Steelers tender offers to Redman, Sanders and McLendon

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Steelers running back Jonathan Dwyer didn’t waste any time before signing his restricted free agent tender from the Steelers.

He did it so quickly, in fact, that the Steelers hadn’t even officially announced their intention to tender him before word broke of the signing. The Steeler have no made it official, though, and they’ve also announced tenders for three of the team’s other impending restricted free agents.

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders got an original-round tender, the third round in his case, and stands to make $1.323 million if he winds up playing the 2013 season under the tender. Running back Isaac Redman and defensive tackle Steve McLendon were also tendered for $1.323 million, but the Steelers only get the right of first refusal if they choose to sign somewhere else because both players entered the league as undrafted free agents.

The Steelers did not extend tenders to linebacker Stevenson Sylvester or punter Jeremy Kapinos.

10 responses to “Steelers tender offers to Redman, Sanders and McLendon

  1. Issuing tenders to sub-par talent, ah yes, the steeler way. While Ravens may lose aging household names, they replace them with up and coming stars, that’s the Raven way.

  2. Not surprised on Sylvester. Good special teamer, getting hurt lately. Not ready to start prime time. Just a few clicks of getting there. He was once looked at as a future starter inside, but not gonna happen.
    Thanks for your contributions Sly.

  3. Ah yes ravenator sub par talent , you lack all intelligence of knowing players , so why did the ravens tender their players as well ? I thought you replace them with ” good young talent “? You’re a joke , can you please elaborate on who the good young talent the ravens are bringing in ? Your defense is filled with holes , safety , LB, DT , not to mention your offense has line issues , receiver issues , and a mediocre over payed QB .
    You should be more concerned about the ravens and not Pitt , but it’s cute that you still care .

  4. Actually Arthur Jones is a stud and Pitta will be the best TE in the division. Keep hating while you rest your cap on Emanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown, hahaha. Pathetic.

  5. And there is no gaurantee that either Jones or Pittawill be back with the Ravens, or Ellerbe for that matter. There are already reports that Pitta wants offers from other teams for more money. I can see Ravenator committing suicide if all 3 of these players leave!!!

  6. Ah, yes, the mighty Ravens….first team to win a Superbowl and follow it with an 0-16 record…..

  7. The obvious best te in the division is heath miller, anyone saying differently doesn’t know football. A te has to both block and catch. Miller does both as good as anyone this side of gronk. I’d put the bengals graham better than pitta as well.

    With hampton possibly not coming back, I can’t wait to see mclendon finally get some action. We’ve been hearing good things about him for a couple years more, but the big snack gets most of the snaps and has deserved them. At times I’ve wished the steelers would run a bit of 4-3, even if only to switch things up against certain offensive fronts. It’d have been fun to see hampton and mclendon in there together regularly, few teams could have run against that.

  8. Haha Arthur jones a stud ? He’s good but not a stud , Antonio brown and sanders > smith and jones
    Smith run two routes a go and slant , Jacobs has no route running skill and just runs straight and has inconsistent hands , he only catches Hail Marys because its like catching a punt , keep hating on the steelers guy it’s not gonna make the ravens any better , you keep saying how pathetic pittsburgh is but you over look the fact that the steelers don’t have as many holes as the ravens , yes I know the great Ozzie will do something because every raven fan is a blind cult member going with the leader . You give no facts and only throw out biased uneducated comments , you need to worry about the ravens and their problems before crying about pittsburgh . Pathetic

  9. Only ravenator can spin the bloodletting in luckimore to losing “aging household names”. It’s going to be a splendid day when reality punches this team led by joe flaccid squarely in the face.

    kruger..good as gone.
    reed..good as gone.
    ellerbe…this is the one guy I think they’ll manage to resign.

    Oh, the burden of flaccid’s megadeal is going to be sweet to watch over the next few years as the talent that propped up his mediocre talents is replaced by plug and play replacements.

    The Steelers will be fine with conducting business the way that’s been successful year in and year out. One step back has nearly always resulted in two steps forward. I expect two more Super Bowls on the mantle before Ben hangs up his cleats.

    I expect the ratbirds to return to their rightful place in the AFCN after the ridiculous contract they gave their “elite” quarterback. The numbers don’t lie ravenator. You’re going to wish those lucky moonshots never connected.


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