in the end it was too difficult of a way for me to step away from the game.  It’s not often in a career you’re around a group like we have down in Atlanta.”

The sure-fire Hall of Famer, arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history, passed on three TV offers.

“I am coming back for one reason and one reason only, the chance to win a Super Bowl,” Gonzalez said.

Given the moves that teams like the Seahawks and 49ers are making, it won’t be easy.  But it will be fun to watch.

59 responses to “Gonzalez tells Falcons he’s returning

  1. Now if the Falcons can add Steven Jackson.. that offense is going to be downright scary..

  2. If Tony Gonzalez wants to make some more money and have fun playing football for one more year, then good for him.

    If Tony Gonzalez is coming back because he thinks the Falcons will even make the playoffs, let alone get to the Super Bowl he’s delusional. I think he watched too many Ray Lewis wins the Super Bowl DVD’s and is fantasizing too much.

  3. I sure hope he returns to the Kansas City Chiefs

    Because the Atlanta Falcons are not even using him at all

    Alex Smith would have a year to remember with Tony Gonzalez on the field.

  4. “I am coming back for one reason and one reason only, the chance to win a Super Bowl,” Gonzalez said.

    Slim chance my friend…and I agree that the 49ers and Seahawks are going to be the team to beat in the NFC.

  5. the new favre but sad too say he will not get a ring
    this year everybody is loading up on defense too stop guy like him and gronk and julio jones

  6. Good for him — and bad for the rest of the NFL.

    I thought this man left everything on the field in his last game, but I could also sense that, being less than 10 yards and a missed 4th down conversion away from a potential SB berth, he had one more year in him.

    This is a man on a mission. Welcome back Tony.

  7. Gonzalez must not mind not having a Super Bowl ring because if he did he would have signed with the Redskins. Everyone wants to play with RG3 and 15 years of Super Bowl dominance. HTTR.

  8. LOL! NOT one linebaker or sAFety in the league can cover tony g. stop talking out of your backside kid. Welcome back tony g!!!

  9. Not a Falcon fan, but with him coming back for ?one? more year it will be interesting to see if they try to sign/trade for a couple of motivated veterans (like a Steven Jackson/Revis) to try to win it this year. San Fran looks like the team to beat in the NFC though…

  10. I’m not a Falcons fan, but there are some players in the NFL who are just so good at what they do, so much fun to watch, that you wish they would never retire. Tony Gonzales is one of those, and I’m really happy that he’s coming back for another run.

  11. Too bad for Tony and the Falcons because there year was last year.

    There is no way they win the Superbowl in the cold and fridged Meadowlands in early February.

    They can go undefeated and they still are not winning the Superbowl because of the venue. So Tony would only be coming back for the money and to compile stats, not to win a ring, because that’s not happening.

  12. Great player. Good to hear that he’s coming back. But if he really wants to help his team, he should re-sign for the veteran’s minimum. He was going to retire anyway, right?

  13. I like it. He murdered my Raiders for years but it’s impossible not to respect the mans game.

    And I like the way he’s doing it. Others should take notes. Don’t make the team wait thru trainging camp…just let them know your not interested in a full camp and move on. I’d bet most teams are fine with it in a case like this.

  14. I’m not a falcons fan but I think its ridiculous how no one respects them. Regardless of how it happened, they beat the two NFC teams that are favored to win it all over them. I don’t think they’ll make it to the Super Bowl but lets not act like they don’t have a shot.

  15. Wish you well Tony. But the Falcons are probably the 3rd best team in the NFC behind SF and SEA. Not to mention, the best QB in the NFC plays in GB. You will have a tougher schedule this year as a result of winning your division–you have to play all the other division winners this season. Saints are gonna be back. Tough to get through all that.

  16. I love it…”Seattle and San Francisco are the favorites!”

    Yeah, because we know the offseason favorites always win the Super Bowl. That New England-Green Bay championship was one hell of a ballgame.

  17. I’ll never forget the look on Tonya’s face when the Packers beat the Falcons down in 2010. Looks like her and Mandy Ice are gearing up for another failure like every other year:) GO PACK GO!

  18. fuglyflorio says:
    Mar 12, 2013 12:54 PM
    So all that retiring stuff was just a pack of lies huh.

    I hope your being sarcastic. If not, get over yourself. Haven’t you ever changed your mind about anything?

  19. Coming back for the money. I’m not condemning either. I’d love to have even one chance to make that kind of dough. But let’s be real: it’s the money.

  20. rg3srestrainingorderonlogicalvoices says:
    Mar 12, 2013 12:55 PM
    So…..you came back to win two playoff games before getting sent home? Seems legit.

    I gave you a thumb’s up strictly based upon your screen name.

  21. I am a Saint fan and Falcon hater. Sorry to have to see Tony G two/three more times next season. The dude is great at what he does.

  22. super happy for the falcons and their fanbase. congrats on getting a shot at another ring!

    peyton and the broncos and tony and the falcons in the big one what?

  23. “Arguably the best TE ever”… If you can’t argue that someone is better how can he “arguably” be the best TE ever? He is the best, there is no argument son.

  24. First, let me say that I like Gonzalez. Second, I’m not shocked at this announcement. That said however, I recall watching the Fox NFC championship pre-game show and it was All-Gonzalez, All The Time, about his retirement, his desire to see his kids grow up, the toll the game has taken on him, yadda yadda yadda. Huh.

  25. Ran into him in LAX a week or so ago heading to Newark and asked him that very question. He smiled and said “we’ll see”. No disrespect to Bennett but I kind of hoped he was heading east to talk with the Giants. 🙂

    As stated above… arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history and he seemed like a really nice guy. I wish him all the best and hope he gets his shot at going out on top*.

    *of course I reserve the right to change my mind of they end up playing the Giants in the playoffs or in the NFC Championship.

  26. I welcome any Falcon fan to address this.

    What is the sense of signing Steven Jackson when your team refuses to show a commitment to running the ball when it mattered most. If both playoff games Michael Turner was not the problem. It was your weak defense and your unwillingness to pound the ball when you had a commanding lead.

    Steven Jackson is a great player, but it could be anyone sitting on the bench watching Matt Ryan chuck the game away.

  27. The next thing we’ll hear Ray Lewis is also coming back. The cried a lot last season. We’ll hear another duet this year when the season is over.

  28. This is great news. As for Seattle being some kind of powerhouse, didn’t Atlanta beat them in the playoffs last year? I can’t remember.
    Eagles?? Eagles????? What a joke.

  29. Good day for football fans. Love him or hate him you gotta respect him and what he can still bring to the table after all these years

  30. “Arguably the greatest tight end in NFL history”

    Never has a dumber statement ever been seen in print. Who exactly is arguing this? There is no argument. It’s not even close. Tony IS the greatest TE to EVER play the game, BAR NONE!

    And forever a Chief…

  31. Did any of the people writing about different teams they hope he winds up going to bother to read the article? He says he is coming back specifically to work with Smith and Ryan.


  32. King peel, it’s tough to pound the ball when your OL cannot get any movement, your power back is not quick enough to hit the hole or make a decisive one-cut, and your change-of-pace back is not big enough to break the tackle of a DL or LB…..believe me, EVERY Falcon fan would have loved it if we could have ground it out in the SF game, but it wasn’t there from the 1st exhibition game to the title game…..in retrospect, it’s amazing the Falcons got as close as they did with such glaring weaknesses…..

    Could Jackson help ? I think so, although they should also draft a young back to groom….Mike Smith would prefer to run the ball, but last ye ar he was forced to go with what worked best – a lot of Ryan to Gonzo, Julio, Roddy et al…..

  33. Any drama over Gonzalez retiring was media-generated. He just said what he was honestly feeling, and made no commitments. Calling him a diva or “another Brett Favre” is just ignorant. Dude is a stud.

    I like Atlanta’s chances next year, can’t blame Tony for succumbing to the temptation to give it one more shot. They were super hot for several quarters during the playoffs, just failed to put together the complete game. When they are firing on all cylinders, they are as good as anybody. Get hot at the right time, and they can have rings.

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