Report: Bears haven’t responded to Urlacher’s proposal


Dozens of names popped up in the dozens of posts on PFT on Tuesday, but we haven’t heard anything about Brian Urlacher.

The Bears linebacker is officially a free agent, but there doesn’t appear to be much movement at all on his possible return to Chicago for a 14th season. The Bears were busy signing tight end Martellus Bennett and tackle Jermon Bushrod, which may explain why they haven’t had time to respond to the contract proposal Urlacher sent to the team last week. Vaughn McClure of the Chicago Tribune reports that Urlacher’s looking for a two-year deal but the Bears have not responded with a counteroffer.

McClure also reports that several teams “have inquired about the possibility” of adding Urlacher to their defense. One of those teams is the Cowboys, according to a report from Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports. Silver reports the Cowboys have “haven’t ruled out” signing Urlacher to play in defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin’s Tampa-2 scheme, which is the basis of the one Urlacher played in under Lovie Smith as a Bear. Former Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is also in Dallas as Kiffin’s defensive line coach.

The Cowboys have Sean Lee to play middle linebacker, though, and they aren’t exactly overflowing with cap room. Which likely means that we’ll be waiting a bit longer to find out where Urlacher will be playing in 2013.

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  1. Put a fork in him. Did you see him trying to run around in the Seattle game? I almost felt bad for the guy…

  2. What?? I think we have decent depth at LB already. Sean Lee in the middle, Bruce Carter at ROLB. And Alex Albright at strong side backer. Plus the fact that we are maxed at cap and have bigger wholes to fill. You need to check your sources Josh Alper.

  3. It will be tough to picture the Bears without him, but it really is just a matter of time. I would like to see him either re-sign or retire. Can`t imagine him as a Panther or a Lion.

  4. Bears or bust for the ‘lach IMO. He’s lost a step and can’t cover the middle like he used to. With teams putting stock into TE’s and attacking the middle of the field he’s going to get exposed even worse this season. The fact that he had 2 knee/leg injuries to deal with doesnt help his stock.

  5. No doubt about Urlacher’s game has declined and injuries have taken their toll on him. But for one or two years he’s at the very least going to provide leadership, something the Cowboys need desperately. His game isn’t what it used to be but it’s not as bad as some are making it sound. He’s worth a flyer for a year, especially with the Cowboys who have gotten some production out of a couple if linebackers in there last year of their careers. Zach Thomas and Keith Brooking come to mind. With that said though, I’d like to see him end up back in Chicago. Not a Bears fan but seeing him in another jersey I’m sure would be hard to swallow for Bears fans!

  6. mjkelly77 says:Mar 12, 2013 11:44 PM

    The Bears screw their players in the end. I don’t know why anyone would want to play there.
    I think you meant:

    The NFL teams screw their players in the end. I don’t know why anyone would want to play for them…

    Oh, you make millions??? To play football??? Oh, ok, sign me up. Wait, I can’t play until I’m 40? You will pay me upfront? Guaranteed?

    Pal, you’re an idiot. Every team eventually has to go through this when players get bad, get old, get super expensive, etc.

    So, GB getting rid of Woodson, Baltimore getting rid of Boldin, Miami getting rid of Dansby….need I go on until I name every single team in the league?

  7. The Bears have paid this guy A LOT, and I mean A LOT of money over the years. If he thinks he’s worth $5 mill a year (which is the number I’ve heard get thrown around), he’s delusional.

    It’s the Olin Kreutz situation all over again. A washed up player who delusionally thinks the open market will give him more money than the Bears will. Except Kreutz never made the money Urlacher has made, starting with his lucrative 1st round draft pick deal.

  8. If the Bears don’t re-sign him I think he will retire. He has said before he doesn’t want to play anywhere else and I think he won’t be willing to move to another part of the country just for one more season. Hope to see him back but I won’t be surprised if he isn’t.

  9. So, GB getting rid of Woodson, Baltimore getting rid of Boldin, Miami getting rid of Dansby….need I go on until I name every single team in the league?


    Those guy are all on their 2nd team, and I don’t mind your opinion.

    As long as you weren’t one of those people that were all over GB while Favre for waffling.

  10. Make that man a Cowboy! Is there anyone better in football to coach Sean Lee on playing in this system? He is worth a few million just as a coach and leader. Then throw in the fact that he might have a few more seasons in him if allowed to rotate in on certain packages…
    He would give the Boys, leadership, coaching and depth. He is a legend.

  11. Lach is was and always will be THE Bear, whether he’s with us or another team, does anyone remember Jordan as a Wizard…not saying Brian is equivalent to MJ, but he’s the MJ of the Bears..for the last 13 years at least, meaning thats what he means to this team. So dont take it as i’m saying he’s Jordan

  12. I want #54 back but not at the cost of filling younger needs.

    The Bears need a lot and cap cash it at a premium. Peanut is just as capable of leading the defense if needed. I think Urlacher gets it. Emery does and so far I like the guy.

    The current defensive roster only has a year, MAYBE two years left and then you need to blow it up. As good as he’s been Urlacher is not part of the future.

    Even Luckman, Butkus, Ditka, Payton and 25+ others had to retire for the HOF. Urlacher is no different from them.

  13. West4420;

    Good response. Anyone who is an NFL Fan and pays attention would know that the off season is used by the teams to conduct the business. The players use agents to do that while concentrating on keeping in shape to pass the required physicals and to play well once the season starts.

    Tough decisions are made right now. For instance, Seahawks cut ProBowler Leon Washington today. He didn’t deserve it, but the business end of this Game dictated that he was expendable as a Returner with the addition of WR Percy Harvin. This move is not unigue. It is unfortunate that he was cut, but expected by all of us once Harvin was picked up.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your comments. They mirror many of us out here.

  14. Watch the film, he’s still playing at a high level, Cowboys could use him, not sure they can afford him though. Doug free=10million a year, Spencer=10million a year…#deadmoney

  15. This is all much ado about nothing. This isn’t 2005, it’s 2013 and sad as it may be from a nostalgic perspective, Urlacher simply isn’t the team’s biggest off season priority. They needed to lock up their first tier of free agents before knowing how much they’ll have to counter Urlacher’s offer. They’re already hard up against the cap as it is and will have to juggle numbers just to accommodate the guys they signed today. Like it or not, shoring up the offensive line will have a greater impact on the Bears success than Lach can at this point in his career. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t figure into their plans or that they’re giving him the cold shoulder. Ed Reid and Wes Welker are going through the exact same thing and no one’s talking about a lack of respect. No team’s coffers are a bottomless well. It’s as simple as that.

  16. Urlacher is like many others who need to be told they can’t play anymore. This isn’t 2002 and he isn’t anywhere near a starting NFL LB these days. Why do they owe him another deal out of “respect?”

  17. Enough of the whining about mistreating Urlacher! It’s a BUSINESS! I’m one of those people who doesn’t want to see him go either! Fact is, he’s not the same Brian Urlacher of yesteryear. You can’t put the future on hold for sentimental reasons. Urlacher understands that too. The one asset that he possesses that has gotten stronger is his leadership. It’s something that can’t be underestimated, yet, it’s something that the Bears don’t have the luxury of paying for either. Most teams don’t. If he’s done here in Chicago, he deserves the utmost and heartfelt thank you’s….he’s earned that. Hopefully he’s back, but if not, I wish him nothing but the best! (unless Green Bay sign’s him….) 😉

  18. Actually this makes perfect business sense for the organization. They know nobody will rush out to sign him so why not let his demands come down to a level that’s acceptable. The man has pride and the only thing that’s going to ease that pride is time and lack of interest.

  19. this writer is as bad as florio, Have”haven’t? and what’s his two year worth? get back to us when you have a full story.

  20. with what money are the cowgirls gonna sign him with. jerry already scratching the bottom of the barrel. that’s OK jerry just restructure another 9 more players to get under the cap. To sign an old player. Good job GM jerry. BRAIN TRUST

  21. As a bears fan it saddens me to admit it, but this guy is dunzo. Guy rehabbed all offseason and pre-season last year and still couldn’t make it through a full season in 2012. Time to move on.

  22. The Bears should keep him, not out of sentimentality, but because they have no depth at LB now, especially with Roach a FA too…But if it becomes a case of Urlacher or Roach, you gotta go with Roach.

  23. I’m a huge Bears fan but also a realist. We have a lot of offseason needs and not enough cap space to fill them all. That said, I hope the Bears bring back #54 for something in the neighborhood of two years, $8MM. That’s a fair deal for both sides. We need his leadership and he still has enough left in the tank to be an above average LB.

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