Harvin gets $67 million over six years

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Percy Harvin has gotten the new team that he wanted, and with it came a new deal.

Per a league source, it’s a six-year, $67 million deal that replaces the last year of Harvin’s rookie deal, at $2.775 million in salary.

Thus, the total average is $11.16 million.  In new money (i.e., $67 million less the $2.775 million over five years), Harvin’s average annual haul is $12.845 million.

He gets a $12 million signing bonus, paid in full by the end of 2013 in a state that has no income tax.

The base salaries are $2.5 million in 2013 (fully guaranteed), $11 million in 2014 (guaranteed for injury for now, fully guaranteed on fifth day of the 2014 waiver period), $10.5 million in 2015, $9.9 million in 2016, $9.95 million in 2016, and $11.15 million in 2017.

Thus, $14.5 million is fully guaranteed, with another $11 million guaranteed fully after the 2013 season.  The total guarantee, then, is $25.5 million.

He also gets $36 million over the first three years of the deal.

It’s a major commitment for a guy who wasn’t a free agent, and who has a history of being a handful, to say the least.  The Seahawks ultimately were the only team that were willing to make the deal required to get Percy from the Vikings, and to make Percy happy.

At least for now.

87 responses to “Harvin gets $67 million over six years

  1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I hope it works out for Percy and the Hawks — except when they play the Vikes. It’s too hard to be crabby about this and I’m too bummed that he’s gone.

  2. I am really glad the Vikings didn’t dish out that kind of cash for him. Would rather pay the team players. Hopefully it works out well for Harvin and the ‘Hawks.

  3. Thats about 8 million per migraine. Nice job Harvin. You scammed the Seahawks but not the Eagles. Howie has things on lock fellas. 1960 World Champions baby! We beat Lombardi!

  4. Overpaid. He should not be anywhere near what Calvin Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are making. Maybe, and I mean maybe if he didn’t have health issues. But he does and therefor this is waaay too much money.

  5. Did anyone hear Warren Sapp drop the F bombs on NFL network talkin’ junk about Scott Pioli when he thought his mic was off?

  6. That is a phenomenal deal. Basically $11M per year for the most dangerous WR in the League, making him 5th highest paid WR in the league. He originally wanted upwards of $14M, and he might’ve been worth it.
    Seahawks are protected against injury and “bust” potential. They can actually cut him after 2 years and be OK. Not that they will.
    We will see how this plays out.

  7. over a 11mill a year for a guy who plays 10 games per year. have fun with that. Great player when he can stay healthy, and his mouth shut, but he is yet to prove either of those

  8. Contrary to popular belief here, this ain’t that bad a deal for the seahawks. He came in wanting Calvin Johnson/Larry Fitz money. This is not even close.

    If he can be healthy, this is a great signing for the ‘Hawks. Also Minnesota can make you sick.

  9. Said on the NFL Network today “nothing but the utmost respect & love for Coach Frazier & Viking Nation” pretty nice & interesting things to say from a supposed bitter, egotistical, pain of a player.

    Good Contract! Fair Deal!

    Go Hawks!

  10. So basically they paid $13m/year after his rookie deal and a 1st, 3rd and 7th round draft pick for Percy Harvin.

    Call that going double-down on an injury-prone diva. Seattle sure likes to pay for injury-prone WRs from the Vikings.

    Looks like their gonna have to bail on Rice now to make room for Harvin.

  11. If he koundnt do it with farve rice n Ap what make u think he can do it with the hawks just saying

  12. Well… Good for him.
    He’ll find something to complain about regardless.
    Diva receivers have gone out of style. If he wants to stick around and pocket some cash, he needs to keep his head down, his mouth shut and do his job the best he can.
    Teams have gotten tired of the diva crap.

  13. Sounds like Al Davis made this deal, Randy Moss to the Raiders all over again. This guy is a (ME) person with a self destruct button on his forehead.

    Sorry, this will be a salary cap issue for the seahawks for years to come. This guy is never happy, even when he says he is happy.

  14. to make Percy happy.

    At least for now.
    you said a mouthful Florio. By this time next year Percy will start being the percy we all know and the Seahawks and their fans will get to know. Pete Carroll says he’s not worried about Harvins malcontent ways, that he can “fix that”….just like he told Tavaris Jackson that the Vikings didn’t know how to “coach him up”…..how did that work out Petey, LOL

  15. Holy overpaid batman…

    Seattle will regret this contract greatly. I have no problem putting my money where my mouth is on this one

  16. HA HA HA HA. Another STUPID move by a desperate team trying to keep up. I can’t wait to see this blow up in Carroll’s face and the Chicken Hawks fans. HA HA HA

  17. Wow, Harvin is a good player but that is a little too much. Maybe somewhere 8-9 Mil per year but 12mil?? He hasn’t even gotten over 1,000 Yards is whole career. And with the injury package? Hawks could have gotten someone they could build on with the 1st round pick.(Maybe Tavon Austin) And alot cheaper.

  18. Only an attorney can do math like that… Getting $67 million over six years can never average $12 million a year. Ever. Buy a calculator Florio!!!

  19. You know you’ve made it as a team when other fans constantly hate on every move the team makes. We have a lot of talent, and we are winning games now. The patriots win, the Steelers won in years past, etc. There’s a reason why people love to hate them. Because they WIN!

  20. I crack up laughing at all the PFT GMs that want to rush to show us their supreme skills by letting us all know if such and such team overpaid for a player. Can we please stop?

    Maybe you guys keep getting surprised at these contracts because you don’t know what you’re talking about? Nah it can’t be that.

  21. Pete Carroll’s proving to be an idiot. Too bad. He lucked out with Russell Wilson who bailed him out of the stupid decision for Matt Lynn. He’s still going to be his own worst enemy.

  22. Only reason Percy was a “handful” in Minny is because he saw a future catching passes from a 2nd tier QB resulting in exactly zero SB rings.

    When you are top-tier talent in your position, you usually wish to realize your potential to the fullest. NFL careers go by much too quickly, and Harvin saw the writing on the wall — either get onto a team that’s built for making championship runs NOW, or be content to be a franchise player on an ‘also-ran’ team. There’s always an element of risk, but no guts, no glory, as they say. Vegas odds for next SB champ have both Hawks and Niners as best bets, both at 5-1 odds. I say, smart play, Percy!

  23. Paid a king’s ransom of a 1st, 3rd & 7th picks to the Vikings & now give him the key to the bank vault.

  24. Everyone talking about Harvin and being injury/migraine prone –

    you DO realize that until his ankle sprain last season, Harvin had missed 3 Games out of 50 the previous 3 years?


    out of Fifty.

    In the NFL, that’s pretty good. So please find another reason to bash him rather than this injury myth, or the fact that he’s right to not believe in Ponder.


  25. It’s really a $3 year, $36 million deal.

    If he doesn’t perform, he can be cut at that time, which frees up more money for the Dange-Russ extension that Seattle will be paying at that time.

  26. 67 Million for a guy who has NEVER had a 1000 receiving yards in a season.

    He has never scored 10 touchdowns in a single season, even if you combine receiving, running, and return stats.

    He has had health issues his entire career.

    Anyone who thinks he “maybe” deserves Calvin or Larry money has lost their grip on reality.

  27. That’s great SEAHAWKS!!! Cap space will be takin up for days!! Perfect!! It won’t pan out for you guys and I will be so happy!! WE RUN THE NFC

  28. Funny how quickly Minnesota fans(including Florio) turned against Harvin.

    Guess you’ll do the same once Adrian Peterson is tired of doing everything by himself

  29. benroethlisberger7 says: Mar 12, 2013 7:45 PM

    You forgot to end that brilliant commentary with your usual “LOL”.

  30. ravenousmike says:
    Mar 12, 2013 7:48 PM
    And they say Flacco was overpaid?

    I would say they are both overpayed. Anquan shoulda got some money. Flacco woulda never done it without anquan.

  31. Harvin missed three games over first three years and hasn’t had a migraine in 2 years. But yes…I’m sure that makes him injury prone. smh

    It is less money that what Mike Wallace commanded and Harvin is a better receiver. He is also far short of Fitz money…$16 mil a year.

  32. Good Luck in having that work out….how did the Matt Flynn deal work out Seattle? Harvin is a total head case..I don’t care if Bevell coached him before(he still had a ton of issues in MN). Now you give the guy that much money and he’s not going to be hungry…By the way Seattle….how did that Sydney Rice contract work out? He hasn’t done anything since he signed his deal….now you’ll have two guys hurt vs just one.

  33. Are you kidding me? Man Harvin must have really not wanted to be here, or the Vikes must not have wanted him, because 10 mil a year over 6 years (all in his prime since he’ll only be 30 when this expires) is not bad for a player like Harvin. And only 12 mil guaranteed is not much these days.

    I’m actually sort of pissed at this. I realize this is 12 mil in “new money” or whatever but the bottom line is that the Vikes “should” have been able to pay Harvin 10.1 mil per year over the next 6 with only 12 of it guaranteed. Hell in 4 years 10 mil for a starting caliber WR will be a steal.

    God damnit. Now the Vikes are probably going to pay some chumbalone like Amendola or Jennings like 9 mil a year.

  34. This should force the Vikings to overpay for Jennings. Vikings get a great deal for Harvin and now they’ll overpay for another hurt receiver. Where is Steve Largent?

  35. Seahawks were close last year. Harvin will put them over the top. Defenses had their hands full without having to account for Harvin. Seems like an acceptable contract to me. Better than the Wallace contract. If the Seahawks hadn’t given him this money, the patriots or niners would have and they are competition A and B for the Superbowl next year.

  36. That’s insane.

    Then again, so is riding a third-round rookie QB to within thirty seconds of the NFC Championship Game.

  37. Today, this contract looks manageable. Three years from now, when Percy is 27, it will be a bargain.

  38. ex-vikings seattle has signed in past few years: N. Burleson, Tavaris Jackson, Sid Rice and now Harvin……seahawk players lost to vikings: all pro guard steve hutchinson. sounds to me like the vikes have the hawks number

  39. Hey Pete Carroll, what happens when you give a chronic cancer a huge dollar, long term contract ?

    “I don’t know, lets try it and see what happens !

    But I bet this will keep him happy for at least 12 months till next year some other team gives a bigger contract to some other receiver.”

  40. Wow , percy already threw a weight at the seahawks GM and hit him in the head. What’s that percy? Yes I’ll deposite your check and get you a BLUNT, to ease your migraine.

  41. I love hearing Seahawks fans justify this deal. $12 mil a year, a first round pick, a third round pick and a 7th round pick for a slot receiver with a history of anger issues with his own coaches?

    It’s almost as good as some of the other ‘hawks fans calling Percy the best receiver in the league.

    I’ve been to Washington. This delusion does not surprise me.

  42. As a packer fan in MN, I can say that Harvin is the toughest WR I’ve seen in 48 years. I don’t know about his personality or the $ of this deal – just glad to have him outta the NFC North!

  43. Not sayings its a great deal, don’t wanna…but if I am gonna be honest. Harvins migraines stemmed from sleep apnea, he won’t have a problem now that its being treated(I also have it).

    He has never had the same injury twice, I remember rice when he was with the vikes was injury prone, he played all 16 for Seattle this year.

    people need to understand that this is football, anybody can get injured, some are just unlucky…not saying I love how much it cost, but lets give it a year before we judge…why do fans of other teams have to troll…Iv never done that.

  44. The amount that is guaranteed is much less that 67 and is laden with incentives. Couldn’t be better given his up-side and protecting for his down-side. Much less than he was insisting he get from Vikings. I bet they would have kept him for this money.

    This is going to work out just fine………Of course because its football, you never know until you look from hindsight. So for now I have my fingers crossed.

    Go Hawks!

  45. Its a big risk/ high reward for the seahawks. If they get him to play a FULL season, use him the way HE WANTS, and do not have any losing streaks in the foreseeable future (ie:adversity) then he might be worth $ 12 million a year!!! Make no mistake Percy is a great player but he is still just a slot receiver!!

  46. Percy is a great talent, but this is a panic move to try and compete w/49ers. Championship teams aren’t bought in free agency. There built through the draft and smart, FA signings. Niners have struggled to cover wr like Percy, victor Cruz kills the niners, but this will be addressed in the draft by adding a speedy nickel back. Which is funny if you think of it. Seahawks spend a fortune and all the niners have to do is draft a speedy corner and give safety help on Percy. Seahawks don’t have any other real wr threats. Percy will be cut in two years after he collects his 25 million.

  47. Juddstir, how many playoff games have the hawks been to with ex Vikings? How many wins? How many playoff games did the now retired hutch get you to? Team game, go away.

  48. rickrock6661982 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 8:08 PM
    Funny how quickly Minnesota fans(including Florio) turned against Harvin.

    Guess you’ll do the same once Adrian Peterson is tired of doing everything by himself
    No only packer fans are notorious for shunning their former heroes.

  49. Fact is both teams came out pretty good in this deal. It is rare you get a chance to add a player of Harvin’s caliber and he instantly adds another dimension to an already dangerous offense. Seattle was targeting a WR in the first round and Harvin is much better than anything they were going to get. Plus, Seattle can afford to overpay Harvin now because of their cap situation (paying nothing for wilson, sherman etc.). The Vikings on the other hand got rid of a player who was demanding out and were able to salvage a few high round picks. It is funny to me that nobody compares this to the Mike Wallace situation, as Pittsburgh is watching their playmaker leave for nothing in return. They added cap room flexibility to possibly target a FA wide out and also have the ability to fill a lot of needs via the draft.

  50. Oh come on. It’s not like he got Mike Wallace money…

    Anybody else notice there are 2x 2015s listed? $18.5 mil, now that IS steep.

    It’s more than a bit ridiculous to talk about “$67 million”, when was the last time a guy in his mid 20s played out the last year of his 6 year deal? Really, what we’re talking about is 3ish years for $30something million dollars. That’s the going rate for WR1s these days.

    This move also causes the whole ‘Hawks offense to become fully realized: now Sidney Rice can be a non-field stretching possession receiver with a ginormous catch radius, and Golden Tate line up in the slot (or wherever he wants) and run away from LBs and safeties and run over CBs. Drop extra guys into coverage and Marshawn Lynch’ll beat you up and take your lunch money. Harvin gets single-coverage for the first time since he learned the position.

    I’m a happy 12th Man today. The price was high, but playmakers aren’t cheap.

  51. Norcal if all it took was a speedy cb to catch a.quick wr then why is wallace getting paid 65M and then you have 1 d revis in the entire league that can shadow him?

    Get off your high horse 49er fan. Its glaringly obvious.

    But i truely would like to see them get a 49er 1 on 1 with a safety over the top to cover harvin, he only holds the most broken tackles record as a receiver.

    And while your at it, while you double covering harvin, watch rice.blow right past your man for a sexy wilson deep bomb.

    Yeah, im a hawk homer, but at least im beong realistic.

  52. Hey skillz, your right that guys like Wallace and Harvin can take the top off a defense and open up the middle for other WR’s or TE’s, but you guys don’t have anybody else the DB’s need to worry about. We can double Percy. Rice is probably going to get cut now, but even if he’s not he’s very overrated. I don’t think Percy is being that overpaid, but I think he’s gone after his 2 guaranteed years. Then what do you have. No super bowls and your out a 1st & 3rd rounder player. They should of packaged some picks and moved up in the draft to get Tavon Austin if that’s the type of player they want and spent there $ on a OL for there best player Lynch.

  53. This is great for the Hawks, opens up the offense considerably for Wilson and Bevel. Harvin hasn’t had a migraine for 2 years, and this ‘injury prone’ playmaker only missed 3 games over the previous 3.5 years… Far below the league average. Harvin was going to be the NFL Offensive Player of the year before getting hurt last year. In 8 games last year Harvin had 55% of the YAC, that the ENTIRE Seahawks team had ALL of last year. After listening to many insiders over the last few days it seems that Harvin has been lampooned by many with little knowledge of his situation. Urban Meyer claims he would take Harvin to do battle with him, and against anybody… No wonder after Harvin, Avril and Bennet, Hawks are Vegas favorites, and justifiably. Carroll and Schneider have proven that they are draft, and roster gurus… Beginning of a Dynasty in Seattle… Especially after listening to Kaepernick and his interviews recently. Wilson actually sounds like a QB, while Kaepernick sounds like an NBA player who took Underwater Basket-Weaving 101 to get through college… NOBODY has it better than the Hawks right now!!

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