Reed to Niners is believed to be a smokescreen

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So is safety Ed Reed a serious possibility for the San Francisco 49ers?

Per a league source with intimate knowledge of the safety market, the answer at this point is believed to be no.

Reed recently hired David Dunn, whose client list includes 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.  At one point, the relationships seemed to provide a convenient path to get a deal done.

Presently, the thinking is that Dunn hoped that reports and rumors and speculation of San Fran interest in Reed would create a bigger market for the Pro Bowl safety.

So far, it hasn’t worked.  Which means that, in the end, Reed could be back in Baltimore.

23 responses to “Reed to Niners is believed to be a smokescreen

  1. Ill take him and would like to see him finish his career with the ravens but hes still a shell of his former self

  2. The number Ed has in head is based off the prime of his career, but teams have a completely different number which is valued for the 2013 Ed Reed and not the 2005 version. Ed knows this, Oz knows this, and his agent knows this. Weather it’s with bmore or someone else, that reality will strike and Ed will have to accept it.

  3. Good. I heard that Ed Reed has an aversion to both earthquakes and crybaby whiney coaches. He’d rather play for a whiney coach vs. a whiney crybaby coach.

  4. Raven for life is how this should play out. Even if you go to another team, you will always be a Raven!

  5. Ya don’t say. (that it’s a smokescreen)

    Nobody remembers when Ray Lewis was talking about wearing a star on his helmet (goin to the ‘Boys). How’d that work out?

    Usually I’m on board with your takes, Ravenator. But not on Reed. Seriously…stick a fork in him. He’s done. Let some other team get stuck with an over the hill player who thinks he’s better than he is and wants more money than he’s worth at this point in his career. Is he a first round hall of famer? You bet. Is he worth any kind of serious money now? No way.

  6. This just in from a source with extensive knowledge of the situation that the apparent smokescreen employed has, in fact, been itself a smokescreen that has now literally created so much smog in the Reed camp that Reed is rumored to be leaning towards signing with the Ottawa Sugarfins for a contract worth a reported 50 cases of 1liter Canadian cod oil. However due to Reed succumbing to COPD due to the extensive smokescreens Reed now looks like he’s 90 rather than his usual 60. Stay posted.

  7. If he stays with the Ravens I hope they extend him a deal into coaching, and not a 2-3 year deal playing.

    Like sbaltimore said, he’s well over the hill and expects more than his worth.

    Love me some 20, but the time has come to accept reality. If he goes elsewhere, it’ll be a short showing.

  8. I’ve always thought it was between Balt and Indy.
    I’m a Pats fan but the love fest between BB and Reed won’t ever be consummated so to speak IMO. BB always thinks with the wallet first.

  9. Here’s an opinion that hasn’t changed: I prefer Goldson to all others. So hopefully when that smokescreen clears he is still in red & gold. If not him there are options, but none of them as good as him. Reed at the right price as a bridge to a rookie isn’t the worst option. Chris Clemons and Laundry are also decent options. Goldson is the best option though, make no mistake about that.

  10. At least ravenator is learning something in his mom’s basement; yesterday he was silly enough to boast that boldin wasn’t going anywhere and that reporters were posting bogus stories.

    Who said “you can’t teach an ignorant child new tricks”?

    Funny thing is, if reed happens to resign in luckimore he will be transformed once again into the greatest safety of all time in his peabrain mind…


  11. From an unrestricted FA perspective, how else is a team and a player supposed to arrive at a mutually agreed upon range of money around which to base negotiations OTHER than testing the FA waters and seeing what others are willing to offer?

    This may all just be a formality and procedural tool in the talks between Ed and Oz.

  12. the Eagles have allowed Reed to look around at other teams because we determined he’s too old for our team

  13. Nofoolnodrool says:
    Mar 12, 2013 3:20 PM
    Ravenator changes his opinion on Ed Reed more often than he probably changes his underwear


    Nominated by me for best post of the day……If Ravenator argues that he hasn’t changed his stance, he is arguing that he doesn’t change his shorts. If he agrees that he changes his shorts, he loses what credibility he has at being objective……

    I think Ravenator actually said Reed is a former shell of himself but would be nice for him to end his career in Baltimore and is being consistant. Some credibility, but smelly.

  14. CKL says:
    Mar 12, 2013 3:28 PM
    I’ve always thought it was between Balt and Indy.
    I’m a Pats fan but the love fest between BB and Reed won’t ever be consummated so to speak IMO. BB always thinks with the wallet first.

    3 words. Chad Ocho Cinco.

  15. like to have him one more year..
    hope the guy does not end up in Loserburg

    GO RAVENS!!!!

  16. I would also love to so Reed in SF, but at the same time that’s a guy that should end his career as a Raven. To me, he has been the heart and soul of that team the last decade not the dancing linebacker.

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