Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma restructure contracts

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People in Rome are waiting to see a puff of white smoke from the Vatican, but people in New Orleans have been waiting much longer to find out whether or not defensive end Will Smith and linebacker Jonathan Vilma will be sticking with the Saints.

The answer has finally arrived. Larry Holder of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports that both players have agreed to restructure their contracts to help the Saints drop under the salary cap and give themselves a future with the team.

How they’ll fit in the new 3-4 defense run by Rob Ryan remains to be seen as does just how much cap relief the Saints gained in the restructures. There are no figures known at this point, but Smith had a cap figure of $14.5 million and Vilma’s was $8.6 million. There’s plenty of fat to trim with both numbers so the Saints should be in position to start shopping for new additions now.

There’s no word yet on safety Roman Harper, who was also seen as a candidate to restructure his deal with the Saints.

5 responses to “Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma restructure contracts

  1. Hopefully Smith dropped to under $10 mil and Vilma to under $5 mil. Next up to the chopping block is Harper. Cut that dude altogether…please

  2. I would have kept Smith at a much reduced price, and cut Vilma altogether, then either cut Harper, or drastically reduce his number.

  3. Why do the Saints keep paying Will Smith?!?


    Roman Harper can’t cover himself with his blankie, so WTH have they kept him?!?

    (cue Marvin Gaye “What’s going on?!?)

  4. They still might let Harper go but I for one wouldn’t mind if he stays. Under a Ryan D I see him using Harper more like Williams did. Blitzing him off the end and Harper might not be the best cover guy but he normally makes the tackle. Plus I think u will also see a lot of Bush in at safety.

    Don’t think you should replace a player until u have his replacement. Plus can we give kudos to Vilma and Smith. They could have not restructured get cut and still make 7M combined. But they showed loyalty and commitment to the Saints.

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