Rams land Jared Cook

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The Titans signed Delanie Walker to play tight end for them on Tuesday and the guy that Walker will be replacing has also found a new home.

Multiple reports agree that Cook will sign with the Rams. Reports just after the start of free agency indicated that the Rams and Dolphins were pitched in a battle to acquire Cook’s services and it appears that the Rams have won out.

At least the Dolphins have been through things like this before. Rams coach Jeff Fisher flirted heavily with the Dolphins last year before deciding to coach the Rams instead of the Dolphins. Unlike last year, the Dolphins can console themselves with the signings of wide receiver Mike Wallace and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe after missing out on Cook.

Cook provides a much needed target for quarterback Sam Bradford as he enters his fourth year as the Rams signal caller. The team still needs help on the outside, but Cook’s athleticism should allow the Rams to use him in a variety of ways offensively in 2013.

33 responses to “Rams land Jared Cook

  1. I guess Cook likes losing.The Rams will always be in the basement of the NFC west.

  2. Sweet!!! I was almost positive the Rams would get Dustin Keller instead. Givens on the outside and Cook in the middle! Getting a fine receiver and exceptional athlete for the price tag of a TE. Now if only Bradford would restructure his ridiculously high contract to allow the Rams to pursue some FA help on the O-line!

  3. Man, I really wanted the Eagles to sign him. Oh well, hope he and Sam Bradford can make a good combo.
    Also, off topic, but flavordave, please be quiet. You make Eagles fans look worse than they are already perceived to be.

  4. Congrats to the Rams. As a Phins Fan I really wanted this guy or Martellus Bennett. I guess we get Brand Meyers or maybe Eiffert or Ertz in the Draft now?

  5. Ok Sam. Time to restructure. You cannot complete a pass when you are on your back. Get Jake Long and plan for the draft. WR, OLB, FS, SS and Rams will be ready for 2015. Yes, I said 2015. The 49ers and ‘hawks own the NFC for another two years. Rams will be the best 6-10 team in the NFL.

  6. Givens, Quick, and Pettis on the outside with Cook (and hopefully Amendola) working the middle and Bradford firing the trigger?? Rams are going to be scary soon!

  7. “I guess Cook likes losing.The Rams will always be in the basement of the NFC west.”

    Pop quiz:

    1. Which team went 1-0-1 against the Kaepernick and the 49ers last season?
    2. Which team went 1-1 against the Seahawks last season?
    3. Which team went 2-0 against the Cardinals last season?
    4. Just considering intra-division games, which team won the NFC West last season?

    I guess we have different definitions of “basement”.

  8. Did someone just say he must be in it for the money….because he didn’t go to Miami? Why because they are such a winning team lately & their qb isn’t Ryan Tannehill?

  9. How are the Rams the basement of the Nfc West?

    They were in the playoff hunt late in the season and had the best divisional record…

    Lol man some people make stupid comments

  10. With the 49ers and Seahawks fight for the NFC crown and the Cardinals getting a really good head coach the Rams will be where they’ve been the past couple of years in the basement of the NFC west.

  11. I love how Ram’s fans think they play so many superbowl games during the regular season.

  12. dolphins4 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 8:06 PM

    With the 49ers and Seahawks fight for the NFC crown and the Cardinals getting a really good head coach the Rams will be where they’ve been the past couple of years in the basement of the NFC west.

    Seriously? Clearly delusional or upset that Cook chose the team with a better QB. Our divisional record says it all about where we are in the division – can’t say the same for the Fins. Fins went 2-4 in their division.

    I’m sensing a lot of jealousy..

  13. As a Bears fan thrilled that we signed Martellus Bennett, I would have been equally happy with Cook…I wish him well in St. Louis.

  14. Can Miami REALLY be in the basement with the Jets and the Bills in the AFC East?

    Must be rough having the 49ers and Seahawks in your division. At least Tom Brady’s entering his 40’s.

  15. I loved Cookie , he was a great reciever – but he whiffs on blocks , runs incorrect routes ( but he says I was open ) , and is overly emotional – He even broke down at Snarkie’s ( grill and restaurant) during a radio broadcast . . . If Jeff is planning on using him as a TE , I’d be afraid for Bradford as he is already injury prone , and someone whiffing on the talent in NFC WEST – that could seriously hurt someone else.

  16. Rams fans stop talking smack. Rams lost to Miami last yr with a rookie qb rookie coach and no wrs. Fisher is the most overrated, mediocre coach. Titans were avg for yrs and cook is your answer? You have no wrs. I feel bad for Bradford. And cook can’t block either. Got another overhyped toy

  17. Since when does TE put a team over the edge when they have so many holes on the offense alone? Oh no! Rams 2013 champs!! Hahaa what a joke

  18. Rams answer to hawks and Niners getting top wrs by getting a young, unproven TE. Watch out!!! 3rd place is calling your name St. Louis

  19. St. Louis Titans! Jeff stop getting your old players and thinking it will work for you there! Your days are numbered. Your system is out dated. BTW if your looking for a back up Vince is available as well as Jamarcus Russell.

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