Broncos add linebacker Stewart Bradley

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There have been reports of varying veracity today, which go back and forth before they are confirmed.

This one, we feel good about sharing.

Broncos boss John Elway just tweeted that his team had signed linebacker Stewart Bradley to a one-year deal.

Bradley was released by the Cardinals earlier this month, after they realized they gave him a horrible contract two years ago.

The Broncos won’t have the same kind of financial exposure, but they did add a solid depth player, who apparently is into Cirque du Soleil, judging by this picture.

7 responses to “Broncos add linebacker Stewart Bradley

  1. Flavor Dave, please don’t comment saying the eagles are going to be amazing… Good record the past two years for the dream team?

  2. Did ZERO in Arizona. Throw him on the (Todd) heap of players Cardinals wasted $$ on.

  3. This move does not exactly shock the world. He was a really good player out of Penn State but after the tear he isnt the same. Can get crushed in coverage.

  4. Is the one on the right pregnant? If so, let’s start a collection for that kid, he/she is going to need it.

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