Alexander says Redskins changed their offer at last minute


New Cardinals linebacker Lorenzo Alexander didn’t necessarily want to leave the Redskins, but said he felt he had no choice when his old team changed their offer at the last minute.

Alexander told David Elfin of 106.7 The Fan that the Redskins went from offering $2.6 million in guarantees on a three-year deal to $1.4 million Monday, which made him take another look at his loyalty.

“I was ready to sign back with the Redskins on Monday night, but it wound up not being close at all,” Alexander said. “They were offering $2.6 [million guaranteed] with an overall contract of $7.5 million over three years. The next day, they called back and said they would only guarantee $1.4 [million] of that. Dropping more than a million dollars overnight without any reason, I couldn’t take that money out of my kids’ mouths. Based on everything I’ve done [for] this organization, doing everything the right way, it was just a bad way to treat me.

“I understand the business, but, . . . it didn’t sit right at all with me.”

A Redskins spokesman denied that, saying Alexander’s “statement is not true.”

But the cow’s out of the barn now, as Alexander signed a three-year deal with the Cardinals worth $9.5 million, with $3 million in guarantees.

“They were there from the beginning,” Alexander said of the Cardinals. “They really wanted me. They were head and shoulders above most teams financially other than San Francisco where I would have played mostly on special teams.

“The Cardinals have already kind of pegged me in a starting role which is very exciting for me. I’ll be a linebacker that helps out on special teams instead of special teams being my bread and butter. It’s going to allow me to grow as a player. I won’t be tired when I’m on defense.”

And even if he is, he’ll be able to rest easier knowing he’s working for someone who values him more highly.

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  1. Well it’s more then most of us will earn in 10 Years,I understand his reasoning unlike Flacco or another Ultra paid player every 100,000 does count.

  2. Lorenzo Alexander was a cornerstone of the special teams and a class act on and off the field. Shame on the Bruce Allen for trying to lowball him at the last minute.

    Good luck Lorenzo. You will be missed!

  3. Seems like a great guy from all of the moans I’ve read from Redskins fans. Glad the Cards picked him up.

    Now, about that QB and OL…

  4. “I couldn’t take that money out of my kids’ mouths”…

    And this is why I hate professional athletes. I love the game, but the players need to get a dose of reality.

  5. Not sure you should be putting money in your kids’ mouths. Try putting it in mutual funds instead! Good luck in Arizona.

  6. those sneaky redskins, no wonder why they havent been relavent since ronald reagan was in office

  7. Can’t blame the guy…because you really can trust these owners nowadays! Just ask Welker.

  8. Definitely will miss you, Lorenzo, and I understand the financial part. But you know as well as anyone how strapped the Skins are due to league corruption. Money isn’t everything. The ‘Skins are on the way up and will be perpetual contenders over the next couple of years. Arizona … isn’t.

    Enjoy the money and I hope you don’t get frustrated with, your contract aside, one of the cheapest franchises in the NFL and a team that has only made a small handful of playoff appearances in 80 years. Wish you had decided to stay.

  9. Sad to see him leave but I’m happy for him. One of the most underrated players in the league.

  10. Wow, shocking a team that will barely be able to sign their draft picks, take an offer off the table for a special teamer. As classy and hard working of a player he is, he’s not even near a starter on that defense. A player that would get beat often in coverage, a guy who is a “plug and play” guy. I’m not at all shocked that the Redskins are letting him go. If he has a shot to start in Arizona he sure as heck deserves to go to them. Loved him in Washington, but he would never be more than used in a reserve role and the key to their special team unit. Good luck in arizona, really hope it works out for the guy.

  11. Your last comment is completely unfair and a BS statement. The skins valued LoRax and held him in high regard. Re-signing him was a priority but thanks to $18m in cap penalties again this year and with roughly $3m under the cap they had no choice. They need a starting S, a starting CB, a Nickel and something left overtl sign draft picks. What exactly were they supposed to do when they have 4 starting LB’s with Keenan Robinson and Rob Jackson spelling the OLB and ILB relief?

  12. Dropping more than a million dollars overnight without any reason, I couldn’t take that money out of my kids’ mouths.


    Yet another NFL player that believes currency constitutes a healthy diet for children.

  13. Ugh! Brutal loss. This absurd cap penalty is so irrational and profoundly massive that we cannot even keep our somewhat cheap players….nevertheless sign a guy to plug a hole. If we were not in this position we would have NEVER let him go, true workhouse that greatly outperformed his draft stock and evolved into a solid producer for us. Man this just sucks…. Maybe we screwed up, but 36M…jesh…

  14. Why can’t anyone just leave gracefully anymore. Its a GD shame when Meangelo Hall is the only one that leaves quietly.

    Lets see, they have no safeties, corners need OL help and they have a backup linebacker who excels on special teams who is gonna make 10x what a rookie replacement will. Hmmmm Let me think?


  15. If he would have accepted the offer initially he was fine. Don’t blame the redskins because you chose to wait.

  16. Unfortunately he is still going to be tired because he will always be on the field! The offense is terrible. Have done nothing to improve it. Replacing B. Wells with Mendenhall does nothing. Stanton is not better than Kolb. The offensive line is still the same which is really bad at best. I am the biggest Cardinals fan out there but lets face it. Defense will be worn slap out again.

  17. That’s what you get when you deal with a minor league organization. Broken promises and broken quarterbacks

  18. “They were head and shoulders above most teams financially other than San Francisco where I would have played mostly on special teams.”

    – “now i can start on a bad team.”

  19. Real sad to see him go. He’s an amazing person off the field and the best special teamer you can find, a real team player. Fact is, I’d rather see Rob Jackson out there getting picks, sacks and forcing fumbles. Zo is the man but Rob Jackson is a better LB. Maybe even better than Rak.

  20. I love Zo as well but c’mon, it’s a business and its about the market. One cant expect his market value to be much higher for being awesome in the community. But all his hard work is paying off, it’s not perfect but hey, it’s pretty damn good!
    I mean, it sounds like a pretty good deal for a back up/special teamer.

    I can’t believe he considered staying. AZ offered:
    – 2mil more overall
    – 1mil more guaranteed (initially)
    – a starting role

    That’s a couple million for his kid’s mouth.

    Good luck Zo, I hope you come back to DC when after your career.

  21. I appreciate all that Lorenzo gave to the organization and he’s been a wonderful leader and good player for us that was amazingly versatile.

    However, I can’t feel sorry for Lorenzo or buy into his “woe is me” first part concerning how “he was treated”. Lorenzo waited to see what others would offer while other guys, like Darrel Young and Logan Paulsen, were taking extensions and guys like Santana Moss was working on potential pay cuts. So by the time he decided to make a move, the team had less money.

    Why was money an issue? Because of the Salary Cap hit the league placed upon the Redskins because they decided to act WITHIN THE RULES. A cap penalty that Lorenzo came out and openly endorsed and supported last year when it was handed down. To me, it’s a bit of Karma. Had the cap penalty that Lorenzo supported not been levied on the Redskins the chances are he’d still BE a Redskin.

  22. I wouldn’t lump Alexander in with the Latrell Sprewell’s of the world. Yes he makes great money to play a game. However, incrementally, $1.5 million more guaranteed and $2 million over the three years means a hell of a lot more to Alexander’s financial security than Drew Brees or Joe Flacco. Alexander has one chance in his life to take advantage of a golden opportunity. I’m not sure how anyone can fault him for that, particularly when the Redskins pulled their offer.

  23. Once Fletcher made it clear he’s coming back, Alexander’s time was due… Good solid guy wish him the best. Hope the old man stays healthy all season next year!

  24. Sounds like the Skins initial offer was very reasonable. Congrats on squeezing out a couple more million with a lesser team. Hope it works out.

    Does he understand the ridiculous cap situation the Skins have right now?

  25. 2.6 to 1.4 is alot of money I admit but don’t give the fan fans and the like that bull Zo. If u wanted to stay you would’ve.God speed the cards are abysmally laughable

  26. We will miss you Zo. Big time. Nfl raw dogge us at the wrong time. But brother, you are gonna be REAL tired while u are on the field for 40+ minutes a game.

  27. Business is business. It’s not personal. Sorry Zo that you took it that way. Shanahan said that this was his last pay day and if he’s offered more money he is obligated to take it and he did and good for him. Given that, I have doubts that this negotiation went down the way it did according to Zo. Think about it. Zo is a fan favorite, he doesn’t want the fans to think he bolted for cash. A story like this allows him to be painted as the victim. The best thing is that there are enough fools on this board to buy it.

  28. One thing to note, the way the Skins have been negotiating contracts since Shanahan/Allen have taken over is a lot different than the way they used to with Cerrato. S/A are a lot more fair and understanding of the players than Cerrato was. Cerrato never cared about the players after he signed them. Cerrato paid more money but that doesn’t necessarily mean that was always in the best interest of the player and often it wasn’t.

  29. Good for him. I’ll give him his special teams due, but it’s not like he was all that great at linebacker. The Skins defense was pretty abysmal. You can bargain shop for the 2.5 sacks and one fumble recovery he brings to the table.

  30. For a guy that’s been willing to play any position they ask, gain weight, lose weight, play special teams, and do it all at a high level, I would have thought they they would realized that he’s one of the most important players on the team and he wasn’t commanding much money. Instead they forced him to leave by insulting him. This one will sting when I’m watching our special teams blow tackles without him next year.

  31. the cards have a much better defense than the redskins do, so maybe he just wanted to be a part of a unit that wasn’t ranked near the bottom

  32. Late on this one, but here’s my two cents: Zo was a great player for the Redskins–weight loss/gain to change positions. Never heard of a player doing it as much as he did. However, if he wanted to come back to the Redskins, then why didn’t he just accept the initial offer? He was trying to hold out and get the Redskins and Zona into a mini bidding war for his services. Well Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan are not Cerrato and Zorn. Regardless of how much a player has done, they’re not going to be held to the fire and over spend on a player who’s main contribution is special teams and backup LB. And I think he’s over 30. It’s not good P.R. to lose a player like taht, but it is good business. Sorry to see him go, but happy with the decisions that are being made at Redskins’ park.

  33. Cards fans you are getting a great player and a class act, and as a Skins fan I hate to see him go. Big REN was great for the Skins, no matter where he played and I can’t blame him for wanting at least 2.6 mill guaranteed. The NFL stands for Not For Long because you never know what play could be your last play. And to know that the Cards offered him 3 mill guaranteed and a total contract offer of 2 mill more than the Skins was an offer he couldn’t refuse. I wish you the best of luck Big Ren!

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