Vikes, Bucs, Cards could be after Cassel

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Now that the Chiefs have traded for quarterback Alex Smith and signed quarterback Chase Daniel, they’ll need to dump Matt Cassel.

But there’s no rush, as long as the Chiefs are willing to carry his $7.5 million base salary on the books.  His contract contains no immediate trigger that would force the Chiefs to pay him a chunk of money or guarantee a large piece of his pay.

The teams to watch as this plays out, we’re told, are the Vikings, Buccaneers, and Cardinals.

The Vikings are hampered by the absence of wideouts, and the Cardinals by the absence of, you know, blockers.  The Bucs are the most interested in finding a quality backup, because they have concerns about starter Josh Freeman, which means Cassel has a better chance of playing.

If the Chiefs can conjure a mini-market for Cassel they actually could try to trade him for a low-round pick.

15 responses to “Vikes, Bucs, Cards could be after Cassel

  1. hey florio is there somewhere here at pft where we can see updated team by team cap space!?

  2. I don’t get it. He had one good year with the Pats, in which he showed that it was the system not Brady. Now everyone wants him.

  3. Ponder has shown he “might” be able to lead a team.
    Cassel has shown he “can’t” lead a team.

    I would rather have Ponder and a little bit of hope.

  4. For the last time….he’s going back to New England. McDaniel’s offense is the only one he plays well in, and the Pats will need a cheap backup if they’re going to shop Mallett.

  5. You’d think he’d want to go to the Vikes as Ponder’s backup given Ponder’s inconsistency last year. By next summer they’ll have plenty of WRs.

  6. Only way Belichick moves Mallet is for a second rounder.
    Thus, no Cassel reunion in New England.

    And there was a lot more ailing the Chiefs than Cassel. That team had no will to win whatsoever.

  7. as a Vikes fan I would not mind seeing Cassel in purple but honestly would prefer Fitzpatrick from Buffalo now that they dumped him….he is a “cerebral” QB (Ivy League guy) and would would be mature and smart enough to work alongside Ponder and be a serviceable back up

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