Packers put second-round tender on Sam Shields


Packers defensive back Sam Shields can be had for a second-round draft pick.

The Packers have placed the second-round tender on Shields, a restricted free agent, a league source tells PFT.

That means any team that wants Shields can sign him to an offer sheet, and if the Packers don’t match it, that team would get Shields and the Packers would get that team’s second-round draft pick. More likely, however, he’ll stick with Green Bay: Restricted free agents don’t switch teams very often.

Last season Shields played in 10 games, starting eight, and also started both playoff games, having an interception in each of them.

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  1. Pull the trigger Mark Dominik…I’d much rather give up a 2nd rounder for Shields then pay some scrub like Sean Smith or DRC $10 million.

  2. I would have put the first round tender on him. $3 mil for one year while Shields proves if 2011 was the exception or the norm seems like a fair deal to me. It would also serve to scare off potential suitors. A second rounder for a promising young CB is not a big price. A first is another matter. With Tramon Williams, Casey Hayward and Devon House, they can probably withstand his loss. But good young corners are a valuable commodity. Hoarding them makes a lot of sense in today’s NFL.

    I think they also tendered Evan Dietrich-Smith too low. Again, $2 mil for a projected starter while he proves whether he is up to the task seems like a fair price. As it stands, teams that might sign EDS to an offer sheet will give up nothing if they put together a package the Packers don’t want to match. And the Packers will need to find a Center this offseason.

    The Pack saved about $2 mil vs the cap with the lower tenders for EDS & Shields. With over $2o mil in cap space, they don’t really need the space. Unless they are deep into talks with either Aaron Rodgers or Clay Matthews. If either of those deals is made this offseason, I want them to take as big of a cap hit as they can this year so as to keep future cap issues under control as much as possible.

  3. If a team were to sign him to an offer sheet, the Packers would be matching it. No way we let Shields get away. He’s arguably our best DB along with Hayward.

  4. It should’ve have even come to this. Gay azz Teddy T should have had a deal done long time ago.

    It really don’t matter, Packers had their one lucky run (zero playoff wins besides one lucky year) and have been headed in the wrong direction ever since.

  5. Sdemp sounds like another jealous fan of GB. You also might want to research the playoff win comment as well.

  6. I am actually a Packer fan, but more a football fan so no jealousy here my friend.

    I am referring to the “Rodgers” era when I speak of playoff wins so maybe I am right after all.

    I could have sworn reading, listening to the radio all the “real” Packer fans had Rodgers/McCarthy/Teddy T winning 3 super bowls by now.

    And yes it was a lucky run, they barely made the playoffs and had crazy amount of players go down to injury.

    I’ve lived Sea seguro mi pequeña princesa in Wisconsin my whole life and as great of a fan base the Packers have, the fans drink way too much green and gold kool-aid.

    Offensive & Defensive line(s) sucks
    No running back or running game
    Besides Mathews and maybe Shields there are ZERO playmakers on defense
    In game adjustments are lacking across the board
    Teddy T refuses to explore free agency
    Recievers are overrated

  7. Well you know, my Vikings love GB players… and we need corner help. Jennings/Shields would look great in purple.

  8. He isn’t going anywhere.

    Anyone making an offer would have that money tied up for a week while they wait for the Packers to match.

    On top of that the Packers are going to match any offer that doesn’t break the bank. Additionally if there is a huge offer, the Packers could probably cut Tramon Williams to help fund Shields for the next few years.

  9. sdemp:

    The Packers are 46-18 in the last 4 years in the regular season. 5-3 in the playoffs with a Superbowl Win.

    Doesn’t seem to “lucky” to me. The green and gold cool-aid is just fine………..

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