Titans close to deal with Sammie Lee HIll


The Titans have been among the most active teams on the first day of free agency, and they’re not finished.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the Titans are expected to finalize a deal for Lions defensive tackle Sammie Lee Hill when he visits tomorrow.

Hill’s an athletic big man, who goes along with the meat-and-potatoes signings (albeit really expensive meat and potatoes) of guard Andy Levitre and tight end Delanie Walker earlier Tuesday.

They’ve also scheduled visits with linebacker Moise Fokou, as they continue to move aggressively.

9 responses to “Titans close to deal with Sammie Lee HIll

  1. I’m glad my team is wise and builds thru the draft by drafting championship caliber talent like Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, Ryan Kerrigan etc. Learn to do it the right way Tennessee.

  2. Im glad. Howie and Chip are on fire.I also couldnt find a way how he could help the Eagles. Great job fellas.

  3. CRAP! Not good news for the Lions. This guy was a diamond in the rough for sure. If not for Suh and Fairley being in front of him he deserves to be a starter. I’m really going to be bummed to see him go. Wonder if they will keep Corey Williams now. I would have rather kept Hill over Williams.

  4. A Redskins fan getting holier-than-thou about the wisdom of building a team via the draft? Now THAT’S funny.

  5. LOL suckers, we knew some sucker would sign broken down, offside Hill. He gets penalties at the worse possible times. It is usually for horse collars or jumping offside 5 times a game, but other than that hes solid. Oh, I forgot, he has bad knees, and thats the real reason he always started behind the rookies.

  6. lol twelsh36446 Hill literally had 1 penalty on him last year so…….. yeah. Oh, I forgot, he’s missed one game the past two seasons. Bitter much?

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