Rey Maualuga could be visiting Cardinals


Bengals middle linebacker Rey Maualuga might be making a free-agent visit to the Cardinals.

Wheels up to AZ #freeagency,” Maualuga wrote on his verified Twitter account Tuesday. 

The 26-year-old Maualuga racked up a career-best 122 tackles for Cincinnati last season. He holds the No. 81 spot on PFT’s Free Agent Hot 100, which we will continue to update with signings as they occur.

Maualuga and Andre Smith are the lone unsigned Bengals in our top 100. Punter Kevin Huber and defensive end Wallace Gilberry both have re-signed with Cincinnati.

16 responses to “Rey Maualuga could be visiting Cardinals

  1. Do the Cardinals have access to any game footage? Teams intentionally run at Maualuga every Sunday.

  2. They don’t intentially run at him. Do you have access to any game footage? They intentionally send the TE out against him. He’s solid against the run.

  3. While your Wheelin up to AZ Rey…might want to put down that booz…as we got the toughest DUI laws in the country. Sheriff Joe would love to see you wearin his pink underwear out at tent city

  4. Clearly Arians is not planning for Arizona to be the last stop on the retirement train for old Steelers. Looks like the Cards are going to be aggressive in free agency.

  5. I thought Rey was gonna be good for the Bengals but o well time to move on. If he’s smart he will clean up his act but I think he will just end up with another dui.

  6. I beg of you Cardinals, sign him!!!! He will become the leading tackler and anchor of your linebacker core.
    On a side note, I’m a Bengal fan and want him off the market to remove any temptation from ole Mikey boy from resigning him..
    Rey can’t get off a block or cover a te to save his ass.

  7. Rey could still become a success….on the kickoff team. The dude just hasn’t worked out. Overhyped player — even for the second round!

  8. I thought the idea behind bringing in a new GM and new head coach for the Cardinals was “improvement”. You’re not going to get that with Mouth Maualuga. Talks the talk, never has come close to walking the walk.

  9. After the Steeler game Rey played pretty good for 3-4 games. Then he regressed again.

  10. I love Rey’s passion – he just gets his ankles broken by every RB with a lame juke move. Put a decent blocking TE on him and it is even worse.

    Wish he would have worked out.

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