Manning, Freeney reunion becoming more likely

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Last month, when very-soon-to-be former Colts linebacker Dwight Freeney joined PFT Live, he said that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning already had been recruiting Freeney to return to the defensive end position in Denver’s 4-3 defense.

The comment made many wonder where Freeney would fit in an attack featuring defensive end Elvis Dumervil and linebacker Von Miller.

The answer has since become clear — Dumervil and his $12 million base salary will be dumped by Saturday, at which time the payment becomes fully guaranteed.

While the Broncos have plenty of options, we’re told that Manning wants Freeney.  Though Manning has no plan to make a power play, he has a way of getting his point across.

And it’s safe to assume he already has.

35 responses to “Manning, Freeney reunion becoming more likely

  1. I am a Colts fan. Not sure how much this would help the Broncos. Freeney’s tank is pretty empty. He’s a situational pass rusher @ best.

  2. I was talking about this a lot last night on Twitter. DJ needed to go. He was another DUI or infraction away from being indefinitely suspended. Dumervil, while I love what he has contributed to the Broncos, he is not worth $12 a year. That is just the plain and simple truth. They will probably get Freeney and a few other players at the cost of Dumervil’s contract. The business side isn’t always fun, but there is a reason Elway and all other executives around the league get paid to do what they do.

  3. I disagree completely…His tank “looked” empty because they had him playing out of position… I do agree his main effectiveness will be obvious passing down… but no one CLOSES out a game better than Freeney and the Broncos sure could of used someone to get to Flacco last year before he got off that 70yd bomb…

  4. How can u call it a reunion when they play on opposite sides of the ball. Lots of players play together on different teams. How about “Freeney to the broncos?” For a headline. Just saying

  5. Maybe they plan on playing Derek Wolfe at DE more on early downs and kicking him inside to DT on passing downs.

    I still think its a mistake. I’m not a big fan of the DEs that are on the market this year.

  6. All John Elway is doing is copying the Bill Polian recipe. It has been proven to be pretty potent.

  7. As long as the Broncos keep that stupid safety that let Jacobi Jones get behind him in the Ravens win in double overtime….I’m Happy.

    We play the Broncos again this year and we could really use that dudes’ blunder again.

  8. with VON on the other side freeney would get alot of 1 on 1s

    sign freeney trade for beason and sign adrian wilson and then im set!


  9. If you watched the Colts, in most passing downs they had him rushing the passer just as he always did in a 4-3. He simply was not effective. He is a situational pass rusher. Expecting him to play every down would be a major mistake. There’s a reason the Colts have kept Mathias & let Freeney walk.

  10. Dumervil had one of his best years as a 3-4 LB….. While I love Doom I worry about his longevity considering he’s had more than a few in his career. At 12 mil I’m not sure he’s worth it bc of that. Unfortunately this is what happens when qb salaries are at 20 mil per year. Fortunately we have Manning. I just hope he goes to the NFC if he does go.

  11. Dumervil flourished in the 3-4 standing up and Freeney always was a 4-3 DE. This needs to happen and its that simple. Save some money and get the guy who fits the role nicely! I’m in

  12. Was really hoping the DFree would end up in the NFC. Dude still has a few good seasons left. If this happens, it’s gonna make the Colts vs Broncos game this year that much more interesting.

  13. Unless they plan to add a couple other defensive players with the money they save, they’ll suffer a huge dropoff losing Dumervil and adding Freeney. His numbers have been in steady decline the last 3-4 years. Okay, the Colts stunk and maybe the system wasn’t optimal…but you’d expect his numbers to at least stay steady, not decline every single year. Dumervil had more tackles last season than Freeney had over the past two.

  14. Lets not forget the way Denver’s D is designed: Get a solid push up front so the QB can’t step up in the pocket. Attack from the edge with your ends and the blitz. Ayers stepped in and played well in his limited role and don’t forget we get Jason Hunter back from a torn triceps. Dwight Freeney would fill the role just fine.

    Remember we need help at other spots and paying one player $12 mil a year is nuts unless he’s a top tier QB, Or RB. Doom will be missed but business is business.

  15. Doom’s contributions last year were limited vis-a-vis his skill set because as a core design to their defense the Broncos deployed him at the Wide-9 position, basically kicked out a little with a direct route to the QB. This simple move forced O-lines to account for far outside pressure on nearly every play, which loosened up protection and freed up Miller quite a bit as teams were forced to pick their poison. Doom is still a terrific talent and still has all of his moves and — he just isn’t able to use them all from that alignment. So he’s just not being utilized to his full potential under JDR’s D, which doesn’t do really do a service to him or to the Broncos. Getting Freeney for considerably less and putting him in on passing downs (with Ayers in on rushing downs and a hopefully matured second year from Wolfe) is a way to maintain that attack style and allow the Broncos to do more in the offseason. No Freeney isn’t what he once was, but he’s a good good fit for this particular strategem.

    I love Doom and will miss him a lot. It’s just not in the stars with how the Broncos are approaching their deployment of his position.

  16. After thinking bout this, Elway has cleared 18 mil in cap space. Doom couldn’t stop the run and completely disappeared in the playoffs. Wolfe is good (6 sacks at DE/DT) and plays with power. Ayers also picked up his game too. I’d like to see this money go towards Danelle Ellerbe or a MLB and a speedy WR. Draft a DT or and/or sign Terrance Knighton. Pick up a G/C in the 2nd. I’m thinking a CB in the 3rd and a big Back I’m the 4th. This why I love this time of year, its like Christmas! Can we start FA already!? GO BRONCOS! oh and keep ya head up Rahim Moore, bronco nation still loves you, and I can’t wait to get Quentin Carter back!

  17. If you just give Manning some time they will soon be calling them the Indianapolis
    Broncos. Mannings game plan, players and a recruit? Elway may want to start looking for a new job soon!

  18. Oh yeah I forgot about Jason Hunter! He was starting and playing with some swag and fire before he went down. Also Vons getting better still. Peyton’s arm is growing nerves back and he gets another offseason with Thomas and Decker and Tamme. a name to look for this year is TE Virgil Green. Dudes a freak athlete developed into a solid blocker and could get the ball more, I’d also like to see Andre Caldwell on the field more

  19. It’s inaccurate to compare Dumervil vs. Freeney.

    The better comparison is Dumervil vs. Freeney and anybody else they pick up with the rest of the money they would have given Dume, probably somebody younger than either one of these two guys.

    It’s another great move by Elway!

  20. I’m a huge Freeny fan but bigger Broncos fan. Not sure he still can play with the speed he used to but know for sure he never played on grass as well as he does on turf. Use the draft or keep Elvis.

  21. I just hope that Elvis Dumervil understands that he isn’t worth the 13.625 cap hit that he would give Denver this season and decides to take a pay cut to around 8.5 to 9 million. Because I honestly believe that is what he would get in the FA market. Maybe 10.

    And if he doesn’t take it, I would MUCH rather have Cliff Avril on the team than Dwight Freeney.. He’s washed up.

    Today and this week should be very interesting.

  22. 540bronco says:
    Mar 12, 2013 8:52 AM
    Maybe they plan on playing Derek Wolfe at DE more on early downs and kicking him inside to DT on passing downs.

    I still think its a mistake. I’m not a big fan of the DEs that are on the market this year.

    They already do precisely that with Wolfe, but at LDE. Freeney, if he replaces Dumervil, would play RDE on passing downs while Robert Ayers would play RDE on running downs. Von Miller takes over for Wolfe at LDE when he shifts inside on passing downs (nickel and dime packages). Ayers may or may not slide inside to DT on passing downs as well, like he did at times last season.

  23. I’m a huge Freeney fan, but he just hasn’t been the same force in recent years.

    Mathis has made the adjustment pretty well, but Freeney has become almost a niche DE.

    If I were the Colts who are sitting on a pile of Cap Cash… I’d look at adding Avril, Kruger, or Dumervil.

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