Greg Jennings could spurn Vikings offer, stay in Green Bay


Free agent receiver Greg Jennings appeared to be so sure he was leaving Green Bay that he put his house in Wisconsin up for sale. But now it appears that Jennings has a decent chance of staying with the Packers.

Although Jennings was interested in a reunion with Joe Philbin in Miami, the Dolphins didn’t show a lot of interest and are now out of the running after signing receiver Mike Wallace. That leaves the Vikings as the team reported to have the most interest in Jennings, but Alex Marvez of reports that it’s both the Packers and the Vikings who are expressing interest.

Rob Demovsky of the Green Bay Press-Gazette reports that if Jennings hasn’t signed with another team by midnight, returning to the Packers is a possibility.

What it may come down to is whether Jennings takes the Vikings’ offer or decides to stay in the only place he’s ever played in his seven-year NFL career. It might just be easier for Jennings to take his house off the market and remain in Green Bay.

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  1. depends on what the money looks like on either side, at least looking at it from his perspective, for what he expects to be paid for the next 4-5 years.

  2. Love me some Jennings. Warrior. Leader. Tough guy. Can do pushups with women on his back. Unfortunately the Eagles are stacked at WR

  3. greg, do you want single coverage every play? becuz thats what 28 in the backfield does to the defense. join me and together we shall rule the galaxy.

  4. I sure hope he remains in GB. With he a the addition of Jackson GB would be the team to beat. Minny only has boating for sport and Jennings loves his wife…

  5. Don’t do it vikes! build through the draft! Receivers aren’t worth big contracts.

  6. Haha let him go to Minnestoa and play with Ponder. He can’t stay healthy and he started to remind me of a Dwight Howard-esque diva during his final year with the Pack.

    Use the money to pay S-Jax and draft another WR.

  7. Wow, Ponder does suck when Jennings career will go better getting thirds and fourths from Rogers.

    Rick, you will get what you want and build with the draft but please remember when you get “blue chips” in the draft find a way to keep them.

  8. Wow… this speaks volumes against the Vikes. I guess the Vikings are now last year’s Dolphins… “no one wants to play for Miami” (well except for the #1 Free Agent Wallace and the Best LB Ellerbe). Times are a changin’

  9. Very good news! If this report is true then it is all down to money.

    If he wanted to stay in GB he would have already signed the papers long ago.

    He thought he would get super rich like Wallace.

    The Vikings are obviously offering a bunch of money but not as much as he hoped.

    His agent is going to squeeze the Vikings for more money and it will end up being a game of chicken today.

    If the Vikings blink first then Jennings will make even more money.

    If Jennings blinks first then he gets less money.

    If the money isn’t quite good enough to keep his pride from being hurt (pay scale versus Wallace/Miami) then he can keep his pride by going back to GB and telling everyone that when it came right down to it….he just couldn’t leave his hometown team and fans. He would rather play for less and be part of something special.

    No Harvin…..No Wallace….(Amendola is good….but he just isn’t going to cut it in this situation)…..Vikings need to get Jennings….his agent knows it too… last little game of chicken before he signs.

  10. I’m sure it’s just a business to Greg — he doesn’t care which uniform he wears as he ruins fantasy football seasons.

  11. I thought receivers like stats…jennings will def get stats in minny…look what harvin did in 9 games. Also, if ponder doesn’t pick it up, next years qb draft class is pretty solid. Thank God they didn’t overpay Wallace.

  12. It’s not just a “Ponder or Rodgers” question.

    Cobb has 4000 yards already in 30 games. Nelson is still a threat, you KNOW GB’s drafting a WR this year, they MIGHT have a RB if they get Jackson. Finely MIGHT be coming around.

    In GB he’s one weapon amongst many, he’ll have an easier time putting up numbers because D’s can’t just key in on him or one other guy.

    In MN it’s him and AP – that’s it. He’s not going to put up the stats he has the chance to in GB.

    He’s at the age where his legacy is a question now. Want to be the guy who went to MN for $$ or the guy who stayed in GB and got 2 rings?

  13. Even assuming the Vikings are interested, something Spielman certainly didn’t indicate today, I’m not sure either side wanted a divorce in the first place, and with no teams offering him the dough he thought he’d get, Jennisngs would save face by going back home. And this Viking fan isn’t so ignorant to see the benefits of playing with Rodgers over Ponder.

  14. no longer a rumor. Jennings to resign with GB… Joining him will be Jackson. this will be breaking soon.

  15. I would love the Vikes to get Jennings, but it depends on how much it would cost. He’s getting older, and is kinda injury prone. If the price is right, do it. If not, just draft a few stud WR’s and sign a second tier FA WR, and be done. Bringing back Simpson was a good start, IMO. He never really had a chance last year, with his suspension and injury. Give him one more chance to see what he can do.

  16. Vikes best bet would be to sign Cruz. They give up the 1st rounder they just got, but get a STUD WR back in return. I think Cruz and a 3rd and 7th round pick for Harvin sounds pretty damn good to me. Then use their other 1st rounder on another WR, and the Vikes make out great in this deal.

  17. I usually don’t post on these things but I get tired of all the packers fans and their comments. I get it Minnesota isn’t that great of a team yet. However they are quickly becoming a powerhouse in their division. Green Bay only won a few more games than the Vikes last year but all you can say is how bad we suck. To the guy that said Jennings should stay in Green Bay and get 2 more rings??? Did you guys even make it to the Super Bowl last year….. Oh that’s right you didn’t and oh my gosh you went one game farther than we did in the playoffs…. Wow your the best team ever!! Gimme a break guys… The cheese in Green Bay stinks just as bad as the lakes in Minnesota do. The Vikings will contend next year again… And for the QB you say can’t throw over a 20 yard pass…. Isn’t that the same QB that torched u to get the Vikings to the playoffs last year??? But your right… He’s not that good… A year and a half into his career is enough to tell his whole life story…. How long did Rodgers ride the bench behind Favre? He didn’t play for like 4 years….. He had time to grow and learn…give ponder some time before you chastise him and write him off.

  18. I think I would rather have Cruz as well. There’s upside to both players but the vikes need to make a move in FA for a receiver or giving up Harvin means nothing. Regardless wether he liked ponder or not he had his best season last year in his career. They made up plays just to get him the ball. I feel bad for Seattle this upcoming season if Harvin doesn’t get enough touches. With people like Rice (if they keep him), Tate and lynch it could be an uphill battle to get enough touches. Harvin could become unhappy very easily….. I just don’t know. I have a ton of respect for him as a player but a bit less as a person.. That’s all.

  19. Only reason i’d want Jennings in MN is because he’s a polished reciever. He can run routes, he can catch. There isn’t much he can’t do as a reciever. He’s a complete player. And has a good attitude. So he would make a great mentor for guys like Wright, and whoever the Vikes would draft.

    But, in all reality, just like with Favre, as much as i enjoyed having him here, the soundbites, the play in 2009, things like that, i would have much rather Favre stayed in GB and retired there. Same with Jennings, it’s nice when players can stay their whole career in one place. Especially when they have gave so much to that team and community.

    But it’s FA… And business is business.

  20. Right, the Packers can sign Jennings, give me a break. So I guess they don’t sight Mathews or Rogers or Ragi then? Packers are cap strapped and everyone knows it. Jennings wants to play in MN with his buddy Peterson. It’s a done deal, stupid article. Welcome to MN Jennings. Why else does MN cut Winfield who had 3 int’s and 110 tackles? To clear $7.25M for Jennings. Signing Jennings takes away GB’s best receiver and gives MN the veteran receiver Ponder needs. No brainer.

  21. People wanting Cruz are mad. Why give up a 1st and have to pay him the same money as someone like Jennings, plus the guy wouldn’t want to play in MN, not a real pull for a Cuban. You can get a more talented player in the 1st for a tenth of the cost. Not going to happen.

  22. People who think giving a first round pick for Cruz is a good deal are morons. He’s a #2; and if he was that great they would have locked him up in NY already. Plus you have to pay the man too. Paying Jennings 7 to 8 million a year makes way more sense. If he had an offer from Greenbay for 10 million a year like has been reported he would have already taken it.

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