Ravens will carry Boldin’s salary until he passes physical

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The trade that will send receiver Anquan Boldin from the Ravens to the 49ers has been announced.  But it still hinges on Boldin passing a physical.

And Boldin tweeted within the hour that his physical will be placed “on hold for a few days” because Boldin is “busy in Senegal with Oxfam America.”

The problem for the Ravens is that Boldin’s $6 million salary will continue to count against the team’s cap until the trade is done.

Not that the Ravens are pressed like the Cowboys against the cap.  But, still, if the goal was to drop Boldin’s cap number by the start of the new league year, it won’t be happening for a few more days.

18 responses to “Ravens will carry Boldin’s salary until he passes physical

  1. Could I please carry his salary in my bank account until he gets back? I think the interest earned could cover my rent this month. Thanks Q, you’re a bro.

  2. jakec4 says:Ma 12, 2013 9:57 PM
    For six million I’d cut my vacation short.
    Vacation? Try humanitarian work.

    Baltimore still loves you Q!

  3. He’s such a class act. All he has been tweeting about is the work he and his fellow WR friends are doing with charity in Africa. NOT any NFL business. Ill always love Q.

  4. I have two comments: (1) This deal between the Ravens and 49ers smells a bit like an uncooked filet of lox that’s been sitting in the sun for two days and (2) It’s hilarious that the Ravens are eating cap space in the meantime. Anquan should take his sweet time; maybe even sign on for an additional tour. Gotta admire him as a teammate and as a person. A little justice for the team that screwed around with him is not unwarranted.

  5. Baltimore will always love you Q, thanks for your dedicated play over the years.

    All you fans act like the Ravens have never lost in the free season before, we win in the draft get demolished in the free season. The Baltimore franchise(as much hate as it gets) is a very successful/winning franchise.

  6. And another thing besides Boldin (who would be successful anywhere) watch Kruger and Ellerbe fail in other teams systems, its happened before. Anybody remember Adalius Thomas? or how his Jarret Johnson doing out in San Diego?

  7. Wouldn’t think that they would have made this trade without some sort of timeline deadline for this. I know the Seahawk-Harvin-Viking trade had a 48 hour clause to get done so that each team could move forward in FA during this critical period.

    Ravens should pay SF to fly the DRs over to him to get the physical done. There must be a hospital and machinery nearby his location that they could rent.

  8. Hows about all the Ravens fans that hate this trade start a fund to raise money to keep him over there until the niners get tired of waiting and cancel the trade?

  9. Deb says: Mar 12, 2013 11:16 PM

    It’s censorworthy to say this trade worked out beautifully for Boldin? That makes no sense at all.
    How ya been Deb? Wished you’d post often, I enjoy your comments and the logic you bring. Even if your a Steeler fan 🙂

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