Alex Smith: No doubt in my mind about coming to K.C.


If you thought signing Chase Daniel represented some kind of hedge by the Chiefs against quarterback Alex Smith as their starting quarterback, coach Andy Reid put it to rest on Wednesday afternoon.

At a press conference formally introducing Smith as a member of the Chiefs, Reid was quick to say that Smith was the team’s starter. And Smith was quick to say that Kansas City was the place he wanted to go when he decided he wanted to move on from the 49ers.

“There was no doubt in my mind that this is where I wanted to be,” Smith said, via the Kansas City Star. “There was no doubt in my mind. I’m glad it got done. You look at what’s here, the pieces that are in place … it’s just a matter of getting things going, getting the culture right.”

Since making the trade for Smith, the Chiefs have done a lot of work to surround him with players who can help the team improve on last year’s 2-14 record. Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was signed to a long-term deal, and he’ll join tight end Anthony Fasano and wide receiver Donnie Avery as targets for Smith to use in the passing game. The Chiefs also franchised tackle Branden Albert and they could use the first overall pick on more help for the offensive line.

That would seem to qualify as getting things going and the Chiefs could be in position for a serious turnaround if things come together as the team has planned.

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  1. As a 49ers fan I wish him luck and much success in KC! It will be interesting to see him play the Broncos and Raiders most of all! Lets hope they use him wisely ala Harbaugh!

  2. Chiefs have a strong core of young guys, I’m surprised they went 2-14 last year.

    Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Berry, Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali, now they got a legit QB.

    They should be much improved in 2013.

  3. Bitter sweet to see him go. Hope he plays lights out for KC, just not if they’re playing SF. Good dude all around.

  4. As a Chiefs fan I think they will be improved just with Reid alone. Crennel was way over his head. I still think that Smith is just a average at best QB, and they will have to dress that position either this year or in next years draft.

  5. What a journey for Alex. He seriously was the worst rookie I’ve ever seen play QB. I’m happy for him and wish him the best; he’s earned all of it. He continues a long tradition of 9er QBs going to the Chiefs. Most of the playoff Chief teams in the 90’s had a former 9er QB under center and I hope it happens for them again. Best of luck Alex!

  6. Being a life long 49er fan, I don’t think I’ve attached to a player as much as I have Alex Smith. He’s a guy you want to root for, and wish the best for.

    That being said I like what the Chiefs are doing, and I’m a fan with Alex Smith being at the helm. May they neet the 49ers at the Superbowl. Heres wishing you guys the best!

  7. As an admitted 49er fanatic I have followed Alex every step of the way and will always support the guy. You know he is a competitor and is a starter. He was made the scape goat by many but always kept his cool and kept about his craft in his own quiet way. I wish him nothing but the best in K.C. The Chiefs will improve !

  8. IN 8 seasons, he has played 16 games only twice. Get ready for your closeup Chase.

  9. If I were the donkeys er I mean Broncos I wouldn’t be taking these guys for granted. They have a young nucleus and they are loading up.

  10. I’m a long time chiefs fan and I’m not going to celebrate jut yet but I am excited for this season. I would love to sign Sean smith and finish legitimizing our secondary so we can defend the donkeys new receiving corp.


  11. Since when does Andy Reid’s claim that [insert qb’s name her ] is his starter put a stop to speculation that [insert qb’s name here] could take the job? Since he wears red instead of green?

  12. I think KC is my new favorite AFC team. As a 49er fan I have nothing but great respect for Smith considering all he’s gone through since being the #1 draft pick years ago.

  13. Your money will buy a lot more house, as well.
    Get some acreage outside the city.
    You’ll like it…

  14. Can’t wait for next season, with all the stories and changes, it will be exciting!
    Good luck to Smith! He’s a class act and I wish him well!

  15. I will miss Alex Smith!! He will always be a niner in my book… The man has heart and he did it for us for 8 years!! Through Ups and downs he was a good person! On and off the field! I’m glad for his recent success and I wish him the best! Thank you very much Alex Smith

  16. Niner fan that is so happy for Alex. He had way to much crap out here to put up with. I am glad he will get a chance to perform and I believe he will do very well. I am a Chief fan for the AFC.

  17. KC should still draft a QB, I know Alex Smith is not the long term solution, he is a fill-in stop gap til management finds a Franchise QB. I understand the optimism coming from KC since they had to watch Cassel the last 4 yrs, anything is an upgrade at QB. KC should look at Playoff/Superbowl teams and realize its unlikely to win with a game manager at QB.

  18. odawg then how would you explain Trent Dilfer winning a super bowl he wasnt even good enough to be called a game manager and yeah lets throw away the 1st over all pick and over draft a QB and by the way every QB is a game manager

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