Seahawks to cut Leon Washington


The arrival of Percy Harvin in Seattle has made Leon Washington expendable.

The Seahawks plan to cut Washington, PFT’s Curtis Crabtree has confirmed. The 30-year-old Washington, who has been with the Seahawks for three seasons, said goodbye on Twitter Tuesday:

Last season Washington averaged 29.0 yards on kickoff returns and 8.7 yards on punt returns. He was also a bit player on the Seahawks’ offense, running 23 times for 83 yards and catching four passes for 31 yards.

Although there was talk that the Seahawks would trade Washington, it appears that they couldn’t find any takers. Washington will now become an unrestricted free agent.

24 responses to “Seahawks to cut Leon Washington

  1. Someone will wind up with a nice returner for a season or two. Better than a rookie, because he’s proven over the years he has great hands for the return game, and he can still break the big one now and then.

    Kinda sad to see him go, but, it’s a business.

  2. Leon was a class act and a favorite here. Honestly he will change the field for whatever team picks him up. He was a Pro Bowler this past season for good reason. NFL kick off changes really hurt him though. Best of luck Washington

  3. The Seahawks save $2.125M in cap space by cutting him. I love Leon but he’s a bit expensive for a more or less dedicated return man. Best of luck to him finding a new home.

  4. If they release him it is not because they need the cap space……..Unless they are looking for cap space to get another FA…….Bush?

  5. Total class act, great person, and a fantastic kick returner. Best of luck to him wherever he lands. The 12th Man will miss him.

  6. He’s 30 years old and the ‘Hawks were paying him too much money to solely see work as a return man.

    Seattle is sad to see him go but this was a good time to move on.

    I wish Leon Washington nothing but the best of luck!

  7. I was miffed to see him traded by the Jets when he was injured. He’s a dynamic exciting playmaker, makes the extra efforts & all around great teammate. I’d love to see him receiving out passes again invigorating the Jets backfield!

    Trust in Leon

  8. Class act, will miss Leon back in the return game. Sad to see him go. Someone will get a great return guy.

    -Seahawk fan

  9. Locker room leader, special teams captain, stud kicker returner, and great with the fans. Thank you for a great couple of season’s Leon. You’ve had some of the greatest moments in Seahawks history.

  10. If Ginn insists on playing a role in the offense, wouldn’t mind if the Niners let him go in favor of Washington. He can provide just as much in the return game without expecting a large role on the offense like Ginn apparently does.

  11. AP’s new backup? Gerhart might be looking to go elsewhere with his lack of playing time. Washington would be a great change of pace back to give AP a breather. Also, the Vikings just lost their punt returner. Seems like a perfect fit.

    Would be sad to see him go if I were a Seattle fan. This guy made games fun.

  12. Our loss is another team’s gain. Great team player and solid kick return talent. A single KO return for TD last season and he’d remain a Seahawk. He was overdue too long and the Harvin trade sealed his fate. A true fan favorite, though, and I wish him success with whichever team picks him up, except against us, of course!

    Godspeed, Leon! Thanks for all your effort and all the thrills. :^)

  13. He’s a class act. He was my favorite Jet. I was sad to see him leave the Jets. The Jet front office treated him badly after he suffered an injury, which he did not deserve. The Jets suck!

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