Raiders release Darrius Heyward-Bey, Michael Huff

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Two of the final first-round picks of the late Al Davis’ long and storied tenure with Oakland are gone.

The Raiders announced the release of wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey and safety Michael Huff on Tuesday. The Raiders also let go of defensive end Dave Tollefson.

Huff and Heyward-Bey were each No. 7 overall picks in their respective drafts, with Heyward-Bey selected in 2009 and Huff taken in 2006.

Huff started all 16 games in 2012, with 14 at cornerback after injuries necessitated a move outside. Heyward-Bey caught 41-606-5 in 15 games, missing one contest after suffering a concussion after a scary looking hit against Pittsburgh.

Per Rotoworld figures, Heyward-Bey was slated to make $7.7 million in 2013, with Huff due $8 million.

The Raiders also announced the re-signing of defensive back Phillip Adams.

85 responses to “Raiders release Darrius Heyward-Bey, Michael Huff

  1. These guys can skip a visit to Philly. Were stacked at WR. I wish them the best. Maybe Cleveland or Washington. they have no WRs

  2. It appeared Hey-Bey was finally starting to show some production and talent……………..

  3. Heyward-Bey was a huge bust. Maybe he can revive his career elsewhere, wish him the best. on another note, Al Davis you are missed by all of your family and friends and all raiders fans from 1975-1985, but i’m pretty sure the current raiders fans dont miss there team going after the fastest players in the draft.

  4. I’m sad to see Michael huff go, but not Hayward-bey, it was a mistake taking him with the 7th overall pick. . .I guess this makes room for carson palmer’s contract

  5. The Huff thing floored me. Didn’t see it coming considering the weak secondary.

    Maybe the Raiders try to sign Mike Mitchell back and let him start? Either way, the secondary is a joke at this point. Big Reg better have big plans.

    DHB will get picked up somewhere rather quickly. He’s a hard worker, just regressed in 2012.

  6. Didn’t they also release McClain? Have the Raiders had a good first round pick in the last decade? #Jamarcuswasjustthebeginning

  7. Wouldn’t mind the Ravens kicking the tires on DHB. He’s had his moments although too few and far between. Could maybe be a nice guy to get on the cheap. Put him opposite Torrey Smith and you have real speed on the outside.

  8. both of them were just not playing at the level they were expected too and just not concistent enough and this is good for raiders and good luck to dhb and huff

  9. Seriously, it would be a major upset if the raiders somehow manage to win 2 games in 2013. I mean, who is left on the roster now? This team has been gutted and I wouldn’t be suprised if 1/4 of their payroll is “dead money”.

  10. Not shocked. DHB worked hard, but just couldn’t get his hands going. #3 receiver most places. Not worth that kind of money.
    Huff? I was wondering why he was even still on the team, let alone making the money he was.

  11. Good moves. Frees up alot of cap room, and allows the Raiders to go after a few targets. Expected to see Kelly and Palmer grouped in here, but wait and see, maybe they’re tradeable. Sometimes you gotta go backwards a bit to get ahead. Good job front office.

  12. Two worthless first round picks by the late Al Davis that never came close to meeting his expectation.

  13. I can practically hear some Redskins fans clamoring for Shanahan to try and sign Heyward-Bey.

    Please don’t, Mike!

  14. But DHB is so fast! You mean it takes more than speed? Might have to put a little more thought into drafts now that Al is gone.

  15. Huff and or Heyward-Bey might be welcome additions to the Detroit Lions. I like the Huff can play both DB spots but I heard Heyward-Bey can’t catch.

  16. Finally, and end to the annual nonsense when Raider fan claims DHB is going to have a “breakout season”.

  17. To think, they passed on Michael Crabtree for Heyward-Bey… coulda, shoulda, woulda.

  18. I wish those two the best, but they were due to leave.

    DHB was a hard worker, but his hands were just too bad to let his speed and YAC abilities truly shine. Huff did a lot of things, but really only had one year of solid play.

    Now when are the Raiders going to do some signing? I know they don’t have much money to get any big names, but they should be digging through that affordable third tier free agency list by now.

  19. Finally, the scholarships end! DHB still cannot catch with his hands, Huff was versatile but mediocre.

    Let the bloodletting continue!

  20. DHB is better than Crabtree said no one ever….. oh wait,Raiders fans did, oops.

  21. Good Riddance. Heyward-Bey is a scrub who can’t catch. Huff is decent at times in coverage but, tackles like a girl. Clean this mess up Reggie and get to work on that defense and O line.

  22. Gbpicksix,

    Its not like crabtree lit the world on fire…yeah he was good this year, and heyward bey was a joke the moment the pick was made, but you prolly coulda picked a better example

  23. Someone will definitely take Heyward-Bey, he can be a very good #2 or #3 wide receiver. Good on the Raiders though this shows that they’re done with the Al Davis days.

  24. something tells me if the Raiders had taken Crabtree instead of HeywerdBey, Crabtree would be getting cut right now too. 7.7 million?

  25. Crabtree seemed more relieved than anything when OAK passed on him, so as a Raider fan I am kind of glad DHB was picked over him. Sort of.

    DHB was a hard worker but unfortunately was never able to live up to his draft position. Best of luck to him.

  26. My truthful comments of knowledge are clearly being sabotaged and delayed on this great website. Clearly one as good as the Eagles are.

  27. We could use some WR speed in Pittsburgh..don’t worry about catching the ball

  28. I’m not sure what the cap penalties are but this should hypothetically put the Raiders at $20M under the cap now right? Last I saw they were $7 M under after the Branch restructure.

    Big Reg !!! My man

  29. Bey seems to be a great kid, but he is not even a back-up wide receiver. As for Huff, he sucked as a safety and really sucked as a corner. His real name should be Michael Toast. It was time to move on from both of them. It is really refreshing to see the Raiders cut some of the dead wood from the roster. It shows that Reggie is a good talent evaluator. Not that Al was not, but after the last super bowl loss, he (Al) just went nuts, off the deep end to win that final super bowl ring. It was really hard to watch being a Raider fan, the mistakes just kept piling up as far as salaries and FA signings.

    Go Reggie!!!

    Adams is a keeper, he really showed flashes that he can play.

  30. This is called cleaning house, and what is needed when you are rebuilding! NFL teams are starting to realize that it’s better to stink it up, get better draft picks, then it is to be mediocre. If I’m a Raider fan, I’m ok to stink it up next year to land Clowney or Manziel

  31. Let’s not forget Niner fans, up until last year, you were calling Crabtree a scrub & would of preferred Heyward Bey.

  32. Seems to me about 99.9 percent of Raider fans hated the DHB pick when it was made, and have spent the past four years reiterating how much they hated it.

    Not quite sure were all this smugness about Michael effing Crabtree is coming from, though.

    Going into this year, Crabtree pretty much had bust written all over him, too. DHB actually had a superior 2011 season, statistically, in spite of having absolutely no continuity at QB his entire career.

    The guy, as others have noted, is a very hard worker and will have no problem finding a job in the NFL. He just wasn’t worth anywhere near what he was paid. And if Crabtree had been picked 7th instead of DHB that year, it would most likely be Crabtree getting cut today, because he wouldn’t be worth that dough, either.

  33. Ix-Nay on the ole Heyward-Bey…………Seahawks giving Harvin $67 million and Raiders cutting this piece………Same draft, horrific choices as usual for my Raiders. Thanks Al

  34. Al Davis was like George W. Bush with Iraq. Just mortgage the future on a useless enterprise to win.
    Today, Raider-Nation and the nation r still paying for it. No prize victory to show.

  35. Why do you cut the decent players (Huff/DHB) and keep the crappy ones (McClain, Palmer, Kelly)? Oh, because you are the Silver & Black, that’s why.. Commitment to garbage.

  36. We knew the bleed-out was going to be bad in Oakland… a lot of poor signing decisions. As far as the crabtree versus DHB, most people knew Crabtree was a better prospect, he was also already a pain in the ass. Personally, we should not have drafted either reciever where we did. With Rolando, well most people thought we had made a very good decision to take him, I remember getting high praise for our first 2 picks from everyone (talking head wise) that year. I’m not sure what else to say on the matter, other than the bleeding isn’t over.

  37. Let’s not forget Niner fans, up until last year, you were calling Crabtree a scrub & would of preferred Heyward Bey.

    Negative on both counts for me. I always liked Crabs, never thought he was a scrub or a diva. Never was i envious of DHB. I’ m just glad to watch the black and silver eat crow now after being so bold.

  38. slickster35 says: Mar 12, 2013 8:24 PM

    And the raider fans cried…
    Nobody wins games in March. And if you’re a Chiefs fan, winter doesn’t do you any favors, either.

  39. Danarius Moore= kid is a stud

    Jurion Criner= kid will be a stud soon.

    Rod Streater=Money all day underrated and football savvy.

    Derek Hagan=I dont know?

  40. johnnytubetop says: Mar 12, 2013 8:36 PM

    I’d say Crabtree has been about an equal disappointment.
    In case you haven’t noticed it, Crabtree’s team has been WINNING. That kind of obscures one’s individual successes or failures.

  41. Hey raiderapologist, I am currently suffering from memory loss because I went into a coma from laughing to hard at your everyone> kirkpatrick response, so help me out, who’s Oakland’s starting CB’s again? No offense Raider fans, just asking this genious a question

  42. I’m going to defend my team to the end…but the below quote is mind numbing.

    “Raiders are flush with approximately $16 million in cap space for 2013, but have an astonishing $32 million in dead money — money accounted for on players no longer on the roster.”

    I cannot fathom what Al Davis was doing toward the end of his brilliant, but confusing reign.

    Reggie Mac, get it done in the draft….please?

  43. you guys need to cut the foolishness with this crabtree vs dhb talk. we will see what happens once DHB gets a compentent qb/system to play in. his former teammate torrey smith (who was also a raw prospect and underused in college) eventually turned out pretty good in baltimore, no?

  44. It seems like alot of you guys are raider haters or ignorant. DHB is a very good player better than Crabtree, Al got it right. The only problem has been unproductive qbs. And not getting the ball to DHB so he would not get paid his incentives on his contract. It started at the end of 2011 when DHB had 975 reception yards and had at least three games in a row when he had zero balls thrown his way. Then in 2012 he gets twenty plus less chances and you haters blame him. How many yards did Crabtree have in 2011? This new front office seems to be making bad decisions, I think 8-8 is better than 4-12. And you keep Palmer, McClain, Kelly. F you haters.

  45. I guess the truth hurts. DHB is better than C1rabtree, Al got it right. In 2011 DHB had 975 reception yards, what about Crabtree? That was with not getting any passes his way for three games in a row. Then in 2012 he gets twenty plus less balls thrown his way. And you blame him. I think 8-8 is better than 4-12. The front office should start with Palmer, McClain, and Kelly.

  46. I don’t know why everyone is shocked about Huff. Even if you like his talent, with the number of solid veteran DBs on the market at the moment his contract was bad money. When the market drops you don’t hang on to a bad mortgage do you? No, you re-finance. If Huff wants back in, fine, if not there are about 10 guys out there who all want jobs and know this isn’t their year to get paid.

  47. jakec4 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 8:15 PM
    Wouldn’t mind the Ravens kicking the tires on DHB. He’s had his moments although too few and far between. Could maybe be a nice guy to get on the cheap. Put him opposite Torrey Smith and you have real speed on the outside.
    That would be pretty crazy if three of the Ravens receivers were Terps, although LaQuan Williams is mostly a special teams guy.

  48. Like Raider-fan, Steeler fans love to beat-up their WR’s…even Hines was getting bashed in the end.

    DHB is Mike Wallace-light…great speed but iffy hands and questionable (at times) effort. Sign him for $3mil per yr and spend the $9 mil difference it would have cost to keep Wallace on other players.

    DHB can stretch the D in any system. It’s pretty hard to coach “bad hands”, but Heyward-Bey will be an asset somewhere.

  49. nflcinbengals says: Mar 12, 2013 11:52 PM

    Hey raiderapologist, I am currently suffering from memory loss because I went into a coma from laughing to hard at your everyone> kirkpatrick response, so help me out, who’s Oakland’s starting CB’s again? No offense Raider fans, just asking this genious a question
    I’m no “genious”, and I’m not going to look up the stats, but anyone who had more than four tackles and defensed a pass had a better season. I’m guessing even some of the scrubs the Raiders had did better than that.

  50. If your a real Raiders fan you should know and not “guess” this was Dre’s redshirt year and when he wasn’t injured he only played special teams, with a handful of snaps on D, he didn’t allow a catch by the way wise guy… and looking at your pass d stats and previous comments above, your team could use ANY db, we had 3 solid cb’s already in place… Palmer on the other hand….

  51. Funny how all the niner fans are trying to make this about them. Al Davis picked DHB because he was fast, and a WAY better person (not a Crabtree Diva) and a hard worker. Al has never liked Divas on his team. Crabtree was hardly great that first year either. Niner fans talk of Crabtree like he is so great. Didnt he have like 4 chances on a final SB drive to catch ONE pass, and he COULD NOT get it done! hahaha Enjoy your Diva, suckas!!

  52. I see Reggie doing a lot of cutting players, but don’t see him signing anyone to take their place. Are we just going to have open slots on the offense and defense with no players? Come’on Reggie, pick it up a little bit and sign a few players. I don’t like the way things are going right now. You freed up a lot of cap space, now use some of that money. Please don’t sign any bums, you just got rid of some of them. Can’t make sense of not asking DHB to take a pay cut or Huff making a cut.

  53. With Goodson gone, I’d like to see the Raiders go get a fullback, and switch Marcel Reece to halfback full-time (he looked great in that role last year) as a one-two punch with McFadden.

    After that, I’d turn my attention to defense. I’m a fan of Sione Pouha. Getting a nose tackle would allow the Raiders to spend their No. 3 pick on the best available player, instead of feeling like they have to go get Sharrif Floyd or Star Lotuleilei just to satisfy a need.

    I wouldn’t mind getting a ballhawk like Rashean Mathis to come in and compete for playing time at free safety (he was a safety in college), and I’d love to make a hard push for Sean Smith, though that’s probably a pipe dream.

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