Someone at NFLN doesn’t like talking about Bill Belichick

Getty Images

I haven’t been watching NFL Network today.  (I know, I know.  I’m better than that.)

But others have, and a tweet from Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe intrigued me.  Bedard heard some background noise during a segment featuring Scott Hansen and former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli, regarding the Patriots’ draft plans.

So I dialed up NFLN, and hit the rewind button.

When the segment started, it sounded like Pioli’s microphone was off.  But someone else’s was on, off camera.  (Bedard thinks it was Warren Sapp.)

“No, no, no.  It’s the same f–king [inaudible] we had Mike Lombardi do,” the person was heard whispering, while Pioli was talking.  “The f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle.”

Technical problems happen when doing live TV.  But when wearing a microphone that could be hot when the show is live, the best approach is to say nothing.

At a minimum, the best approach is not to drop a stream of “F” bombs.

Besides, people care about “the f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle.”  Last time we checked, “the f–king Bill Belichick f–king angle” was building a team that contends for championships, every year.

At least we now have a new way to refer to any stories about the Patriots.

UPDATE 8:00 p.m. ET:  And, of course, the sound already is on YouTube.