Sidney Rice could be in trouble in Seattle


When the Seahawks struck a deal on Monday for receiver Percy Harvin, receiver Golden Tate sounded a little concerned.

But the guy who should be the most concerned could be receiver Sidney Rice.

Due to earn a base salary of $8.5 million in 2013, the receiver budget may not be able to bear both Harvin and Rice, who were teammates in Minnesota from 2009 through 2010.

But Rice has had limited effectiveness in Seattle, with only 748 receiving yards in 16 starts last season.  The year before, he missed seven games due to injury.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Rice has $3.6 million remaining in signing bonus proration, and $3.5 million of his base salary is guaranteed for injury only.  Thus, cutting him would create nearly $5 million in 2013 cap space.

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  1. Rice would be a nice #3 WR behind Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams. Hasn’t put up huge numbers in Seattle so he should come at a decent price, not too expensive.

  2. Seattle was looking to add talent, not replace. They may try to re-work Sydney’s deal, but he isn’t going anywhere. Seattle is still spending less on WRs than San Fran and AZ…at least if you consider what Fitz will be paid in coming seasons.

  3. The Harvin signing makes no sense at all if they cut Rice. Rice had his best year as a pro when Harvin was lining up with him. Sure favre was throwing him the ball but there was still a mutual benefit from both being there because you can’t double cover both of them

  4. Pft can just re print this same article in three years and just change the name from Rice to Harvin..Seattle is great at overpaying for guys that dont work out..Seattle Seahawks commitment to mediocrity. .hahah

  5. This is the dumbest rumor ever. Sid could be cut next year, but no reason Hawks need to cut Rice this year. Between Russell and Sherman Hawks save so much money (Less than a million for both those guys) they can afford Harvin and Sidney for a year or 2.

  6. If this is true, I can’t say I like it. While his numbers don’t jump off the page at you, he made quite a few great catches this year at clutch moments.

    He’s not an elite WR, but he’s a good WR, and the Seattle offense would be less without him.

    There’s no reason to panic in Seattle yet. Unless they have a top-flight DE or DT prospect waiting to sign, I don’t see them needing to make cuts for more cap space.

  7. Yea, Rice really struggled last year. He only led Seattle in receptions and tied for the lead in TDs…

  8. Rice had one year, 2009 when Favre was finding him and he was catching the ball. Never been much before that or since. Nice contract from Seattle though.

  9. Keep him!!!!

    Just restructure the contract!!!

    Give Zach Miller and Doug Baldwin’s catches and attempts to Harvin with Harvin in the slot!!!!

    Seattle you cannot subtract when you have an injury prone player like Harvin and it makes to get worse and then improve to where you were at before you worsened.

    You should always improve!!!

    Miller and Baldwin are not as reliable inside compared to Harvin and you have 2 WRs that can play special teams in Tate and Harvin.

    I was okay with Russell Wilson because Tony Dungy spoke highly of him at the 2012 Senior Bowl and if the first RGIII-over-Luck guy had his words parroted by Greg Cosell and Ron Jaworski Wilson was not a bad option.

    Keep all 3 WRs because it’s always helpful when you can have as many players who can help.

  10. mute617 says: Mar 12, 2013 4:42 PM

    Even with Rices contract, I’d dump Tate.
    No way, Tate really came on as a playmaker after the catch last year, much more dynamic player. That said I think you need both since Tate and Harvin kinda cancel each other out and Rice is the bigger body receiver.

  11. It wasn’t Sidney’s fault that TJack was the QB his first year and Coach Pete admitted he ‘held back’ the Seahawks offense for the first half of this past year.

    While the stats don’t look that good, no passes dropped, game winners caught, great teammate… no reason to release him this year.

    Tate will go first.


  12. You guys all realize Rice is going to be a Seahawk this year, right? This whole thread makes no sense, but it’s neat you all want him on your team.

  13. In related news, Vikes have a need for an outside WR and Rice just might, maybe, sort of be an upgrade over any WR that Kevin Williams can’t name.

  14. When on the field, Rice was our most reliable set of hands. Tate is not good enough yet to be an every down WR.

    It’s also worth noting that if we cut Rice, our top three WRs are Harvin at 5’11” and both Baldwin and Tate at 5’10”. Yikes.

  15. All you need to know about the Seahawk-Vikings connection is that the Vikings have always bested the Seahawks when it comes to swapping players. Vikes pulled the poison-pill on All-Pro Guard Hutchinson, Seahawks signed WR Burleson to big contract and then cut him. Vikings refused to pay big contract to always injured Sid Rice but Seattle did and Rice continues to always be hurt. Pete Carroll crowned TJoke starting QB because Vikes didn’t know how to “coach him up” only to cut him 2 years later, now when no one else would give more than a 2nd rd. pick for Harvin, Seattle gives a 1st, 7th and 3rd rd draft pick for a dynamic player when he’s on the field but a mecurial constant headache off the field and in the locker room from as far back as his Pop Warner playing days, throughout college and while with the Vikes. Mentally Harvin will be ok for this year with his new contract but come his 2nd year, look out Hawk fans. Pete Carroll thought he could make a QB out of Tavaris Jackson and now he thinks he knows how to handle Percy’s “issues” when no one else has been able to do so. Percy will be percy….in due time.

  16. Never going to happen…this coming from the same guy who said they would cut Matt Flynn…again, never going to happen.

    Seahawks are queuing up for a Super Bowl run. Sydney Rice is – the leader of the WR group. No way you bring in Harvin, a talented knucklehead…pair him with Golden Tate, another knucklehead, and Doug Balwin (young)…and think you’re good.

    Rice stays…he’ll be the leader…AND he will probably hav ea breakout year now that he has a #1 across from him – who will take some of the coverage with him.

  17. ********
    WR Wallace just signed for 5 years –> 65 million.
    Thats 13 million a year ($13,000,000.00). WR Harvin feels he is more valuable than Wallace. Seattle now has a major headache and cancer. Wallace is under contract, but he already said he will not be in unless he gets a major raise ($13.5 million???).
    Sleepless in Seattle………

  18. Free agency must not be what pft needs it to be, for this to be a story. This is a speculative story. At worst, rice will restructure.

  19. just a complete speculation article. so, the hawks signed harvin to making their receiving squad a strength in the hopes of making a SB run, and will then immediately undercut the position, even though they are still under the cap.

  20. They only passed for 3,031 yards as a team, a lot of that in the second half of the season when Russell started to hit his stride. That’s a quarter of all their passing yards. Seems about right to me. He also beat New England with an awesome double move and leaping catch with like a minute left…don’t see any reason they’d cut him…maybe ask him for a pay cut, but it’d be dumb to just dump him unless they’re desperate for the cap space.

  21. Doug baldwin is the one who has to sweat this, not because of salary, but touches. Tate and rice arent going anywhere. Doug is an excellent slot player also.

  22. Whether he’s released this year or not, this is one of the reasons huge FA signings rarely work. And, if they do it’s a very short window the team has to be successful until a complete rebuild has to go into place due to salary restraints. Another mistake is to think that past success guarantees future success. Sure, on paper, this looks great for Seattle. But how many times have we seen teams like this never live up to the hype – Bears last year, Philly, Dallas most years, 2010 Vikings and the list goes on.

  23. More posts from writers/fans who don’t know much about this team. Rice is a true outside WR 6’4- runs excellent routes catches everything. Seattle ran the ball more than any team in NFL 55 % of the time. Sidney Rice wasn’t even targeted half as much as other guys but still got 70 % of the balls thrown his way and put up 8 TD’s. If anything maybe a restructuring will come along in a year or so but who Harvin hurts is Doug Baldwin who is a good slot receiver just slow start to 2nd year and will be needing contract. Rice had surgery on both his shoulder and took countless big hits on big plays & got up and did his spin the ball. Even after the nasty hit when he won Bears game he was after the game and didn’t miss a beat or a game. He looks healthy to me and Seattle fans are happy to have his talents.

  24. Worst post of the day. There is no way the Seahawks cut Sidney Rice.

    You other teams get your grimy minds off acquiring our receiver. Your team is going to have to find a way to account for all our weapons so you guys better start thinking defense. Go post your silly hopes and dreams on a Darrelle Revis thread.

  25. SEATTLE WHERE WIDE RECEIVERS GO TO DIE! Percy Harvin will be a bust in Seattle just like every other high profile move Seattle has made for a wide receiver. In the last 12 year they have drafted 2 WRs in the first round. In 2001 Koren Robinson was a mess and in 2008 Lawrence Jackson was a bust. All of the receivers signed for big money as free agents have been busts. Highlighted by the 2006 Nate Burleson signing, the 2009 TJ Houshmandzadeh signing, and the 2011 Sidney Rice signing. The other big trade Seattle made was in 2006 when they traded a first round pick for Deion Branch. And now they trade three picks, including a first for Percy Harvin and then pay him BIG BUCKS! His bipolar personality or his love of the bong will create a happy environment in the suicide capital. Also, the trade will make the only good WR Seattle has added this century, Golden Tate, a very unhappy camper and will lead to the demise of the team. Good Luck Seattle fans, you deserve better. At least Percy can’t get arrested in the state of WA for his favorite past times, smoking weed, being a mental and screaming “show me the money.”

  26. Dude, your a tool.

    Teams have bad luck with free agents all the time. Kolb, cassell, mcnabb, hell the entire dream team.

    We just.have been unlucky with wrs. But i.honestly feel like with percy here in seattle our offense will be over.the hill.

    Honestly, a 1st pick 25, a 7th LOL, and a 3rd that will be at the bottem of the round, for a top 5 talent?

    Who else is worth it in the first rd of this urs draft at 25? Tavon austin? A wanna be harvin? Doubt it. Seahawks need olinr an dline. Both of which are two very deep positions in this draft without a huge dropoff after the first 10 picks.

    Seahawks got a steal, 6 yrs 66M. Wallace raped the dolphins for 5 years 60 mil.

    Rice, harvin and tate in a 3 wide offense with lynch and wilson in the back field.

  27. Lawrence Jackson was a DE, ya douche.

    Maybe you meant Darrel Jackson, who was decent on the other end of Matt Hasselbeck’s timing throws but couldn’t keep both feet inbounds to save his life. Finished his career in SF, where receivers truly go to die.

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