Harvin deal done, Vikings get a third-rounder in 2014

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Percy Harvin is officially a Seahawk.  And the full trade terms are now known.

The Vikings have announced the deal, which will send a first-round pick (25th overall) to Minnesota, a seventh-round pick in 2013, and a third-rounder in 2014.

Previously, the 2014 pick was not yet known, described generally as a mid-round pick.

That mid-round pick is a third-rounder.

We’ll hopefully have the details on the Harvin deal once the free agency moves slow down.  You know, like on Saturday.

85 responses to “Harvin deal done, Vikings get a third-rounder in 2014

  1. Hopefully, he won’t cause dissension in Seattle like he has in Minnesota. Seattle’s a classy organization and they don’t need that nonsense.

  2. Thats a nice haul by the Vikes for a disgruntled player. Draft Tavon Austin and Boom you fill those Harvin shoes pretty quickly.

  3. Jerks fit in well with other jerks. Harvin and the Seahawks make too much sense as a married couple.

  4. sweet, unfortuntely nothing in return today yet and from the sound of spielmans news conference, they are not making big FA plans. BTW, what the he!! is a GM doing having a news conference at the beginning hour of FA?!

  5. seattle is set now for the vikings…1-2 qb’s -ha, 2 wr’s, 1 safety, 1-2 cb’s, 1-2 lb’s. uh. 8-8 next season unless luck happens. ouch

  6. Rick Spielman did a good job negotiating this deal, no question. It also helped that almost nobody outside Winter Park knows the extent of the disruption Percy caused the team.

    Now to the issue of filling Harvin’s shoes:
    I doubt that this will happen, but it is still unclear to me why the Vikes wouldn’t make a big offer to Victor Cruz and give the Giants their original first rounder. Cruz is an ultra-productive slot receiver who can also play outside, tough (not prone to injury), and seemingly a great team player. He would likely cost about the same as Harvin, but without the diva act or the missed games.

    The Giants are too close to the cap to be able to match an incentive-laden deal the Vikes could afford (unfortunate that they can no longer do a poison pill deal now like they used to get Hutchinson, as that would make it much easier).

    Cruz is from the NYC area and likely really wants to stay with the Giants, but he probably wants a long-term deal in the $8-10 mill/year range even more.

    Jennings would be fine, but he’s a short-term fix. Cruz would help Ponder and the team a lot more and for a lot longer.

  7. AP may just want to take this year off cause the Vikes are going to run him into the ground worse than ever now.

  8. Good trade for both teams. Seahawks get a dynamic playmaker if he can stay on the field. Vikings get a lot of value in picks without having to deal w/Harvin as a headache anymore…or Harvin’s headaches anymore (either way)

  9. Great move by Speilman and the Vikings.

    They traded a talented slot receiver who hasn’t been healthy for an entire season since 2009, a player they weren’t going to retain past 2013 anyway, to the Seahawks for 1st, 3rd and 7th round picks.

    Not a bad play for the Seahawks either. If Harvin can stay healthy (and stops the diva routine) he could be the asset they need to contend this year for a Super Bowl. It’s a big if, but the payoff could be big.

    Really, it’s one of those trades that is a win for both teams. Now the Vikings need to find Ponder some weapons because right now, the cupboard is completly bare.

  10. GREAT day to be a viking fan!!!! u guys got a 1st and a 3rd and a 7th for a part time wr!!!! they must thinks hes the next jerry rice !!!!!! blaaaaa haaaaa haaaa

  11. Just another DIVA looking for a pay day…Give him a few months …he’ll be injured and want a new deal for more money.

    ONE PROBLEM…both the niners and hawks are banking on the read option with a running quarterback….all the NFL defensive coordinators will have this totally shut down come next season and the Packers will be back in the superbowl with Rogers leading the way.

    Kaepernick and Wilson will end up like Michael Vick and RGIII…..where did my ACL go???

  12. Nicely done Spielman. Im curious to see where these picks go to. Im almost betting that the Vikes make a play for Cruz… shall be interesting… GO BEARS!

  13. Pretty steep price for him, he doesn’t play when he has migraines. I don’t see the hype for an injury prone guy…. but then again I’m an Eagles fan and we just love picking up injury prone players.

  14. Slower than expected free agency, not quite a frenzy. Seattle gave up too much for him, reminds me of Sydney Rice.

  15. nice to know who’s playing for a SUPER BOWL next season and who isn’t.

    good luck, Percy! I don’t give a crap about your attitude, you brought it every game and that’s all that matters to me.

  16. Being a long time hawks fan, this is a bit scary due to the fact the hawks history of trading/signing for wr’s have not turned out well. Plus the fact that schneider/carroll draft classes have done, a 1st & 3rd round player usually turns into a starter/big contributor.

    that being said, if he is not a malcontent and just plays to his abilities then the trade is worth it, but thats a scary if for 2 high round picks & all of the millions he’ll get in his new contract.

    Go Hawks!

  17. Remember the Vikings drafted Ponder 12th overall, so it is no guarantee that the Vikings are going to do anything useful this year or next with the picks.

    Seattle, on the other hand, has drafted multiple pro bowl players in late rounds in the last 3 years, so even without a first they are pretty well positioned and more likely to succeed.

  18. Ah you silly Vikings fans, AD disagrees with you. Good luck with that known pro bowler you haven’t drafted yet with put first, may as well be second round pick…

  19. It’s unbelievable how stacked the Seahawks have gotten in just a few years. A lot of young draft picks on the team. They’re paying a QB quarterback with the potential to top 10 or 5 under $1 million this season. Their defense is one of the best and youngest in the league. Pete Carrol has really impressed me after his disastrous run as Jets head coach. Who knew you only had to go coach at USC to get on the job training to competently run a pro team.

  20. It’s so easy to get drunk on the FA punch and forget about the real value in draft picks. I see far too many Seattle fans falling into this trap. Yeah, it’s exciting to get a new player like Harvin, just like it’s exciting to get a new car…until you start making all of the payments, and it breaks down etc… – then it’s not so fun anymore. So, enjoy the small window of euphoria while it lasts. I just wouldn’t invest in many jerseys because half the talent on that team is going to be gone in a couple of years.

  21. I got a Percy Jersey I bought last year. Had a feeling this might happen. I feel sick every time they show Percy in action on TV. It’s a shame his highs have an equal low. Vikings did what they had too. Percy should thank the organization for letting him go to a team who is Super Bowl ready.

  22. What’s with all the Seattle hate? A great team just got better.

    Are we football fans or drama queens? Seahawks and Niners are probably the best in the league right now.

  23. The only thing that will change Harvin’s attitude is what he demands for a salary; a minimum of 5 years 66 million, just over what Wallace got.

  24. If the Vikings keep planning for the Future, their best players are going to be long gone and they are going to have to start over. They need to make something happen with their roster.

  25. Seattle is so stupid to get fleeced this badly in a trade that has no upside for them.

    When Seattle’s GM is fired this will be listed as one of the reasons.

  26. isphet71 says: Mar 12, 2013 5:33 PM

    What a steal for the Vikings. Harvin’s not worth that much.
    It’s really not that much from a Seattle perspective. They now obviously were looking WR with that #25 pick anyway, losing one of their three 7th rndrs is virtually nothing. So really the 3rd next year is the big deal and the heftier contract. That’s a good deal considering Harvin’s a proven game changer. Minn made a nice haul for their needs too.

  27. It still has yet to be seen if this was a good trade. The Vikings traded away the only proven offensive weapon not named Adrian Peterson. Granted they received high picks for him but it is the Vikings who will be using the picks.

  28. “When Seattle’s GM is fired this will be listed as one of the reasons.”

    What a joke. This is the GM that signed Chris Clemons (double-digit sacks for 3 straight years), drafted Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman, KJ Wright, Bobby Wagner, Russell Wilson, signed Brandon Browner, Zach Miller, Marshawn Lynch…

    Seriously. Do your homework man. Minnesota (who lost in Seattle, badly last season) would love to be in this position.

  29. The Vikes did great!! Got rid of a problem child and a boatload of draft picks. SEAHAGS should be alright with Harvin, As long as he stays healthy, happy and productive. But Seahawk fans beware he will get cranky so don’t be shocked.

  30. @MasMacho List of Spielman’s first round picks: Peterson, Harvin, Ponder, Kalil, Harrison Smith. I would say Spielman can draft in the first round pretty well not to mention the later rounds as well with Pro Bowl kicker Blair Walsh. Saying the Seahawks are better off draft wise is ridiculous.

  31. bobnelsonjr says: Mar 12, 2013 6:04 PM

    Seattle is so stupid to get fleeced this badly in a trade that has no upside for them. When Seattle’s GM is fired this will be listed as one of the reasons.
    This is what is said after every draft and nearly every roster addition Pete and JS have made the past 3 years. Hard to get fired when you are consistently drafting defensive pro bowlers and franchise QB’s in middle rounds. Aside from Whitehurst every move he’s made has turned gold, pretty sure he knows what he’s doing.

  32. Compare this with the Boldin trade, would rather have boldin…….agree that you just draft tavon austin….hawks overpayed….

  33. No one better would be there @ 25, so Hawks get a better WR than they would have @25. Given the “are you serious” 1st round picks they make, this one is solid. JS/PC always do better in later rounds. Tate, Rice, Harvin, Miller, Baldwin, Lynch, Turbin, Wilson..pretty decent offensive weapons. Harvin pushes back the safeties and opens more room for Lynch to run, Tate, Rice and Miller to fill in intermediate routes and Lynch/Turbin running routes out of the backfield.

    Essentially gave up a 3rd and 7th..I’ll take that every day
    Now they can concentrate on the D-line in the draft.

  34. I was hoping for a 2nd round pick, so to get a 1st, 3rd and 7th is another victory for the Vikings GM. He had arguably the best draft last year and now gets a hall for guy that was a problem on the team and was going to cost them a ton of money. Kudos to Spielman.

  35. Worked out well for both sides, Seattle got a legit talent. The Vikes got draft picks and Percy didn’t want to play here anyway. Now it’s what we do with the picks that counts. Odds are we won’t get a talent like Harvin, but hopefully somethin good with the 1st and the 3rd. The 7th rd pick is meaningless.

  36. Well see who got the better end of it next year when these two team play eachother…. And hopefuly it’ll be on National Tv kuz harvin better be ready for a real hard hitting game!

  37. This trade will only benefit the Vikings if they make good use of the draft picks.

    They need to land an instant starter with that first round pick they received, and they need to get some real wide receivers. The fact that they even bothered to re-sign Jerome Simpson is troublesome. Simpson was awful last year, drop several passes and ran wrong routes. The Vikings need reliable receivers, and Simpson is not reliable.

  38. As a Vikes fan whose favorite player was Percy Harvin this is a good trade for both teams. Seattle added a pro bowl caliber slot WR and KR to a contending team. Minnesota moves a disgruntled player who would not resign for a bounty of picks. Seems fair.

  39. onlineinsite says: Mar 12, 2013 5:58 PM

    It’s so easy to get drunk on the FA punch and forget about the real value in draft picks. I see far too many Seattle fans falling into this trap. Yeah, it’s exciting to get a new player like Harvin, just like it’s exciting to get a new car…until you start making all of the payments, and it breaks down etc… –then it’s not so fun anymore. So, enjoy the small window of euphoria while it lasts. I just wouldn’t invest in many jerseys because half the talent on that team is going to be gone in a couple of years.

    Harvin wasn’t a free agent, the Seahawks have a high percentage of players on their team that they drafted and they have 10 draft picks this year second only to the 49ers.

  40. As a Seahawk fan, I was worried about this trade at first. Like every single other personnel move by the Hawks in the last 3 years, it left me scratching my head, and has the rest of the NFL laughing at Seattle.

    Then I remember all the laughter when we paid TJ Houchmenzadeh to leave, drafted Russell Wilson (and almost every other draft pick), went after big CBs in the CFL and late in the draft, etc, etc.

    It’s pretty funny how they say the NFL is a copycat league, and everyone knows Seattle’s front office is the best in the game – yet STILL people criticize Pete and John. I love it. As long as the pundits and armchair GMs keep saying we’re doing poorly, I’ll keep my faith that our front office is still a step ahead of the rest.

    Oh and to the 49er fans saying they’re glad they got Boldin instead… yeah yeah yeah, you said the same thing about Randy Moss last offseason. Pffffft. LOL. Pretty soon, your team is going to have to find new talent rather than ride on all the high draft picks Harbaugh inherited. Good luck with that.

  41. Welcome Percy! We are excited to have you and your talent. Biggest gripe about you has been that you have been upset with your QB and team performance/competitive nature. The Hawks have addressed that over the last 3 years and we think you will be very happy in helping get the team too where it wants to go. Again, Welcome.

    Go Hawks!

  42. Just reading some of the disrespect Viking fans have for Seattle. If the guy you draft is any good in 3 years- I’m sure he’ll find his way to the Seahawks. Just got my Wilson jersey in the mail today. How many of you have Ponder jerseys? Mike Wallace signed in Mia where their QB can throw the ball further than 10 yards. Smart choice for him.

  43. Vikings fleeced the Seahawks on this one.
    Niners fleeced the Chiefs on Alex Smith & stole Anquan Boldin from the Ravens.

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