Robert Kraft: I want Wes Welker to be a Patriot for life


In another sign that Wes Welker seems likely to stay with the Patriots, owner Robert Kraft said he’s eager to get a deal done with the team’s leading receiver.

Speaking to reporters in New York on Monday, Kraft stressed the importance of keeping Welker around.

“I love Wes Welker. I hope he remains a Patriot for life. Just like Tom Brady,” Kraft said, via Darren Rovell of ESPN.

Although there’s been some talk that Welker worries his role in New England might be reduced, Kraft made clear that the team wants to get a deal done.

“We want Wes. We really do,” Kraft said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

The Patriots should want Welker: He’s gone over 110 catches for two straight years in their offense. But the fact that the two sides still haven’t been able to get a deal done suggests that Welker doesn’t think Kraft’s contract offer is as generous as his words.

31 responses to “Robert Kraft: I want Wes Welker to be a Patriot for life

  1. They can sign him now, no need to wait. If they really want him that bad just sign him. Oh that’s right, they want the most productive player on the team other than TB to play for peanuts.

  2. Take the offer, Wes. Don’t be another Mo Vaughn and leave a perfect situation for a few million dollars more.

    Remember too, you are likely to earn/be paid most of those contract dollars as long as Tom stays healthy. In 4 years you, Tom, and Bill can retire together and reunite in Canton a few years after that.

  3. If the Patriots really wanted Welker back he’d be signed already. They’re trying to lowball Wes and I hope Wes goes somewhere and gets paid what he deserves.
    This is just more PR BS from Robert Kraft.
    We Patriot fans are used to it.

  4. Money or a legitimate chance to win? It’s rare you get both. Welker may be hoping a contender can come through with enough jack to make moving sweeter.

  5. If the Patriots really wanted Welker back he’d be signed already. They’re trying to lowball Wes and I hope Wes goes somewhere and gets paid what he deserves. This is just more PR BS from Robert Kraft. We Patriot fans are used to it.

  6. The article should read: Then Kraft then went on to say “BUT… his hands turn into stone when we need him most. Now we call him ‘West’ because that is where he is headed.”

  7. Ummm, Mr. Kraft I believe you own the team and sign the checks so I’m pretty sure you have some clout with Bill if you truly want Wes back. Just sayin.

  8. The Patriots already have pretty large contracts for Hernandez and Gronkowski…you can’t have 3 high paid receivers and expect to win Super Bowls. Offense wins games, defense wins championships. Spend some of that money on the secondary – Kyle Arrington was the highest paid player in their secondary last year at $2.5 mil, and most people have never even heard of him!

  9. Wes only has about 2 inches on Kraft. I met with Kraft. He’s not a big guy. Welker is one tough son of a gun.

  10. If you’re Welker doesn’t this get old? Dealing with the Patriots way in terms of money? I think he will go to Denver and try to stick it up BB’s ass.

  11. You need an okay defense, preferrably an opportunistic one, to win a title, but when the 49ers and Ravens, two teams whose defenses get raved about, give up *65* combined points, can we finally put “defense wins championships” to rest?

  12. Wes will end up a Patriot but anyone can blame him from finding out what other teams perceive of his value?

    As burm61 pointed out, the one team that can scares me could be the Broncos but looks like the will be tied up $$ chasing Feeney instead of tying up $10M on Welker per season.

  13. All said and done, he will sigh a 3 yr deal for 4-5 million a year,,,and thats that. Brady will be the deal “SEALER”,,,it will be a love in,,an then they will still have 20-22 million to sign other players,,welker will have a nice 12 million dollar nest egg.
    A big to do about not much

  14. Some experts state that he should stay in New England, but looking at his stats and record, he should get paid, big time – if not in NE, then somewhere else. If a QB doesnt look good with Welker on the team, he is never going to look good.

  15. If Kraft really wanted Welker as a Patriot for life, he’d of already made it happen. All he is doing is covering his rear, so that he won’t look heartless.

  16. No other team wanted him before!

    He didn’t get a free education offer until someone else turned it down, he didn’t get drafted, he got cut, traded, and then the Pats brought him into their circle of trust and made a star out of him. Now the Pats are the bad guys for wanting him to play for “peanuts”. Give me a break. Show all those teams who didn’t believe in you were to go. Leaving now would be like Adrian leaving Rocky before the big fight for some shallow guy who wouldn’t give her a second look before Rocky started dating her.

  17. Perhaps Kraft finally woke up and thought: “How in the world are we going to replace Welker’s 100+ catches per season?”

  18. This is pedantic, but Kraft said “Remain a Patriot for life.” This make sense.

    The article has “Be a Patriot for life.” This makes no sense, as he was a Dolphin before he signed with New England.

  19. Pains me to say it as a Pats fan, but this would all have been resolved a while ago if he could make one of those catches when it really matters. Both sides need to be realistic about this.

  20. This is Kraft’s little way of saying, “If any other team dares to be so impertinent and audacious as to sign Welker, I’ll be most displeased. And when I am displeased, The Great Roger Goodell is displeased–and he needs no evidence to find wrongdoing and take something away from you.”

  21. I like how people are saying the Pats are trying to pay him “peanuts” when really he’s probably being offered $7-8 million/year. Which I think is pretty fair.

    Welker may be worried about his role if almost none is guaranteed in future years though. Easy to cut him. But he does have to understand that he’s an older player who takes a lot of hits.

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