Percy Harvin, Russell Wilson already have their workouts planned


New Seahawks receiver Percy Harvin says that as soon as word broke that he was being traded from Minnesota to Seattle, quarterback Russell Wilson contacted him to schedule offseason workouts.

“Russell was texting me from the moment that this thing was put together, Russell was already texting me things that we’re going to do this offseason, we’re set to go to California and work already,” Harvin said at his introductory press conference in Seattle today.

Harvin thanked the Vikings and their fans for the time he spent in Minnesota, and he mentioned multiple times how much he loved playing with Brett Favre. But he acknowledged there were “situations that I won’t get into” that caused problems with the Vikings. Those “situations” may have included Harvin’s frustration with quarterback Christian Ponder, whom Harvin reportedly complained about repeatedly.

Whatever issues came up in Minnesota, there’s little doubt that he’s happy to have his days as a Viking behind him.

“Becoming a Seahawk, it’s a big relief. I’m very grateful for this opportunity I’ve been given,” Harvin said. “This thing is just so awesome on so many levels.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell have already talked about the role Harvin will have, which will include lining up at wide receiver, lining up at running back, and returning kicks. Bevell previously coached Harvin in Minnesota and told Carroll he believes the Seahawks can make unique use of Harvin’s talents.

“He is such a threat as a wide receiver who can run and catch the football as well as anybody,” Carroll said. “He’s just a gifted ballplayer.”

Carroll said that when he was the coach at USC, he tried hard to recruit Harvin out of high school. Unfortunately for Carroll, Harvin’s mother said she didn’t want Percy that far from her home in Virginia.

“He really was the No. 1 player in America when we were recruiting him, and I think Mom just said, ‘We’re not letting him go that far from home,'” Carroll said.

That recruitment was seven years ago. Now Carroll finally has his man.

63 responses to “Percy Harvin, Russell Wilson already have their workouts planned

  1. “He really was the No. 1 player in America when we were recruiting him, and I think Mom just said, ‘We’re not letting him go that far from home,’” Carroll said.


    You sure it wasn’t, “We’re not letting him play for a scumbag liar like you, Pete”?

  2. I think he’ll do well in Seattle. Playing with a Solid Quaterback on a Contender with a lot of those young guys around him can do wonders for his attitude. Seattle Building a Solid Team.

  3. He is looking forward to playing with a real NFL Qb, can you blame the kid?

    Ponder sucks, big time, and it seems the only people who don’t realize that are Spielman, Frazier and all three dozen hard core Viking fans.

  4. Who cares! The only people that care are the delusional Seahawks fans who think Wilson is Superstar and that Harvin will actually play every game. Can’t wait to watch them crash and burn next year when Wilson gets exposed. Ha

  5. What a dynamic duo Wilson and Harvin will make. I think the only people suffering from migraines after this will be D coordinators facing the Hawks.

  6. Next year everyone will see Wilson for who he is: a loser. Steeler never make a mistake. Jealous of our majestic nature?

  7. Yeah that always pays off trading and over paying for players you loved 7 yrs ago haha. This guy is a joke! What about matt linhart and mike williams and dont forget reggie bush jeez if he had all 3 they would definetly have a “Dynasty” then. what 4-5 Superbowls.

  8. stevedigre says:
    Mar 12, 2013 6:48 PM
    As a Vikings fan, I like this deal less and less as time goes on.


    as another Viking fan. You need to realize that Harvin wasn’t going to play for the Vikings. Getting anything in return is a plus, especially 3 picks and one of them being this years first round.

    Harvin would have only accepted 15 million from the Vikes to stay and shut up. He wanted out from Ponder.

    Personally, I am happy he is gone if he didn’t want to be here. Turn the page.

  9. With the Niners taking a year or two to recover from Superbowl depression, the Hawks will swiftly take the #1 seed and land straight into the superbowl this year.

  10. Notice during the pro bowl the amount of fun Adrian Peterson was having hanging out with Russell Wilson ?

    Rick Spielman = Genius! …for drafting Ponder 12th overall – meanwhile, Wilson (3rd round) – Dalton (2nd round) are probably better QBs… fail!

  11. You 49er fans are so stupid! You own the division? Only in 2011 you did. Last year was as close as it gets. Remember that the hawks owned the division for years this decade while you constantly picked top 10. Just shut up. The Seahawks will get the best out of Harvin. Who in their right mind would be happy playing in Minnesota with Ponder or brad Childress before that?

    You all will your crow

  12. Percy was a pain, but he was an awesome as heck player on the field. The Hawks are going to benefit from his on-field play tremendously. Sorry to see him go, as he was a blast to watch. No sour grapes here — just bummed.

  13. Wilson again shows he is a true leader. Always working to improve himself and his team. Attitude of a winner.

  14. Also, the Carroll and Harvin jokes are completely irrelevant. Harvin fixed his migraine issue over two years ago. And Carroll so called problems at USC are pure speculation. Every single college coach does the same things, you just don’t know it. Carroll and us hawk fans will be laughing at you when we win back to back to back super bowls

  15. >NFC west sure is going to be fun to watch this year!!

    Half of it, for sure. The other half?

    (Said the guy whose team is in the AFC North….never mind.)

  16. If he was a whiny punk with the Vikings, he’ll be a whiny punk at his next stop, too.

    Given it some time.

  17. Percy- as a team leader and a star player you are suppose to help your young QB get better not act like spoiled kid.

    Get Bent Percy

  18. Say, I will say this to the Seahawks no bitchi g or moaning when this does’ nt work just like the Rice pickup Besides one season does not a carrer make. Wilson Better be great. For he has no excuses The one thing I was taught as a youngster was don’t count your chickens before they hatch not only do you get the player, you get his baggage!!

  19. The jealousy meter on these Seahawks haters is off the charts! Some of you throw the word “karma” around liberally, yet know nothing about what it actually means. It’s Law of Attraction, dimwads. Means you get back in spades whatever energy you put out into the universe.

    So, by all means, keep on hating my Hawks because LoA will just keep right on giving you dopes even more Seahawks success to feed your insatiable hatred. Meanwhile, “Sneaky” Pete Carroll and John Schneider are putting the final pieces into place that will launch the first-ever Seattle Seahawks DYNASTY in the NFL.

    This is what makes Russ Wilson the best QB in the NFL. Maybe not quite yet in stats, but definitely in preparation, effort, and enthusiasm. Texting his new WR the very second the trade is announced to schedule some workouts in effing MARCH!! Are you freaking kidding me?! Eat Hawk droppings, haters. BWAA-HA-HA-HAAA!!

  20. As a Vikings fan, I think Harvin is right about Ponder. The only way he could get the ball to Harvin was behind the line of scrimmage. The Vikings probably didn’t pursue Wallace because he can run faster than Ponder’s “fastball”. No such thing as a downfield threat when you can’t get the ball downfield in the first place.

  21. Their entire workout routine is based on how to beat the Eagles in this years NFC championship game. Plan early fellas.

  22. Harvin just upgraded from a 1st round QB that should have been a 3rd rounder to a QB that was a 3rd rounder and should have been a 1st. I’d be stoked too.

  23. RW is a winner and didn’t use a gimmick offense or throw every play to get his experience.

    He reads coverages and defenses better than any other rookie this season. He relies on his cerebral gifts over pure athletic ability.

    Kid has always won and wins everyday. Dude is going to win only the injury can prevent that.

    Why isn’t this trade good for both teams. Their is no real argument welly thought out as to why.

    Niners don’t ” own ” the division they’ve won 2 in a row. THE SEAHAWKS OWN the division and have ever since joining it. Most divisional wins, playoff births and playoff wins. Where are your facts. Niners were god awful for a decade. Didn’t sniff the playoffs.

    And this season your team won the division by a HALF GAME. Not own by any means sir.

  24. Ponder tried to set up workouts with Harvin during the strike but Harvin skipped them — lost his cell phone. Better make sure he keeps his cell phone on him this summer.

  25. I find the amount of haters Seattle has to be amusing. You know they’re doing things right when everyone is jealous. I’m not even a Seattle fan.

  26. Further evidence it was time to get rid of Percy.

    He couldn’t even hang around the Vikings as they were making a play-off run, but he’s already planning workouts on his first day as a Seahawk?

  27. Sounds like he just does not want to catch passes from a white dude. They should have traded him to the Eagles.

  28. Hahahaha… NOW he’s a great teammate. It’s only a matter of time Seattle fans. It won’t be anything big or unlawful but his attitude will soon wear down that locker room. A spade is a spade. A punk is a punk. There is good reason no Viking stood up for him after this trade(AP spoke of his talent, not his character). Good riddance from the TC Viking faithful.

  29. Vikings fans are looking bitter. 49er fans are looking delusional. That one Steeler fan is looking downright insane. And the Seahawks fans are drooling about how awesome the Seahawks offense is going to be this coming season. So glad that I’m one of those droolers right now haha. GO HAWKS!

  30. Vikes fans delusional??? Try honest my friend. As a Vikes fan I think Seattle is a fun team to watch and definitely on the upswing. Delusion is thinking those smiles at Percy’s presser were anything but leftover gleam from big, shiny dollar signs in his eyes that we were too smart to give him. Enjoy him until that gleam in his eyes is gone and he realizes that there are other players around him that want the ball too.

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