Speculation mounts that Ed Reed will be a 49er


He may not have two tickets to paradise, but he could have one-way air fare to San Francisco.

On Monday, when the news broke that Ravens safety Ed Reed has hired agent David Dunn, a league source who is as plugged in as anyone predicted that Reed will sign with the 49ers.

Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN tweeted that some believe the Niners will make a push for Reed if they lose safety Dashon Goldson.

Since we strongly believe that Niners are highly likely to lose Goldson, Reed necessarily is in play.

Strengthening the potential connection is the fact that Dunn also represents 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh.

Which means that, in the sudden NFC West arms race that has broken out between the 49ers and the Seahawks, Seattle will need to respond with a bold move of their own.

83 responses to “Speculation mounts that Ed Reed will be a 49er

  1. i can see we giving our young guys a shot at replacing Boldin… but how are we gonna replace Ed Reed?

    that said, think the Ravens front office is right in allowing him to go out and look for another deal.

    Ravens are champions because they aren’t held hostage by any agent…

    Next year, it’ll be SUGGS

  2. God Speed, #20!…. You’ll be remembered as a Hall of Famer as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. I understand that this is a business, but it sure won’t be easy seeing you in anything other than purple and black. I wish you nothing but the best. And if we can’t repeat, I want whatever team you play for to win the whole thing.

  3. Reed is more loved in B’more than Ray Lewis, they are already taking heat for moving Boldin, they better be ready to re-load

  4. Arms race? Whatev…..Seattle wound up with a headache that has headaches while SF picked up a solid WR that knows how to block. Adderal boy can’t cover Boldin, Crabtree and Davis at the same time.

  5. Getting Boldin is one thing – he’s not quite over the hill. The Niners should go younger, not (way too) older at safety. I love Ed Reed, but he’s well past his prime.

  6. Still hope the 9ers resign Goldson; Reed is a HOF’er but at 34 his skill-sets are diminishing quickly. He will be a good cover safety for a year or two and that’s it. Hopefully the market for Goldson isn’t as strong as he thinks and he resigns here. It’s happened the last 2 years although the circumstances were different.

  7. Baltimore is smart to let the older guys go. They needed to reload last year. Now that they won the SB….it’s even more reason to reload. No reason to pay top dollar for guys that are declining. “Thank you for your services, but we need to move for the future. After you play your two years, we’ll throw you a big retirement ceremony and put your jersey in the rafters.”

  8. I’ll believe it when it happens. On the eve of free agency 4 years ago, reports led us to believe that Jerry Jones was about to back up the brinks truck to lure Lewis away from Baltimore. Didn’t happen. Reed won’t get the kind of money that lures him away from Baltimore, UNLESS the Ravens are moving on and don’t want him back.

  9. @phailing101

    In the Flacco deal, Ravens weren’t held hostage by an agent, but by the market

    granted the front office blew it by not signing Flacco in the previous year.. but who knows if we’d one the Super Bowl if they had??

  10. Reed is a shell of his former self. Ravens FO is way to smart to overpay a guy who contemplates retirement every single year and proceeds to make tackles without using his shoulder. I wish him well, but the Ravens know when it’s time to walk away.

  11. If the 9ers can’t sign Goldson, which is likely, this is the next best thing to do.

    People harping on how ‘old’ Reed is need to look at the defense he would be moving to. Fast, aggressive, young and hungry. We need playmakers (insert Ed Reed)This should rejuvinate his career and would be an excellent signing for Reed to finish the last couple of years to a hall of fame career.

    Add some young playmakers in the draft (i.e. Cyprien/Mathieu), sign a Sean Smith and the secondary is set for now and in the future.

    Imagine a secondary of Sean Smith/Culliver/Brown/Reed/Whitner/Cyprien/Mathieu. I’m sold.

  12. Who ever wrote this is idiotic. No we don’t need to respond and make a move just because the 49ers did. Unlike they did when they traded for boldin. We already have a future hall of fame safety in earl thomas and he is not even in his prime yet.

  13. I understand that Reed is a HOF player, but, he’s also 35 years old. His physical skills aren’t going to improve.

    If this is an “arms race”, who should Seattle sign to counter? A 36 year old tight end?

  14. I’d LOVE it. Goldson has been great, but if he really wants $8mil a year, he’s not worth it. He’s got great instincts, but he can be overly aggressive at times, which can get him into trouble and makes him a liability in coverage. (He’s also good for about one personal foul a game which I’m not a big fan of).

    I don’t care who your favorite team is, but Ed Reed is awesome and as a football fan, you gotta love him. He is the centerfielder and sideline to sideline cover safety the 49ers need for their defense. Draft a guy like Reid, Cyprien, or Thomas and let them sit and learn behind Reed for a year or two.

  15. Ed isn’t the player that he used to be. He doesn’t make a lot of big plays anymore. He’s going to want more money than he’s worth, and the Ravens don’t play that game.

    There’s a lot of safety depth in the draft and it might even make sense to try Jimmy Smith there.

  16. “revis island would be a great show, just drop 100 black kids on an island and revis has to figure out which are cromarties”

    it would probably be easier to just guess which ones AREN’T his

  17. Good grief. Over 90% of the people that comment on this site haven’t the slightest clue about contracts, FA, cap hits, or the game it’s self.

    Unreal. Are you the same people arguing about Obama/GOP on the comments of every article on the internet? Giving every half-tard in the world the option to drop opinions on the web was the worst idea ever.

  18. Jim: Look, bro, you guys are loaded for years to come. Let me have this game and I’ll send you both my Offensive and Defensive MVP afterward. I get mine, you’ll get yours.

    John: Alex Smith is our starting quarterback….er, oops!

  19. Winning the Superbowl for a second time is pure ecstasy and a LIFE LONG high. In Ozzie we trust. Just reloading and getting rid of the OLD FARTS.
    Just kept seeing “murderer” and AGING Ravens on this site repeatedly. What else can little boys think about to say on this site?

    Well…now the murderer is gone and the old farts are being dumped to only get YOUNGER and BETTER. Enjoy your old farts San Francisco. We also have Art Donovan and Gino Marchetti available for the right price.

  20. I agree that Ed Reed is to old to play for the 49ers, I don’t know what they are thinking of, Goldson is a remarkable player for us and I’m going to be sad to see him go but we have the players to get the job done on both sides of the ball, Revis going to be with the Niners and I’m going to tell everybody why, he is hungry, he wants to go to the Super Bowl and we are the team to get him there, but he won’t get the 16 million that he is asking for, so don’t be surprise if Revis going to come to San Francisco and maybe Hall from the Redskins whom release him, if we get those two, all of the NFC watch out.

  21. Nepotism? I would hope most of you know how the NFL works by now. The front office makes decisions on trades, free agents, and money situations. I would doubt that the 49ers or Ravens would make deals solely on the fact that Jim and John are brothers. GMs and other FO people have jobs they need to do as well.

  22. With 14 picks in Aprils draft, I’m hardly concerned about the 49ers signing a veteran, especially a HOF’er. 14 draft picks + 2 veterans, still = getting younger.

    If this happens, great move by the Niners based on experience and leadership alone. Teach them young’ins right

  23. ed reed wont have to play like he did in his young days. as long as he has his elite awareness and hands on the field, playing along willis, bowman, aldon, brooks, justin and whitner…the bwst defense in the league will be even better. rees joining the best linebackers in the league and one of the best d lines in the league…wow

  24. DC has no idea who their QB will be. Your head coach even said that. What’s your major malfunction numbnuts?

  25. Not the Pats?? C’Mon Man. The 49ers don’t need any more help. What are they trying to do, just build a super team of super stars and buy championships like the Miami Heat? That’s not how it’s done.

  26. Old and washed up, he got torched all year long last year, he is just a name at this point deshon goldson is clearly better and its not even close, Ravens gave up the most big plays this year in the passing game, that’s with ED reed back there. He is so overrated at this point and his career

  27. Ed is comin to Indy! David Dunn is Reggie Wayne’s agent too, and Ed & Reg are best friends. Plus the Pagano connection

  28. Reed is old and won’t play more then 10 games. Who cares where he goes. But if it is the 49ers, I hope they break the bank on him. 5 years 45 million would be a nice cap strap for years to come. At least Frank Gore will have company on the DL!

  29. ravenator says:
    Mar 12, 2013 10:48 AM
    Reed is a shell of his former self. Ravens FO is way to smart to overpay a guy who contemplates retirement every single year and proceeds to make tackles without using his shoulder. I wish him well, but the Ravens know when it’s time to walk away

    Do you talk out of both sides of your mouth all the time, or are you hust to dense to remember that you posted on the story about Boldin being traded the “the Ravens traded him so that they could sign Reed and Ellerbe” so yesterday you basically stated that you want him back, then today basically saying hes all done and they know the right time to cut guys. You cant have it both ways, your credibility (if you had any) is totally shot now that you have exposed yourself

  30. Goldson is young and solid in many areas, but he struggles at times in coverage and making tackles.

    Reed is smart and savvy, but not the same physically.

    49ers might be thinking of Reed as a one year stop-gap and drafting a S this year, which is a very deep class.

  31. It is interesting to see all of this ‘we are the champions’ cr- … oops garbage.

    Tweaking a knee or pulling a groin at a fantasy draft does NOT make you a member of the team. The team and its players are champions. You are fan of that team.

  32. Seattle has the most INSECURE fans in sports.
    Every post is bitter and delusional.

    Just keeping retiring your “12th man” jerseys guys – its all you ever have to celebrate.

  33. I just hope that Ed Reed goes to a team that is in the hunt for competing for a championship. He deserves that.

    If it turns out to be SF, that will be fine as it would be to replace a quality player that they lost due to FA. It would also be a short term fix.

  34. heyguru1969 says:Mar 12, 2013 11:16 AM

    With the 49ers’ and Seahawks’ guns blazing, can you imagine what it must be like to be a Cards or Rams fan these days?

    Werent’ the Niners and Hawks supposed to destroy the Rams last year too? How did that work out for them?

  35. Not sure why my fellow Ravens fans will be so upset if we lose Reed too. He’s been my favorite players since he’s been here, but even I can admit he’s half the player he used to be. Time to get faster and younger and stay on top of the AFC.

    When’s the last time the Ravens let a player go who actually did anything special?? Mason? Heap? Gregg? Zbikowski? Nakamura? Johnson? Let Ozzie do his job! He’s proved he’s pretty good at it..

  36. It will be good for Ed Reed to leave the Ravens because everyone knows the Redskins are the team of the DC-Baltimore area now.

    Um. What?

  37. haterade999 says:
    Mar 12, 2013 11:08 AM
    Good grief. Over 90% of the people that comment on this site haven’t the slightest clue about contracts, FA, cap hits, or the game it’s self.


    Or the English language.

    The proper usage is “itself”.

  38. Baltimore is finally hitting the wall and losing all the elite’s that made then relevant in the first place haha. You Ravens fans open your mouths wide for Ozzie Newsome but the dude has never dealt with the storm coming over the next several years. Other than NEVER, when was the last time Baltimore was tied down to a 120million dollar QB? Talk to me in a few years and we’ll see if your tune changes on Newsome. Baltimore wasn’t that great to begin with, they just got hot and completed 4th and 29’s all year long. Joe Flacco is now your leader, LOL. The guy who laughed at the all-mighty Ray Lewis and his speech’s. Leadership lacks.

  39. Stain (appropriate name), great comments. You are right. Ozzie has no track record. Other than the Ravens having the most wins in the NFL the last 5 years. And making the playoffs 9 years out of 12. And drafting multiple Hall of Famers. And putting together Lombardi winning teams.

  40. And the Lakers signed Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. How did that work out?…..

    The heat signed Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, how did that work out?

  41. fafaflunky says:Mar 12, 2013 12:34 PM

    seahawks have one good year in ages,and their fans think their gods now..go away losers


    So which team has 8 playoff appearences and 6 division titles in the past 14 years? Which team has 4 playoff appearences and 2 division titles in that same span?

    So who are the bandwagon fans again?

    Ignorance is bliss!

  42. I wonder if trading Carson Palmer to the Oakland Raiders for all those draft picks was some evil plot between brothers to help boost the Bengals.

    Nah..the Raiders just suck.

  43. Why would the 9ers get rid of a young Guy for a old Guy? Although I’d love to see the Ratbird Ravens crumble in the wind!

  44. schmitty2 says:Mar 12, 2013 12:33 PM

    Werent’ the Niners and Hawks supposed to destroy the Rams last year too? How did that work out for them?


    And again, the bandwagon fans overlook the fact that the Rams were 2-1-1 in the division last year, including their ability to NOT lose to the “Not World Champ” Niners in both Overtime games last year!

  45. Watch Ed Reed become a Patriot and then join Bill’s staff.

    There is alot of mutual admiration and respect between the BB & ER. I would think come 4PM today Bill will at least have a conversation with Ed.

  46. bradx1975: “Stain (appropriate name), great comments. You are right. Ozzie has no track record. Other than the Ravens having the most wins in the NFL the last 5 years. And making the playoffs 9 years out of 12. And drafting multiple Hall of Famers. And putting together Lombardi winning teams.”


    brad, I see you have the comprehension skills rivaling that of a peanut.

    First off, you, like most Ravens fans, have a disease that I like to call “hearing-yourselves talk” or “diarrhea of the mouth.”

    Second off, you’re absolutley WRONG (not surprisingly) right out of the gates. You claim the Ravens own the most wins in the past 5 years in the NFL (FALSE) which would be 2007-2012. Here are the sheer facts:

    Wins the past 5 NFL seasons

    New England Patriots (76)
    Pittsburgh Steelers (63)
    Baltimore Ravens (61)

    As you can see, 76>63>61, which debunks your aimlessly diarrhea of the mouth statement.

    Third, you failed to comprehend the fact that I said in my very first sentence that the Ravens are now LOSING their ELITE players that made them relevant in the first place, which in a nutshell, tells me Newsome has a “track record.” My main point was future problems like dealing with a 120million dollar QB tieing down the team and MAJOR cap casualties in YEARS TO COME. Pay attention!

    For the record, STAIN fits you better. Afterall, the Ravens ARE the real Browns. Heheh.

  47. Stain, one of the funniest posts ever.


    That would be SIX seasons, chief. Before you render your pithy paper tiger internet comments, you may want to brush up on basic math.

    Thanks for playing.

  48. First off Reed is a huge upgrade from Goldson. This guy is a ballhawk and we need turnovers from our safety not big hits. We have solid CBs already Rogers Culliver and Brown of course Revis would upgrade but he will cost way too much.

    What’s with the Carlos Rogers hate? Dude is our best corner and he is always breaking up passes.

    Also why does Seattle need to respond? This isn’t keeping up with the Jones’. Both the trades for Boldin and Harvin probably took weeks and were not reactions to the others trade. That’s ridiculous.

    Last I love hearing how Seattle has a better secondary than SF because that is all they have that is better. Serious what other position including coaching is Seattle better at than SF? Now if we get Reed or a CB we might be better there too! Harbaugh 3-1 vs Carrol.

  49. One minute ravenator is saying how great Reed is and the next he is saying that they don’t need him. Just face facts, the ravens are one and done. Be lucky to make the playoffs next season.

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