Bill Polian changes his tune on Reggie Bush

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Two days ago, former NFL General Manager Bill Polian said he didn’t think running back Reggie Bush was worth much in free agency. Today, after Bush signed with the Lions, Polian changed his tune.

Appearing on ESPN’s NFL Live, Polian was asked which of today’s free agent signings he liked the best, and he said Bush to Detroit will be a game changer.

“I like Reggie Bush,” Polian said. “And what it tells you is they’re going to be the Greatest Show on Turf. Think Marshall Faulk — because that’s the kind of back he really is.”

Polian, of course, is the man who traded Faulk from Indianapolis to St. Louis and allowed the Rams to build the Greatest Show on Turf offense. It’s a little strange to hear Polian use a player he traded away as the basis for comparison when singing the praises of another player whose value Polian was just minimizing two days ago. But it got even stranger.

Two days ago, Polian said of Bush, “He’s not a three-down back anymore. He’s got seven years in, that’s a lot of shelf life for a running back. He’s had injuries. He’s not a great blocker.”

Today, Polian said of Bush, “He’ll be a three-down back, there’s no two ways about it, because he can come out of the backfield in that spread that they use any time, and a quarterback will find him. He can run those choice routes. He can run the draw. He can do all of those things and he adds explosion to an offense that already had some.”

Why did Polian change his tune? Who knows? But Lions fans will have to hope Bill Polian on Wednesday was right, and Bill Polian on Monday was wrong.

37 responses to “Bill Polian changes his tune on Reggie Bush

  1. Ha. I wish I could make statements in my job and then 2 days later just tell everyone the complete opposite thing.

  2. While Polian is quite senile at this point he did have Edgerrin James in Indy. You should only take your shots on points that are valid.

  3. Bill is (or maybe was?) a football genius, but he’s always been able to talk out of both sides of his mouth. Not necessarily a bad thing for a GM, but promoting his son Chris led to his ultimate downfall in Indy.

  4. I think people are finally starting to realize that Bill Polian has been highly overrated and having Peyton Manning for a decade is the only reason he’s gained a positive reputation.

  5. What was Domenik saying about Grigson the other day? “You got the first pick in the draft – you’re a genius for ten years” or something?

    Sounds like it applies to Polian too

  6. Forget what Polian says.
    What the Lions get is a classy guy. Screens and swing passes, he’ll light it up. Fans will enjoy him a lot and as a Dolphin fan I’ll kiss him terribly and thank him for all the fond memories.

  7. Both Polian and Parcells are dinosaurs whose relevancy ended about the same time GM killed The Oldsmobile. He let his son nepotistically run down the Colts either without a clue as to what was happening, or even worse, for the sake of keeping him employed.

    What’s likely occurred here is that someone with more contemporary expertise advised him to preemptively revise his first opinion for the sake of future credibility because once Reggie is successful (as he will be) Polian’s first damning judgment will continue to stalk him and his “expertise” like vaporized stench.

  8. Now that we know exactly where he’s going he is trying to say that Bush will be a 3 down back in THEIR offense because they pass on a 60% to 65% of their plays and don’t force it between the tackles. As he is not a current GM and was looking from a general point of view at the time, it was accurate of him to say that he would not be an everydown back because he probably wouldn’t be on a majority of teams.

  9. Greatest Show on Turf? Maybe. But a Megatron and Sound Wave show for sure (i.e. send Reggie in to survey how Calvin can destroy the defense).

  10. This is the most annoying thing when reading sports. Everyone freaking player is a “TOP 5 of their position” until they’re not then all of a sudden “They’re washed up.” Then a few days later or the next season they’re “Top 5 position” again.

    None of these guys have actual opinions or any backup to support their stance. Just all fluff and not a clue about what they’re talking about.

  11. Nice back peddle Polian. I like this signing by the Lions. Reggie Bush will be another option in the backfield. Something that was sorely missing last season. Well done Mr Mayhew.

  12. It’s really looking like the talking heads at ESPN and NFLN are TOLD what their opinions are at any given time and they go in front of the camera and push the agenda. The opinions shift based on whatever the bosses think will generate more views/page clicks/attention.

  13. Greatest show on turf scored 11 points in the NFC Championship game against the Bucs and needed the refs to hand them victory. Greatest fraud on earth would have been more like it. Also Kurt Warner’s wife looks like Mrs. Papadapolis – look it up if you don’t get the reference.

  14. Polian just lost a ton of credibility in my book. and ESPN for allowing him to be such a hypocrite. Calling him out on it would make for better discussion/TV also.

  15. Polian had nothing against Faulk, he just thought it would be cheaper to bring in a rookie. He was wrong, but it was a sound theory.

    And he didn’t change his tune about Bush. Bush just went to the one team that could use him as a three down player. He wouldn’t be on the field nearly as much if he had signed with any other team.

    But yeah, obviously a writer for an internet site and some fans know more than the guy that built teams that went to what, 6 Super Bowls?

  16. This is the guy who suggested to Irsay in 04 to trade Manning. They then win Super Bowl shortly thereafter. Surprised he kept his job.

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