Panthers release James Anderson


With all the focus on the 4 p.m. start of free agency and guys finding new jobs, the reality is many players are about to become unemployed as well.

They started that process in Carolina this morning by releasing linebacker James Anderson, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

With the emergence of Luke Kuechly shuffling Jon Beason outside, along with the recovery of Thomas Davis, the Panthers were four starters deep in a three-linebacker defense.

Anderson was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Panthers post-lockout spending spree, getting a five-year, $22 million contract despite never being more than an average player. He was due to make $2.9 million this year. That’s the kind of overspending, as much heat as they take for running backs, that has the Panthers in a bad salary cap spot.

Anderson’s a perfectly solid player, but the kind of middle-class citizen that is going to get squeezed as teams deal with the realities of salary caps that aren’t going up at the rate they used to.

11 responses to “Panthers release James Anderson

  1. What? Why?! He’s been more than average if you ask me. And quite honestly, as much as I love Davis and Beason, those guys aren’t the most reliable staying healthy.

    I wouldn’t mind bringing back Dan Connor at a discounted rate as insurance.

  2. Supply and demand. The Panthers have a lot of holes to fill and, with Beason, Kuechly, and Thomas, they already have a solid linebacking corps. Depth is great (especially when you’ve got guys with injury histories), but not at the expense of other positions. Anderson’s contract was prohibitive.

  3. If the Lions don’t bring back Justin Durant(best LB on the team) Anderson would be a natural fit. Bet he only fetches about 2.5 per year too. Solid player and undervalued by the media. Wondering if Steelers or Browns even Bengals don’t kick his tires as well.

  4. I LOVE Jon Beason , but I can’t say I would rather have him than James Anderson at this point. Anderson was almost always healthy and a sure tackler inside and out. Beason has barely played the last 2 years and his injuries arent the kind of thing that you fully heal from.

  5. I DON’T love Jon Beason, and I can say I’d rather have Anderson than him. Beason is a “only-show-up-in-your-contract year” guy and is the league’s highest paid cheerleader until he proves otherwise. Which more than likely won’t be until his next contract year. He is the one who should’ve been axed.

  6. Releasing the often injured Beason would have been a more popular move among the fan base. Kuechley at MLB has pretty much made them not need Beason anyway. Seems they could have restructured Anderson’s contract?

  7. Man I know he got hurt last year but I think I would have released Senn before Anderson.

    Panthers cannot depend on Beason and Davis staying healthy so if they get hurt who are they left with? Not sure if the cap savings is worth the risk for this move…

  8. Anyone criticizing this move never watched anything other than the ball. I think I’m borrowing Gantt’s words here, but Anderson is and always was “just a guy.” I thank him for his service, always seemed to be a positive influence, but I support the move.

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