Chiefs trying to trade Matt Cassel, may cut him today if they can’t


Matt Cassel won’t be a Chief for much longer, but the question in Kansas City is whether the team can get anything for the quarterback.

NFL Network reports that the Chiefs are trying to trade Cassel, who became expendable when the Chiefs formally acquired Alex Smith in a trade with the 49ers. As we noted yesterday, the Vikings, Buccaneers and Cardinals have all shown some interest in Cassel, and it’s possible that one of them would give up a late-round pick to acquire him.

Of course, no team would be willing to give up anything for Cassel unless they first work out an agreement to dramatically reduce the $7.5 million base salary on the contract that the Chiefs signed him to when they decided to overpay him after one good year with the Patriots. And the teams interested in Cassel may just figure they can hold off on offering anything for him in a trade because he’ll become a free agent at some point this offseason, as the Chiefs are obviously going to cut him.

So, while Andy Reid was a master at trading backup quarterbacks in Philadelphia, he probably won’t be able to repeat that feat in Kansas City.

And, according to NFL Network, if the Chiefs don’t find any takers in a trade, they could cut him as soon as today.

23 responses to “Chiefs trying to trade Matt Cassel, may cut him today if they can’t

  1. Reid should keep him. Smiths arm will fall off by a week 4 from throwing 60 times a game.

  2. Though it would suck for Brady to go down… How funny would it be for Cassell to go back to New England and rebuild value while taking the Patriots almost to the playoffs again? Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer’s backup is better than they are.

  3. It’s gonna be difficult to trade him since his value is about a 12th round draft choice and the NFL Draft is only seven rds now…

  4. Another U$C QB bites the dust. U$C is competing with every single Florida school (Miami, UF, FSU, CF, etc) as producing the most useless and overrated QBs.

  5. Good Luck Cassel. You broke our hearts over and over in KC. I wish Pioli had not hired Todd Haley. Maybe things would have worked out better for You. I hope You have better luck down the road.

  6. come make a qb competition in Minny. no way that 7+ mil from Winfield gonna be used on Cassel tho. cut that salary and then some teams will be talkin

  7. If Boldin was worth a 6th round pick, then Cassel would be worth about a 18th round pick.


    Just love how they start

    You got one sports reporter saying the Chiefs was going to release him before Free agency then you have one that says the Chiefs are going to release him during free agency then you have one reporter saying that if the Chiefs dont trade him by today they are going to release him

    And the person who said it was the people at NFL Network

    So they dont even know whats going on…The Kansas City Chiefs could keep him all the way up to the draft then trade him…

    They have to say these rumors so people will actually view the story.

  9. if he is willing to take backup money the patriots would be smart to bring him back where he thrived under Josh McDaniels and move Ryan Mallett to another team

  10. You know things are bad when the Vikings want you, and for back-up purposes only. The team doesn’t want to bring in anyone with even a hint of a chance of creating a QB controversy.

  11. ytownjoe says:
    Mar 13, 2013 12:54 PM
    Competition for Weeden?

    Fine with that, as long as we get him AFTER the Chiefs cut him. And for cheap.

  12. people forget matt cassell had one really good year with the chiefs too. pro bowl. i think it’s time for him to go somewhere else too. be a solid backup most likely. but people have put way too much blame on him. i think he’s a solid player and in the right system capable of being a starter.

  13. Guy needs a change of scenery in the worst way. The abuse he took from the media and fans in KC had to eat at him, but he always remained professional about it all. The guy got booed at a celebrity softball game for Pete’s sake.

    Don’t know if he’ll ever be starter worthy again, but he’d be one of the better backup QBs in the league wherever he lands. Hard worker, great teammate, pillar in the community, just not talented enough to be a franchise guy.

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