Bucs still waiting for Jets to pull trigger on Revis trade


It’s now clear that, as we reported Tuesday, the Buccaneers are the one team that currently wants to trade for cornerback Darrelle Revis.

It remains unclear why the Jets have yet to pull the trigger.

Though some continue to insist that the deal still has too many moving parts, there’s a growing belief that the only remaining issue is whether the Jets will take what the Bucs are offering.  As to the compensation for Revis, the suspicion is that the Bucs and the player’s agents have worked out the terms discreetly.

Sure, it’s tampering.  But it happens more often than anyone admits, league office memos be damned.  And if the Jets want to get this trade accomplished, it’s necessary.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports now writes that Buccaneers management is “fully on board” with the move, news that in all candor should have been presumed to be obvious in light of the fact that the Bucs want to trade for Revis.  Cole also writes that the price “for a star player” was set by the deal that sent Percy Harvin to the Seahawks.  As we reported on Tuesday, however, there are real differences between the Harvin and Revis situations.

The maximum pick the Bucs will surrender is, currently, a second-round pick in 2013 or a first-round selection in 2014.  More than that, and the Bucs will explore other options, possibly starting with Falcons cornerback Brent Grimes.

But it will be hard for new Jets G.M. John Idzik to accept less, especially with his predecessor declaring that Revis should yield the same package as Harvin.  Taking a job in a town with a hyperactive media can induce paralysis, and this will be Idzik’s first (and possibly biggest) test as to whether he can shut out the noise and make the right move.

If he doesn’t move soon, there will be plenty of noise throughout upcoming year, because the Jets’ 2013 will be less about the team and more about the Darrelle Revis farewell tour.

48 responses to “Bucs still waiting for Jets to pull trigger on Revis trade

  1. I wonder who the Jets will waste the pick(s) on?

    Always a a fun and often hilarious event, the Jets making a draft pick. I suspect they’ll use it to move up to #1 for Collin Klein.

  2. Tampa should rescind the offer and leave the Jets in salary cap hell. There are no other suitors and this is the best offer you are going to get. If you overvalued your position, you’re going to have to get over it. Morons from top to bottom in that organization.

  3. Atta boy mark dominik! This is how u run a team! Add Goldson to team with Barron and have the hardest hitting safety’s in the league, then take a chance on revis who is healthy is arguably the best corner in the league, even if the jets don’t pull the trigger, this makes me happy to be a bucs fan, seeing our GM not sit still, and trying to make this team better with smart moves! Go bucs and keep it up mark!

  4. not a Bucs fan, but if they do get Revis and he is back to pre-acl injury play, watch out for the Bucs, well if Freeman can take his game to another level

  5. Bad time for the Jets to trade a corner. It’s a buyers market out there, lots of solid guys out there, no one like Revis, but you could get two or even three guys for the price of Revis, excluding the draft picks. If they overplay their hand they might end up gettting a worse deal. Take the 2nd this year or 1st next year, I don’t see them doing better.

  6. I am sorry, but Revis is NOT the difference-maker Harvin is. Not even close and absolutely ridiculous to compare the two players.

  7. With Revis coming off a ACL he is worth a 2nd and a 3rd, maybe another 2nd. He is not worth a 1st round pick because of the injury, the Jets need to see this. And his contract should make him highest paid man in the league in the secondary, not highest paid defensive player. D linrman are more valuable.

  8. Give up a 2nd round pick this year and a 2nd next year. That should be enough to get Revis.

    Id even throw in legarrett blount now that shonn greene is a Titan.

  9. Idzik John wants to take his time with this decision. So he has gone on retreat to a remote location, where he can chant and dance naked with face paint. Then cook grubs and berries over a fire he started by banging two rocks together.

  10. Ill pull a quote out of the archives from the mighty ducks that describes Revis and the Jets perfectly:
    “Your not even a has- been, your a never- will- be.”

  11. “Sure, it’s tampering. But it happens more often than anyone admits, league office memos be damned.”

    Hmm…and yet the Saints got slammed for a bounty the league still hasn’t disclosed full evidence on…


  12. If any position need wheels it’s the c.b. ..Think about it. Now the Jets seem to be questioning their own decision making ability ? Not a bad idea in light of their recent string of not so great moves. The guy doesn’t want to be a Jet but the Jets hang on for the right deal or “no deal”. In light of what has gone on in F.A. I would wait and put the ball in Revis’s corner to demonstrate he is 100%.

  13. Cags777 is right. Revis-Three time All Pro, Defensive Player of the Year, ranked 5th best player by nfl network poll, shut down corner,etc. He’s certainly no Harvin. Who was a pro bowler ONCE, as a returner. Sweet commentary Cags.

  14. And there is still the injury issue. If the trade offer and future pick(s) are contingent on Revis being able to play in 2013 at a certain amount/level……?

    This is more complicated and may take a bit of time to decide. What is the hurry for Jets? Big move. Big Deal.

  15. The Bucs were absent from free agency for the three years prior to last, we actually have 30 million in cap space, we also have a injured player who unfortanetly will not return, and a cb making too much money for his worth and a clause in his contract, upon release sending a to a whopping 41 million in cap space, our Gm is legit, he knows how to do a contract.

  16. The Bucs are offering to take Revis’ salary in exchange for a conditional tenth round draft pick in 2016.

  17. I like the thought of having DR in the secondary but dont like giving up the house for him when we have no pass rush to help him out. We could have Deion in his prime, Revis, Ed Reed and J Lynch back there and with no improvement up front those guys wouldn’t be able to stop Breeze or Ryan from throwing all over us!

  18. I kinda think that is what our defense is becoming, with the amount if blitz packages they have, to me atleast it looks as if they only need their D Line to occupy lineman and allow the blitzer to take the sac, this didn’t work last year with a crappy secondary

  19. Bucs began cleaning up and dumping salaries after getting into cap-hell in order to win the SB in 2002. They just remained cheap longer than needed and were tricked into thinking they could remain cheap and build young a few years ago (3-13 proved them SO, SO WRONG).

    They’ve had money to spend in terms of cap space for the last decade. They had cap space left over after last years spending spree.

    As to Revis specifically, assuming he’s healthy (that’s one big-ass IF), he’s absolutely worth it. We’ve now got two absolutely bad-ass safeties to cover or assist on the deep coverage (speed receivers), Revis eliminates the best receiver with coverage. He approaches the game like a QB, studying film of all the recent games of all the receivers, learning their speed, tendencies and “tells”.

    Everybody is saying things like “Goldson can’t cover” and/or “Revis isn’t that fast”. Revis needs to COVER (knock down balls, prevent receptions) and the safeties need to provide deep cover and INTERCEPTIONS. The personelle being added are EXACTLY what the Bucs need/want.

    This is not the Eagles adding a bunch of players with near-random skill sets that don’t fit together in a scheme that doesn’t exist. The Bucs have a scheme and they’re filling it with the correct talent (which they didn’t have last year).

  20. I would take a healthy Brent Grimes and keep the draft picks. Plus Revis wants that last big payday save the money and fill other holes, like backup qb, tight end with speed, pass rusher & kickoff returner to name a few!

  21. I have no idea what the right price is for Revis under all the described circumstances. I do feel confident, however, that the Jets will do something utterly stupid.

    My wife thinks it has something to do with Mercury transiting through Scorpio or something like that. I think it’s more about mercury in the New Jersey drinking water.

  22. hey swagjag you’re a moron if you think a future hall of fame cb at only 27 years old is worth only a 2nd round pick. eat poop!

  23. The Jets have no choice. Because if they keep Revis, he’ll be a distraction all year. Then he’ll take off next year to a rival and Jets end up with absolutely nothing.

    Yeah I agree that Revis is worth more than the Bucs are offering. But what choice do the Jets have? There is no other team bidding.

  24. Mar 13, 2013 10:47 PM

    really a second rounder?! Thats all! F-that. Signed a jets fan

    If the Jets dont trade him they will get nothing after he plays next year on a very bad Jets team.The Jets wont even make the playoffs next year so what good is it to keep him for one more year and pay him over $10 Mil.And he is coming off an ACL.You better take what you can get Jet fans after another team screw up.Sorry,it’s the truth.

  25. all of you jet haters need to stop and think the jets have 15-16 mil under the cap they are not in cap hell as some of you idiots think. if you think that they are going to trade revis for a 3rd or 2nd rounder and that’s it you people need to get a grip. for the record they are not losing all there players they didn’t want resign anybody they are getting younger and rebuilding. and there is no way possible they trade revis for anything less than a 1st and couple of 3rds. if they wanted too they would just resign him CAUSE THEY HAVE THE CAP ROOM now. keep on hating because your team never rebuilt right

  26. The problem the Jets have is that everyone knows they aren’t peddling an all pro CB, they’re peddling their problem. Revis is great. He’s also a guy who holds out when he’s still got two years left on his contract and insists on extracting every penny he can get.

    It’s not a question of what you trade for him, it’s a question of whether you want to carry that contract. He’s out with an ACL and he can only shut down one side of the field at his best. The Jets need a rebuild, not an expensive all pro at one position and everyone knows that. That’s why it’s hard to trade Revis for serious draft picks. Anyone who gives up draft picks for a one year contract is crazy, so you have to negotiate a long term deal with the guy and negotiating an expensive long term deal with a guy who’s hurt and doesn’t really want to honor more than the first two years of the deal is tricky.

  27. @dmgkm It’s not what I think. It’s what the market thinks. It’s what’s on the table. If you have a better offer, you take it. You don’t have one. Deal with it. Everyone knows the Jets situation. They HAVE to move him. There is no leverage. Don’t hate on me. Hate on Tannenbaum.

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