Jumping of the gun begins: DeAngelo Hall has not signed in Detroit


With the new league year underway and millions of NFL fans desperate for any free agency news they can get, expect at least a few reports that jump the gun about a player signing with a new team.

One such report came out of WUSA-9 in Washington, D.C., which said that cornerback DeAngelo Hall, who was just released by the Redskins, had signed with the Lions. In an instant, the original WUSA report had been posted on Twitter so many times that “DeAngelo Hall” was a trending topic across the United States.

One problem: The report was false.

After the Hall-to-Detroit rumor had gone halfway around the world, other reports began to surface saying that Hall had not, in fact, signed with the Lions. Eventually, the Lions posted on their official Twitter account that they haven’t signed Hall.

So DeAngelo Hall is still a free agent. And we have a good reminder that at the start of NFL free agency, you can’t believe everything you hear.