Santonio Holmes agrees to restructure contract with Jets


We noted on Monday that Santonio Holmes would be wise to agree to take a pay cut with the Jets, and now he’s done just that.

Holmes has agreed to a restructured deal with the Jets, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports.

Although we don’t yet know the terms of the new deal that Holmes has agreed to, it surely includes a pay cut from the deal he previously had with the Jets, which called for him to make $7.5 million in guaranteed salary and another $3.5 million in non-guaranteed salary this season. Because of the offset language in his contract, the only way he could have made more than $7.5 million on any team other than the Jets was if that team was willing to pay him more than $7.5 million. And no team would pay him more than $7.5 million, considering that he’s coming off a significant foot injury and that his receiving yards have declined in four consecutive seasons.

So Holmes will remain with the Jets, and his pricey contract just got a little less pricey.

7 responses to “Santonio Holmes agrees to restructure contract with Jets

  1. No it didn’t…he’s still getting his same amount…just getting most upfront!


  2. All you know is he restructured, but yet you proclaim in the first sentence that he took a pay cut. Maybe he moved the $3.5M to a 2014 guaranteed payment to spread the cap hit.

    I love that you post as soon as you hear something, but stop adding your opinion like its fact!

  3. there’s no way this can be right. everybody swore up and down there was NO WAY he would or should agree to restructure. they couldn’t all have been wrong, could they?

  4. I guess once he saw Bolden get traded over 2million of his 6million annual contract he must of thought twice on why they jets need him to restructure.

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