Lions looking like more likely landing spot for Bush

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For a week now, we’ve been saying/suggesting/speculating/whatever that the next destination for running back Reggie Bush likely will be Arizona or Detroit.

As of right now, the Lions look to be the likely winners.

While the Cardinals seem to have a greater need, given the decision to cut Beanie Wells and intention of LaRod Stephens-Howling to hit the open market, the Lions have been without a versatile tailback since Jahvid Best’s career was derailed by an October 2011 concussion.

Bush would likely compete with Mikel Leshoure for the top spot on the depth chart, and don’t be surprised if Bush outworks Leshoure and takes the job.

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  1. He is a perfect running back for Green Bay’s style. But I assume he is out of their price range, being a free agent and all.

  2. I find that hard to believe…unless…

    winning is more important to Reggie Bush than weather/being closer to home.

    Add Bush to Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford and one of the top offenses in the NFL should be even better in 2013.

    On the other hand, I’d have to think the Cardinals are in a better salary cap situation to offer more $$.

    I suppose we will probably know the answer by sometime tonight or Wednesday.

  3. Dumb! The Lions should trade for a very affordable LeGarrette Blount in Tampa Bay. They would have their 1,500 yard a season running back for the price of probably a 5th rounder. A steal!

  4. Lions have to do some cap magic, as of now might have enough space just to sign draft picks…

  5. Not a Lions fan, but I did see Leshore a in a few games. He’s not that bad. I bet that he would still be their starting back, delegating Reggie to their 3rd down back. Of course he’s more likely to get the starting nod down in AZ. Ryan Williams is “the guy” down there now, and has not been able to stay on the field in his first 2 years.

  6. Welcome to Detroit Mr. Bush. This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship where superbowls appear to be in your future.

    Notice I said superbowls as in more than one. A guy can dream can’t he?

  7. I didn’t want Bush when we got him, but I now know it’s a mistake for Ireland to let him walk. He was a pro’s pro with the Dolphins. A hard worker and a home-run threat every time he touched the ball, there is no way Jeff Ireland is capable of finding a back to equal or exceed his production.

  8. What is Mike’s basis for this story? He makes a case for why the Cardinals make sense but says it’s looking more and more like the Lions? Is this a hunch? A story?

  9. Bush is going to be Staffords safety net, all around good pickup, hopefully he can produce like he did in the passing game down in NO

  10. The Lions will over pay and Bush will under perform.

    Name the last free agent that came to the Motor City and performed at an All-Pro Level for more than one year.

    Lions + Free Agents = Waste of Money.

  11. bill polian had him listed as a “Tier B” free agent RB behind guys like felix jones which is asinine, and i see a lot of comments about him having to compete with mikel leshour in detroit or ryan williams in arizona, but i think that’s completely off base. i’ve never been a fan of bush’s since he came into the league, and by most accounts he was a bust in new orleans…yea he had some big plays and showed flashes, but he never lived up to what people thought he would be. that being said, the first 6 weeks of the season last year, i thought he finally looked like a legit #1 RB and he was putting up top 5 numbers. after he hurt his knee against the jets he missed some time and when he came back he never got fully healthy. if he goes into detroit or arizona and works the way people in miami say he worked and produces the way he did last year when he was healthy, there’s no shot he doesn’t take the #1 job on either team.

  12. Top notch “reporting” here. Is this accords to any sources or anything? Or simply slapping the PFT opinion on a headline and calling it a new story. There is literally no piece of information in here that hasn’t been mentioned dozens of times in the last few weeks.

  13. freebird2011 says: Mar 12, 2013 7:27 AM

    “I find that hard to believe…unless…

    winning is more important to Reggie Bush than weather/being closer to home.

    Add Bush to Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford and one of the top offenses in the NFL should be even better in 2013.”

    How is winning more important in Detroit? Arizona actually won one more game than Detroit last year, and is 65-95 over the past ten seasons compared to Detroit’s 48-112. With Bruce Arians in charge now they should be an improved team in 2013…That said, AZ needs to draft a franchise QB next month if they hope to improve on their 31st. ranked scoring offense in 2012.

    As for the Lions, their offense was only ranked high in yards, not points, where they finished 17th. (Better than AZ, to be sure.)

    Bottom line, the choice is about the same, and Bush will be a tremendous addition to either offense.

  14. The Lions are stacked at RB, we should be able to draft a running back later in the rounds that is perfectly what we are looking for, just a scat back. Getting Reggie Bush would be cool in a perfect world but we need to save money and he just wants to much. I’m gonna get crucified for the but wait until later rounds and draft denard robinson and develop him

  15. Reggie Bush does not need to be here at all. Joique Bell was 3rd in recieving among running backs, and one of only 5 running backs to average over 5 yards a rush with a minimum of 75 carries. That’s in the same class as A. Peterson, J. Charles, C.J. Spiller, and Marshawn Lynch. Lions have too many holes to be this stupid.

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