Packers are the early leaders for Steven Jackson

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Veteran running back Steven Jackson is leaving the Rams after nine seasons.  Though he could have returned at $7 million per year (if the Rams would have been willing to pay him), the Rams didn’t want to keep him as the workhorse tailback.

So Jackson will be playing elsewhere.  So where?

Previous reports linked him to the Falcons.  A league source with knowledge of the running back market tells PFT that the Packers are believed to be the current leaders to land Jackson’s services.

It’s no surprise; in what has become an annual rite of speculation, the Packers have been linked to Jackson via trade, as the deadline approaches in October and the Rams’ fortunes fade.

Still, the question becomes whether the Packers would truly use him.  Despite periodic proclamations of a desire to commit to the run, the Packers continue to pass to set up the pass, with the running game being an afterthought.

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  1. Steven Jackson is a complete beast of a player. It’s a shame the Eagles are so stacked at that position

  2. No worries. Given the recent history of week 1 starting RBs for the Packers, he’ll be out on IR by week 7.

  3. The lack of a dependable running back is reason for never running. When Cedric Benson was healthy(early last season), they were trying to run…even though Benson was averaging about 3 yards a carry.

  4. Probably deserves to play on a winner before he’s out of the league. From a dome to Lambeau though….don’t know about that.

  5. Decent shot at a SB ring in Green Bay, but I think his streak of 1000 yard rushing seasons might come to an end.

    As a pass blocker and receiver Jackson would be a good fit with the Packers offense.

  6. Despite periodic proclamations of a desire to commit to the run, the Packers continue to pass to set up the pass, with the running game being an afterthought.
    Because they have had crappy running backs maybe? With an actual horse, I suspect they’d run the ball more.

  7. Jackson’s a good receiver who blocks well, so he’ll work just fine with the Packers. Presuming he has much left in the tank at this point, of course.

  8. That’d be a HUGE pick-up for Green Bay. HUGE. He doesn’t have to be a 300 carry per year back in Green Bay, which will add time, and money, to his career.

  9. Would be a good fit. Packers need a workhorse for 3rd and short badly, and he could be that 4 minute clock man in the 4th quater as well.

  10. This sounds like a leak from Steven Jackson’s camp to build leverage in negotiations with other teams. I’ll believe it if he actually signs with the Packers.

  11. this makes the packers offense darn near unstoppable, but they should upgrade the defense if they wanna keep up with seattle and sf.

  12. Florio has made an attempt to keep Eagles enthusiasm at a lull. I have full support of his excellent website and decisions.

  13. With Tony Gonzalez coming back one more year and Michael Turner a free agent, he’d be a great fit for the falcons.

  14. I don’t buy that GB passes the ball to set up more passes or that the running game is an afterthought.

    558 passes to 433 rushes is a pretty good ratio considering the strength of that team is the QB and receiving corps.

    Packers rush the ball plenty, they just aren’t any good at it.

  15. Lack of a running game killed the Pack this season. Yes, everybody knows passing is what they are best at. But you need at least an average run game to be true Super Bowl contenders. They were wayyyyyy too pass-happy and became predictable.

  16. Is Cedric Benson gone? He was doing pretty good, till he was injured. It was weird seeing GB with a Running Back getting more than 1 yard per carry! 🙂

  17. jamezz23 says In before Flavordave.


    Youre dedication and skills are lacking young one. Try again. The Eagles love Jackson. But we have no need for him.

  18. The Packers pass a lot yes, cause they have Rodgers at QB and no running game. Benson provided a little spark until he went on IR. Even then, McCarthy tried to pound the rock by giving our backs (Green/Starks/Harris) 15-20 carries a game.

    I hate when people say the Packers just pass… It definitely seems like it when you’re backs are getting 2-3 yards a pop haha, but we were pretty balanced last season.

    Throw SJax into the mix next year and give him 280-300 carries and we’re well on our way to a XLVIII victory! Go Pack!

  19. Great move. This guy is a bruising straight runner. Imagine the punishment he can do on a screen or shovel to defenses in open space with that Offesnse and I am not a Packers Fan saying this.

  20. Now that they get a guy who can actually get yards, the dummies can quit talking about the lack of a run game. Packers have always run the ball, they’ve just never had anyone good enough or trust worthy with the ball in recent years.

  21. Qualifying Mike’s comments are appropriate, given Green Bay’s running game is more integral to its offensive production than Mr. Florio suspects.

    Take a look at the metrics.

    During the Super Bowl 45 victory season, McCarthy used the running game extensively during the three playoff wins.

    So, “yes,” Jackson would used extensively, but I doubt GM Ted Thompson is willing to take a $5-$7 million cap hit this year on Jackson.

    Instead, GB’s under-the-cap cushion will be spent on extending Clay Matthews contract and ensuring the team can retain Shields and Smith-Dietrich and, perhaps, Crabtree, in addition to retaining Finley.

  22. For the love of God TT go get this guy!!!!!! Not only is he just a bad a$$ football player, he’s a great guy from everything i’ve heard or read about him. He may not put up 1,000yds like he did in st. louis but he poses a threat out of the back field, is great for pass protection, and brings veteran leadership and toughness to an already dangerous offense.

  23. Steve has said the falcons are one RB away from a Super Bowl. Why would you think then pack is the early leader to land Obviously he wants to go to the falcons..who play in a dome.

  24. Let’s hope this doesnt happen. Jackson is a hardnosed player with great hands. Benson was a decent runner, but didnt present much in the passing game. SJAX could be very effective if the Packers chose him to be so…

  25. @herlies – I agree and I don’t know that Jackson is the cure for that either. Not that he isn’t good but that GB’s line need more help than most.

    Campen needs to go and go sooner than later.

  26. Saying the Packers “just aren’t any good” at rushing the ball is an understatement.

  27. @herlies:

    Aaron Rodgers, Graham Harrell, and Randall Cobb combined for 68 of those 433 attempts. So if you take them out, you only had 365 attempts by a full back or running back. Not saying they don’t count as rushes, just making the distinction between rushing plays and rushing plays by a RB, who happens to be the topic here, FWIW.

  28. I think its kind of funny that anyone would say he (Steven Jackson) wouldn’t be good on natural grass…..He played at Oregon state. Green bay hasn’t showcased A LEGIT running back since Ahman Green before his injury days. say they get Jennings back and Finley shows he can be the player he was when he thought he was gonna get cut. I see us taking Taylor (RB) out of Stanford and seeing a third down role for Harris split with Jackson. Our team along with an insurance pick in Dj Fluker or Barrett jones would be amazing. Obviously they aren’t sold on Evan Dietrich-smith and yeah, i feel like Sherrod and Newhouse are just a waste of cap space and roster spots.

  29. The Packers had a chance to get Marshon Lynch from Buffalo but decided against it and let him go to be a star in Seattle so any talk of the Packers picking up another great running back is just that ,talk,

  30. Let me clarify, Jackson wil be a 3 down back, splitting 3rd down with harris and taylor being our 3rd string rb for year 1. or whomever we pick at RB

  31. With all the running backs the Packers have on their team the odds of ALL of them being just adequate makes me believe the offensive lines run blocking is just no good,period,if the organization demands the offensive line take the running game seriously or else then you may see a good running game from them no matter who the runner is but Jackson would be nice.

  32. My guess here is one gets better at something by doing it more often…if they don’t go blind first.

  33. This guy would be great with the Broncos. They need a dependable back who can play the pass rush too. McGahee still does a good job when healthy, but by the end of the season the Broncs were down to only Hillman whose pass blocking was one of the coffin nails in the Ravens game.

  34. I personally don’t think he’s a every down back anymore. Lately seems like he’s always got something wrong. I don’t understand why they just don’t just draft a young back in the second or third round. Not like they run much anyways. They should be spending money on defense.

  35. Steeler Nation will welcome SJ with a parade and and he’ll have a ring before he’s done! C’mon Kevin and Co…spend some money dude’s a freak!!

  36. Barclay, EDS, Sitton can run block – Newhouse can’t block at all – Sherrod/Bulaga/Lang are decent pass blockers, but can’t run block …

    Finley can’t block … Crabtree/Taylor/Andrew can block at Tight End.

    Kuhn is a good pass blocker – but can’t lead block.

    idk … Draft a Big Offensive Guard or something… We’ve got running backs – but we can’t block for crap.

  37. Don’t reach for an old guy. If he was still good the Rams would keep him. He’ll be good for maybe half the season and then run out of steam. And I’ve never heard him being a good blocker, neither. That’s what the Packers need.

    (OK, hope the Falcon front office reads this and quits pursuing him!)

  38. If the Packers commit to the run I won’t watch football. I do not care what real football is or was. people want to watch the passing game and the NFL recognizes this. The main office will institute new rules to help the passing game again soon and why…because it sells tickets. I would rather lose every game then put up with watching a running team.

  39. Benson is a poor mans Steven Jackson. Having a legit running back will take the amount of blitzes off Rodgers, and having an elite qb and receivers will leave running room for Jackson. win win

  40. As a bears fan, not excited to see this or news of Reggie bush being targeted by the lions. Mike turner is another RB I’d rather not see in the NFC north. Both the pack and lions need an RB. And there a re few floating around. Can’t wait for 2013 season to start.

  41. Packers would be nuts not to get him if he doesn’t price himself out of the market.

  42. Steven Jackson is too old for the cold, he needs a dome team or a southern team. The Pack need a McCoy/Forte type back that can do it all no matter the weather. Besides that, who the hell would choose to go to Green Bay unless they had a chance to win it all, they won’t win anything with that crappy, gimmick defense.

  43. The reason the Packers “pass to set up the pass” is because they rarely had a reliable running back. It’s a chicken and egg argument. But it’s fairly clear if they had Steven Jackson in the backfield they would use him.
    I would much prefer to let Jennings take some other team’s money and get Jackson who would provide much more to the offense if it came down to having only so many dollars to throw around.

  44. “If the Packers commit to the run I won’t watch football. I do not care what real football is or was. people want to watch the passing game and the NFL recognizes this. The main office will institute new rules to help the passing game again soon and why…because it sells tickets. I would rather lose every game then put up with watching a running team.”

    Go watch Canadian football. You’ll love it. Or flag football. Or WWE which is phony wrestling. All passing is phoney football. The game didn’t even have the forward pass for more than a decade after it was started. If you can’t respect that running is an integral part of the game then watch another sport.

  45. I told you Steven Jackson was a better fit in Atlanta. For those 63 thumbs down I got, you’re welcome.

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