Ravens sign Chris Canty

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After a rough start to the league year, the Ravens are on the board in free agency, bringing in former Giants defensive lineman Chris Canty.

Canty has already signed his contract and posted a picture of it on Instagram. Although Canty didn’t post the financials, Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Canty gets $8 million over three years, with $2.8 million guaranteed.

The 6-foot-7, 317-pound Canty started nine games for the Giants last season and recorded three sacks. For a Ravens defense that lost defensive end Paul Kruger and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe today, the arrival of Canty will be viewed as good news.

Canty is the No. 61 player in our Free Agent Hot 100.

34 responses to “Ravens sign Chris Canty

  1. Cantys a good player. Another weak link in the Giant lineup. Eagles are set to dominate with the ol Chipper. Yeah fellas.

  2. Canty is huge. I had to double check his measurables just to make sure he really was as big as listed. The Ravens definitely need size like this on the defensive line.

  3. Good team player but was barely healthy last year especially after the knee surgery. Glad the Giants dumped him. Cullen Jenkins brings more to the table than Canty. Good for Canty though.

  4. Funny by about week six of next year people will be praising this pick up while the also rans who think they stole ravens players today are trying to figure out what went wrong with all the former part time,old and injury prone players they signed.

    This is joes team now and all the superbowl MVP knows how to do is win.. Black and purple.

  5. Hahaha this guy was a bum for us.. Looks like clowney mite end up with the ravens…cheers!

  6. Be objective. Steelers lose a big player, Ravens fans say they’re falling apart and Colbert doesn’t know what hes doing. Ravens lose a big player, people say everything will be fine and Ozzie will work his magic. Last I checked both had 2 rings and they have come fairly recently. Lets stop only giving Ozzie the benefit of the doubt.

  7. This is great news. Canty can flat out ball. He fits the Ravens perfectly and was miscast in that Giants pass-rush first lineup. This is just a great fit and the Giants got what they needed in Jenkins as well. The Giants want 4 guys getting to the QB and the Ravens want a more balanced defensive attack. Finally I love the Ravens always go for players that came from good quality super bowl winning systems.



  8. Good player for “The New York Football Giants”
    Lucky to still have a chance to play after the cheap shot knee injury!!!! Good luck Chris!!

  9. Welcome to the spotlight Ravens. Now you know what the high profile franchises like the Patriots, Packers and Steelers deal with EVERY off-season. When you were flaming out in the playoffs every year you could fly under the radar. A blown coverage by the Broncos and now Flacco’s the highest paid QB and everybody’s lining up to over-pay for your free agents.

  10. Canty didn’t pass Green Bay’s physical per sources at the Packers. That’s why they didn’t offer him anything.

    Let that sink in when you realize how many injuries GB tends to have.

  11. Good signing, but still the ravens have had a rouugggh start to the new year. I still think they will be a playoff team next year, but the losses of Lewis,Ellerbe, Kruger,Boldin, and possibly Reed has to hurt them.

  12. steel6curtain says:
    Mar 12, 2013 7:50 PM
    ravenzgunnerz…..ill bet youve been a ravens fan for a long time! what since December?
    Ha. A Steeler fan bleating something about a bandwagon on every article.

  13. Ozzie just signed Canty for what amounts to $80,000 per tackle.

    After what happened to his team today it seems like a panic move.

  14. Another solid under the radar pick up by Ozzy, this signing reminds me of Trevor Pryce and Corey Redding, Dlineman a little older but very solid for another 2-3 years and at a team friendly price

  15. If the Ravens get a good LB in the draft a great front could help him produce. Good solid signing, wish you could have kept either Ellerbe or Kruger but business is business.

  16. steeler fans, don’t be jealous that Chris Canty is younger than Brett Keisel and better than Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward (both first round wastes by the way).

    Not every GM can be as good as Ozzie Newsome. I know you wish you had Ozzie over that salary cap ruining clown you are stuck with, but come on. Give credit where credit is due, just admit that Ozzie is the man.

  17. After the 2010 season, the Ravens cut ties with Todd Heap, McGahee, Mason, and Kelly Gregg among others. Everyone laughed and said they would be 6-10. They made it to the AFC Championship game the following year.

    After the 2011 season, the Ravens lost Redding, Grubbs, Jarret Johnson, and a solid backup RB in Ricky Williams. Again, everyone said they would have a down year. They won the SB.

    It’s only March 13, maybe everyone can just take a deep breath and let this thing play out. Look at the two teams that overpaid for Ravens players yesterday. There is a reason they are not contenders year after year.

  18. Not every GM can be as good as Ozzie Newsome. I know you wish you had Ozzie over that salary cap ruining clown you are stuck with, but come on. Give credit where credit is due, just admit that Ozzie is the man.
    Oh okay Ozzie is a man not the man there is only one of those. You raven fans must be dying for role models…Lewis!Suggs,Ravenator
    Your city has my pity..

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