Lions keep Kassim Osgood


Special teams coverage specialist Kassim Osgood is staying in Detroit.

Osgood, who has made three Pro Bowls as a special teamer, agreed to a new deal with the Lions today, a league source tells PFT.

Although he’s listed as a wide receiver, Osgood didn’t catch any passes last season and has rarely been more than a role player on offense at any point in his nine-year NFL career.

But what Osgood does well is play special teams, and that’s an area where the Lions need help. He’ll help them out in the kicking game for another year.

7 responses to “Lions keep Kassim Osgood

  1. Love Osgood on special teams. Just shows that if your talented at special teams and not so good at offense/defense, you can still have a long career. Good for Osgood

  2. Too bad. The Redskins would have given him a 6-year, $27.5 million contract. Oh wait, Kassim Osgood, that will be a $36 million contract. Daniel Snyder to team personnel: “We did it! He’s elite!”

  3. Why is this even news? The guy didn’t catch a pass last year, down the drain we go with blockbusters like that….

  4. Last year the Lions coaching staff said that they wanted guys that could do more than one thing.

    If you’re going to have someone just do special teams, why not get a “defensive” player that has worked on tackling all of his career?

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