Report: Browns “closing in” on deal with Paul Kruger

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It appears Ravens outside linebacker Paul Kruger’s going to be one of the first names off the board this afternoon, when the free agency period opens at 4 p.m.

In fact, he may be close already.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun, the Browns “are closing in,” on a deal with Kruger, while noting that “nothing official yet of course.”

Of course, because that would be illegal, and the exact kind of pre-arranged deal the league was careful to scare teams out of making.

The Ravens covered themselves for the eventual loss of Kruger by drafting Courtney Upshaw, but the Browns will view it as a double dip, adding a pass-rush specialist to their defense while weakening a division rival.

Once it becomes official, of course. Which it can’t be. Officially.

37 responses to “Report: Browns “closing in” on deal with Paul Kruger

  1. This is the one deal I can’t wait to see the dollars on. I predict this’ll be the over-payment of all over-payments this offseason.

  2. You have to consider this (info I got from Chris Fedor) this guy had 1.5 sacks while Suggs was injured and the bulk of his sacks came after the offense was distracted from the bigger force on the other side. This means the guy ins’t ready for prime time. To pay a guy prime time money and he isn’t ready for prime time is ridiculous.

    But they are my Browns so they are going to do it…and of course regret it a couple of years later…maybe even this year.

    The Factory of Sadness continues

  3. Give me Avril instead of Kruger. I’m too concerned that Kruger will be a one-and-done type of player (a la the Peyton Hillis mold). Avril has a much longer history of production, and Kruger’s leaving Baltimore no matter what, so the whole ‘weakening a division rival’ argument is moot.

  4. It must suck to be in this perdicament in a way. I mean, yeah, you’re getting millions, but on the otherhand you know you’re going to a team that never stands a chance. Your glory days are over.

  5. Upshaw is more a replacement for Jarrett Johnson than Kruger. He doesn’t offer much in the pass rush department.

  6. Kruger is an average at best OLB. Situational pass rusher who can’t stop the run. There’s a reason the Ravens don’t want him back folks!

    And as I said before- guess who played more snaps at OLB in the SuperBowl? That would be Upshaw not Kruger. Ravens have moved on and know Kruger will follow in the footsteps of Adalius Thomas, Bart Scott, Ed Hartwell, Dawan Landry, etc.

  7. Kruger will give Flacco fits but Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce now have a new favorite side of the field when the Ravens play the Browns.

  8. Kruger and Sheard off the edges, Haden and Keenan Lewis at corner… in a passing league? Uh, no spinning that as anything but awesome. Sorry, AFCN. The most talented roster next year will be in Cleveland.

  9. Kruger is too slow for pure pass rushing. He’d fit in a 3-4/4-3 flex system (alla Philadelphia, Houston, and maybe Dallas).

    Its as if it is too stupid to be true that Cleveland way overpays this guy, but hey, that’s the FA function – a player’s right- and always will be due to parity

  10. And this will be one of the last articles you’ll ever read about Kruger as he enters the vaccum that is the pathetic Cleveland Browns organization …

  11. The Browns were supposed to have pulled a coup when they signed Frostee Rucker away from the Bengals. Kruger may make a little more impact than Rucker did, but not enough to justify what he will get paid by the Factory of Sadness.

  12. Is it possible to have a single article about free agency activity not include the snarky references to “tampering” or “once it becomes official, of course. Which it can’t be. Officially.”

    I think we all understand the point pft has been trying to make.

  13. Browns weakening the Ravens? Ha! Never happen! They have tried before with signing our guys (Gary Baxter) and see how that worked out? The Browns do have some good players on that team and getting Kruger will help they’re pass rush but they have a long way to go before catching up with the Ravens. They may want to get a QB first.

  14. Even though this will end up being too much for a guy who played 22 snaps and didn’t even start the Super Bowl, the Browns will finish ahead of the Steelers this year…watch.

  15. While some Ravens fans are balking at this, the main reason is that they aren’t aware that Clevelands linebacking core last season was ranked HIGHER than Baltimores. Yes, they are absolutely right that Krueger was only effective when other teams O-lineman were concentrating on Suggs and Ngata which means he’s the perfect pass rusher for a Cleveland team that has way more than two guys on their defense worth double teaming on a defense that will be blitzing on virtually every play. The Browns under defensive coordinator Ray Horton will be QB killers again possibly more so than they were under Rob Ryan were Flacco was the only QB they didn’t put out of a game in their division.

  16. I didn’t know people were so concerned about Haslam’s wallet? It doesn’t matter if they overpay. They can just cut him in 2 years if he doesn’t work out. With minimal hit to the cap. That’s the nfl way.

  17. At least the Brown are spending the money they have available under the cap.

    Unlike the cheap assed Bungals.

  18. joe, no one can even name Oaklands players, only two are known Palmer and DMC, and yet you guys were in cap hell… We have AJ Green, and Geno Atkins who will command a HEFTY salary so we cant over spend, who has Oakland drafted in the first round this decade? The Kicker… Ravens, Steelers, and Packers haveshown us to not over spend and draft your own… you still pissed about the Palmer trade? Lol this guy does not know football!!

  19. Can’t wait till he signs that big deal and we all get to chant…O-VER-RA-TED…..O-VER-RA-TED…..

  20. Baltimore will be lucky to go .500 this year! They overpaid there QB that is going to suck this year because he has no one to throw too. They will feel the effects from Flacco’s contract for years to come, on both sides of the ball. So Baltimore’s fans can be as salty as they want because the AFC North is changing right before our eyes. Mark my words Pittsburg and/or Baltimore will be on the bottom looking up very soon. So have fun with your #1 paid QB, while everyone else has fun with the rest of your team that really mattered!

  21. Gotta love the haters lol there r so many. If u ain’t got a few haters then u r doing something wrong. Can’t wait for this season to start.

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