All quiet on the Sean Smith front

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Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith entered free agency with the perception that he has plenty of suitors.

As the second day of free agency comes to a conclusion, there’s no evidence of anyone seriously chasing him.  No offers, no visits.  Nothing.

Of course, that’s a common dynamic for free-agent cornerbacks.  Apart from Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s decision to sign for a year and try it all over again in 2014 (possibly after winning a Super Bowl), the cornerback market has been slow.

Some think that teams are waiting to see what does, or doesn’t, happen with Darrelle Revis.  One source with knowledge of negotiating tactics explains that multiple teams have expressed a desire to wait until the weekend and go bargain shopping.

At a certain point, whispers of collusion will emerge.  With the exception of the Dolphins and their compelling need to sell tickets and buy votes on an upcoming stadium referendum, who is spending significant amounts in free agency on multiple players?

The salary cap was put in place to prevent teams from spending like the Red Sox and the Yankees.  With the only two teams still inclined to do that struggling with cap issues (the Redskins and the Cowboys), enough teams are exercising restraint that at a certain point it will appear to be institutional.

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  1. The only other team that would get nailed for “not” doing something wrong is the Eagles, because they are the lone NFC East team the Giants haven’t had the league punish… yet. So I don’t see punishment coming down from anyone for anyone.

  2. Eagles are probably interested but want to see what happens with Revis first. Or it could be the other way around with Smith waiting to see what Revis gets.

  3. In this case it is more likely they watched the film. Would love him back in MIA, just not a the price he somehow got in his head. I always assumed he got the idea he was worth 10 a year because of tampering, but now I think he may just be delusional.

  4. The market is flooded. Everyone is filling other needs, and waiting on CB. Just too many throw-’em-in-a-hat level guys available.

  5. As many sources have commented, this is one of the largest groups of starting caliber veterans available in free agency in the NFL’s history. Larger supply of players, same demand (16 teams) means prices will be lower. The desperate/dumb/need to spend to hit the spending floor teams are spending the big dollars. The smart teams are waiting for the price correction, not colluding.

  6. When fans pay for a stadium all the taxpayers should receive a ticket to a regular season game.

  7. Revis is going to set the market. Not sure how long the Bucs are willing to wait, but if it doesn’t go, I suspect they’re going after Smith as the consolation prize. There are multiple options out there but I think everybody realizes the Bucs are going after AT LEAST one CB and they don’t want to be in a bidding war.

  8. I see many teams spending their money unwisely. Unless you have super bowl aspirations (not many teams realistically do), you are better off waiting til draft and saving money til when you do have super bowl chances. Ask Browns fans and Dolphins fans a year from now if these signings are worth it. My guess…no playoffs, a mid round draft pick, and no salary cap room.

  9. Smith is an average corner who wants to get paid like an elite one. For someone that was in a contract year they sure didnt play like it. Too inconsistant and way too many dropped interceptions. Once Sean Smith comes off his high horse and lowers his asking price to the 6 million a year range, only then will we start to see teams interested.

  10. So much for that 5 year deal in the $8 to $10 million range he felt he was worth. Gotta be a guy that makes plays and generates turnovers to get that kind of cabbage, neither of which he does, or has done in Miami. Talks a great game, but pretty sure teams want actual great performance. And even the best aren’t getting close to that. It looks to be around $5 million per for CB’s and there are plenty on the market. Mr. Smith would be wise to grab the first multiple year offer he gets anywhere near that figure and be very happy. His play simply doesn’t warrant any kind of big FA deal.

  11. Not the definition of collusion. Teams just being smarter about managing their salary caps long term that’s all.

  12. They’re all just allowing the market to get desperate. DRC is the first and a few will follow by signing in places they think they can succeed on short term deals. Then the desperate teams will overpay for a few guys that are searching for the cash.

    Market will be bone dry by the weekend.

  13. “With the exception of the Dolphins and their compelling need to sell tickets and buy votes on an upcoming stadium referendum, who is spending significant amounts in free agency on multiple players?”

    Lions, Colts, Bucs, Rams, Seahawks, Broncos,

  14. Lot of hype on this dude but I really didn’t hear of him till he became a free agent.. Maybe it’s the team.. Or he’s inconsistent like dolphins fans say..

  15. At a certain point, whispers of collusion will emerge. With the exception of the Dolphins and their compelling need to sell tickets and buy votes on an upcoming stadium referendum, who is spending significant amounts in free agency on multiple players? — Seriously? I think you’re just upset with Omar Kelly for jumping the gun.

  16. Smith is 6’4″ 218 pounds and he may as well be 150 pounds. He can’t tackle or hit and is as soft as cotton. If that isn’t bad enough, he also has terrible hands.

  17. Good god, we’re 2 days into free agency. Even Chicken Little wouldn’t say the sky is falling…

  18. Do you have some sort of quota you need to meet for how many times you need to mention the possibility of collusion or conspiracies?

    I think it’s much more obvious that teams are trying to be responsible with their salary cap because they see how many issues some traditionally strong teams, such as the Steelers, are having.

  19. I know this is hard for Glorious to understand, but not everything is a conspiracy. It just might be that the new cba (coupled with obvious and progressing improvement of college players being nfl ready) is having the desired effects the owners fought for. And if the players don’t like it, they should keep it in mind the next cba go-around.

  20. Florio, give it up. You LOVE to beat that collusion drum and we’re pretty sick of your lips being to tightly (and at times, obviously) stuck to the union’s butt.

  21. I think this kid will be very good on a different team. He has the size and skills to be scary. I think Denver will be a good fit.

  22. Collusion?

    They have a salary cap. You can’t have collusion when you have a salary cap. That’s the purpose of the cap.

    Just report the news and leave your analyst hat at home.

  23. He isn’t anything special so why would anyone come rushing for him? We had to watch him last year miss receivers. He should have gone with Vontae when he went.

  24. Sean Smith is not a good cover corner. His best chance of defending a pass is a bad pass. He doesn’t adjust to the ball well at all to make a play on it. With his size he should hit like a linebacker, but he hits like a cheerleader. He doesn’t run through the ball carrier. Sean likes to wrap with his arms and try to drag the ball carrier down. NFL teams see everything I just said on film. They will be willing to sign Sean to short term deal and use him as a nickel back and try to develop him more. Sean has the physical tools to be an every down corner but he has to change his mind-set and get off his high horse…

  25. He is big and can cover well until his back gets turned. That causes him to back off and give up a lot of short completions. He can get his hands on the ball but he catches less than 20% of what he should. He gets lost in zone coverage and is simply not worth what he wants

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