Griffin wants Bush in D.C., but it’s a long shot

Getty Images

As the start of the new league year approaches, the indications are getting stronger and stronger that free-agent running back Reggie Bush will make Detroit the first stop on his first-ever free-agency tour.

But there’s an unexpected possible bidder for Bush’s services.

In addition to the Lions and Cardinals, there’s a chance the Redskins will get into the mix.

Why the Redskins?  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, quarterback Robert Griffin III wants Reggie on the team.

Potential impediments include the Redskins’ cap situation, thanks to the $18 million that was removed this year for the decision to regard the term “uncapped year” literally in 2010.  Also, the presence of Alfred Morris will make Washington, D.C. as appealing to Bush as Seattle, Washington, where Marshawn Lynch is the lead dog.

Yes, we’re told the Seahawks also had interest at one point, likely before the Harvin trade.  But Bush wants to play, and if he’s on the depth chart with Morris or Marshawn, the number of total touches will drop.