Tannenbaum: Jets should get for Revis what Vikings got for Harvin

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The Vikings acquired a first-round pick, a seventh-round pick and a 2013 mid-round pick when they traded Percy Harvin to the Seahawks. So does that set the value that the Jets should get if they trade Darrelle Revis?

It does according to Mike Tannenbaum, the man who drafted Revis when he was the general manager of the Jets.

Tannenbaum said on NFL Network that he thinks the Harvin trade provides the framework for what the Jets should get from a team if they trade Revis, which they’re widely expected to do.

“You look at the Percy Harvin trade, where it was a one, looks like a three in the future, and a seven this year,” Tannenbaum said. “I would think that would be comparable to what Darrelle is. They both have one year to go on their contracts. Obviously, he would have to pass a physical. Assuming that happens, I think that’s the relevant market.”

It’s tough to say whether Harvin and Revis are really worth the same amount in a trade. As a three-time first-team All-Pro and former Defensive Player of the Year, Revis has accomplished more so far in the NFL than Harvin. But when you trade for a player, you’re trading for his future production, not his past accomplishments. And Revis is also three years older than Harvin and coming off a more serious injury than Harvin. (Both players suffered season-ending injuries last year, but Revis’s torn ACL is a trickier recovery than Harvin’s sprained ankle.)

There’s also another difference between Harvin and Revis: The Seahawks had an understanding of what kind of long-term contract extension Harvin would be seeking before they traded for him. We don’t know how much money Revis is going to demand, and the team that has made the Jets a good offer for Revis hasn’t yet talked to the Revis camp about what it would take to get him to sign a long-term deal.

So the issue isn’t only whether Revis is worth three picks similar to the picks the Seahawks are sending to Minnesota. It’s also whether Revis is willing to play for the same money that Harvin will make in Seattle.

84 responses to “Tannenbaum: Jets should get for Revis what Vikings got for Harvin

  1. Is it any wonder why the NYJets are in shambles? Drastically over-paying a VERY sub-par QB, trading for a QB you don’t want/need, and thinking you’ll get anything (especially a 1, 3 & 7) for a chronic re-work-my-contract headcase coming off of ACL reconstruction… only in YOUR dreams, Tan.

  2. Tannenbum should just stay quiet! Everytime he makes a comment on what he would do if he were the GM just makes me throw up a little in my mouth! If anything, they do the opposite of anything that comes out of his bogus mouth!

  3. The Jets will never get the Harvin value trade. Revis is coming off an ACL tear, so there is a possiblility that he could lose a step. If he does lose a step, he’ll be an above average corner, not elite.

  4. Revis has never won NFL DPOY, only AFC DPOY. Charles Woodson was DPOY that year. Anyway, I think the Vikings got lucky with their haul for Harvin. I find it unlikely that someone will trade the farm for a guy with crazy contract demands coming off a serious injury in Revis. It’s a buyer’s market for teams that can afford his salary, cause the Jets won’t get full value.

  5. CB’s coming off a torn ACL don’t get traded for three picks. Perhaps a conditional pick could be thrown in, if he plays and plays well. But not a 1, 3, and 7. Not going to happen.

  6. As a Jets fan that is facing a few seasons of watching a crap team…piss off Tannenbaum.

    Why should anyone listen to this man on anything he has to say that is football related? You were just fired as you are a terrible GM that can’t manage a cap or draft quality players.

  7. Who would do that deal? Harvin is healthy, Revis isn’t. There’s no way the Jets will get a 1, 3, and 7 from any team. The Jets tipped their hand far too early.

  8. Love this idiotic logic. No consideration for Revis’ 16mil+ cap hit? Should teams simply not factor that little piece of information in? If Revis was on Harvin’s contract, he would fetch the same — if not more than Harvin

  9. there is no way in the world Harvin is worth what the SeaHawks threw at Minn.
    Carrol did the same kinda trade for LenDel White, and then cut him in two days.

    With as good as the SeaHawks hit on some of their choices, you would think they would value the draft choices a little higher.
    SeaHawks hurt themselves.

    YOU mean to tell me, that someone like Fitz wouldnt be available with that kinda draft load?

  10. There’s reasons Tannenbaum just recently joined the unemployment line. If anyone has watched NFL Network recently, you can tell why. Hard to take anything this guy says serious.

  11. I have a feeling Tannenbaum got a hold of that stuff Santonio Holmes was “Wake’N’Bakin” with before he said this.

  12. “Tannenbaum: Jets should get for Revis what Vikings got for Harvin”

    Says the man who overpaid Revis and caved to him for the 2nd contract.

    Says the man who left the Jets in massive salary cap hell with the (from the team’s perspective) horrible contracts he gave to Sanchez, Revis and others.

    Crawl back under your rock please and don’t bother the rest of the world again.

  13. Why is anybody paying attention to this guy? He leaves a team in shambles,and wants to give advise. Shouldn’t even be around football anymore.

  14. “With the NFL’s new rules and wide open passing offenses, standout cover DBs are at a premium.”

    No they’re not. Pass rushers are at a premium. Corners are overrated.

  15. Not like the Vikings at all. Revis contract stipulates no franchise tag and the last two years can be voided by the player, so Revis can be gone after this year and the Jets could get nothing for him. Other te4ams know this, so it comes down to what team is going to give up what the Vikings got, when they could wait a year and get him without giving anything up.

  16. The jets really are gonna stink this year without there foundation. Will the vikes? the vikes have wright and if childs comes back after double torn patellar tendons. I hope they/think they will add on. Lets do it spielman! revis for webb straight up? ha

  17. Teams will always be wary of dumping a huge pick on a player coming off of a major injury no matter who it is.

    Teams will also be wary, and take their time reviewing film, to see if there’s any change that Revis suffered from Asomugha-itis, that is being the better corner on a bad team and seemingly playing above his station.

  18. “As a three-time first-team All-Pro and former Defensive Player of the Year, Revis has accomplished more so far in the NFL than Harvin.”

    Technically, Revis is a former AFC Defensive Player of the Year. That’s an award handed out by the Kansas City Committee of 101.

    The NFL Defensive Player of the Year award is handed out by the Associated Press (AP). That award is considered more prestigious, and Revis hasn’t won that.

  19. Tannenbaum is either being purposely untruthful or he is an idiot. I know he was not the best GM but I don’t think he’s a complete idiot so I will say the former.

  20. Unfortunately Revis Island has that trick knee lol the Harvin deal could set a template for DR but theres almost a 100% chance it’ll be a conditional pick (or picks) and a reworking of his deal will be heavily incentive laden if there is an extension at all

  21. sgmjerry220 says: Not like the Vikings at all. Revis contract stipulates no franchise tag and the last two years can be voided by the player, so Revis can be gone after this year and the Jets could get nothing for him. Other te4ams know this, so it comes down to what team is going to give up what the Vikings got, when they could wait a year and get him without giving anything up.

    What you’re saying is true: the Jets are in a less than idea spot.

    It’s also true that more than one other NFL team is in a less than idea spot- plenty of teams are thin at DB and a player as good as Revis is a scarce commodity.

    So it’s not like a team can say “take our offer or get nothing” when there are multiple teams that would benefit by trading for and then signing Revis.

  22. Considering Harvin has never once even approached the level of play that Revis did this is another example of why Tanny is the ex-gm. Harvin has a perpetual injury with the migraines and is a malcontent- Revis always wants to restructure his deal but his presence in the lockerroom has never been questioned….Only reason pass defense held up last year without him is because teams never had to throw, they ran it down our throats. If that is “good offer” in the table, Idzik will start his regime by turning all the fans against him. Trade Cromartie instead…

  23. Can you please start sparing us he opinions of the Failed executives and Failed coaches!!!

  24. There are very few teams that can afford to give that much up for one player. Personally I think Revis is worth a lot more than Harvin, but I will be surprised if they even get a first round pick for him considering the situation.

  25. I was watching the NFL network last week and I heard, “Coming up, Scott Pioli tells us who he thinks the Chiefs should take with the first pick and Mike Tannenbaum gives us the first 10 picks of his mock draft.”

    And I want their opinion, why? Both horrible GM’s who ruined their teams. Gotta love the media.

  26. Good luck with that!
    Overrated corner with bad knees and a piss poor attitude when it comes to playing out his contract. NO team will give up that for him!

  27. he’s crazy if he thinks the jets will get an offer anywhere near what the vikings got. i could see a early to mid 2nd, and a conditional 3rd or 4th next season if he stays healthy and is productive. They might be able to get a little more than that, but since teams are still going to have to negotiate a new deal with him, and everyone knows the jets can’t afford him, i can’t see teams giving much more. everyone thinks the eagles are planning to take dee milliner with the 4th overall this year. maybe their 4th in the second round and what i suggested above could get it done, and then they could use the 4th overall on geno smith, a tackle, or help at OLB

  28. some of you just sound crazy. Like Revis, Harvin is coming off a season in which he finished on the IR (not as serious). Harvin also in his 4 years in the league has only played a full season 1 time. Both players come with huge risks with both injury and off field issues (both love to complain about everything – Harvin and Revis since DAY 1 in the NFL). I do not think it is crazy to think that some team would give up similiar picks to the Jets.

  29. Jets are still trying to drum-up interest with the ‘one good deal’ gambit.

    I think it’s pretty obvious the Seahawks overpaid for Harvin- they could’ve got Wallace without the picks for the same price as Harvin.

    With several top CBs in FA, the Jets won’t get as much for Revis. Too many issues / complications.

  30. Seattle vastly overplayed for Harvin…no way Jets get anything near that for ‘Revis Archipelago’

    Tannenbum shouldn’t be saying anything after he crashed the NJ Jets into the ground.

  31. Hey Tannenbaum, you’ve done enough damage to the Jets, does Sanchez and Holmes ring a bell? keep your opinions to yourself, you’ve done enough damage, the Jets can’t even cut those two losers (Sanchez, Holmes) because of your incompetence.

  32. Percy Harvin for a late first rounder? I’m not sure the specifics of this deal, but it seems to me the Seahawks overpaid for a headache player. Once someone starts calling out their Quarterback, you have problems. Darrelle Revis is 5 times the player Percy Harvin is, even coming off an ACL injury.

  33. More likely….

    They’ll get what the Ravens got for Anquan Boldin

    WHO wants headaches ??
    NOT the 49ers

  34. Somebody tell Brian Cashman to stop sharing his meds with Tannenbaum.

    Only way that would happen is if some other team hired Tannenbaum as GM. we should all see now why this guy is jobless (besides Jets recent history) Its getting more obvious Jets and friends are trying to fake a market for this guy

  35. Its a two fold issue,
    1 Seattle did in my eyes overpay a bit for this guy. Not terribly much, but they did.
    2 Harvin will cost literally half as much as Revis. Revis is 16 mil a year, Harvin will likely be 8

    Not even including the fact that harvin is 3 years younger and his best day are ahead of him.

    If Revis had Harvins contract, teams would be stumbling over themselves to offer the same trade offer Harvin had…

  36. Coming off torn ACL
    Ridculous contract demands

    No team should be dumb enough to give up what the seahawks did for a player like Revis. He may be worth that if healthy but he’s not. They expect a team to mortgage the future in the cap AND in picks for a corner coming off ACL surgery? Not likely.

  37. Seattle may have overpaid, but how do you see all those draft picks making the Seattle squad??

    SF lost some players in FA, so they NEED to replace some players through draft/trade. Seattle’s team is nearly complete, so fine tuning is what Seahawks needed – not quantity in draft picks.

    A good move – 90%+ 7th round picks don’t make team 1st year. Nearly 50% of 1st round picks wash out in the first 4 years, or leave their teams and sign for min. contracts. Seattle traded un-needed draft picks for a proven player – good job.

  38. This is why Tannenbaum isn’t employed as a GM anymore.

    No team, Revis or not, is going to fork over that kind of bounty for a placer coming off an ACL.

  39. idk about this…harvin is an offensive playmaker…he can make plays that Revis can’t. not taking anything away from revis…but the two players are completely different

  40. Just curious, if the Vikings sign Victor Cruz to an offer and the Giants don’t match it which first round pick do the Giants get from the Vikings?

  41. Lets see if I have this right, the Jets are a joke because of Tannenbaum and now Tannenbaum is giving out his advice on personnel matters.

    Its like picking stocks with a stock broker who just filed Chapter 11.

  42. All right owners, now is the time for collusion. Nobody lift a finger to trade for Mevis. Let him play out his contract. Then NY will sink themselves in salary cap to re-sign (doubtful) or release him outright. Then draw straws and (if his ACL healed) the winner gets him cheaper than a two dollar hooker. Take a little prima out of his donna.

  43. Isn’t this the same GM who traded up to get Mark Sanchez, and gave up a pick for Tim “Punt Protector” Tebow?

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