Dustin Keller taking physical, talking terms with Dolphins

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Tight end Dustin Keller’s visit with the Dolphins seems to be progressing well.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Keller is taking a physical at the Dolphins facility on Wednesday afternoon. Assuming everything checks out with Keller, who battled ankle and knee injuries during the 2012 season, the team will talk contract terms with Keller’s agent.

Adding Keller would be a second boon to quarterback Ryan Tannehill a day after the team landed wide receiver Mike Wallace. Keller was always a productive receiver for the Jets when he was healthy, something that’s useful under the best of circumstances but doubly so on an offense as limited as the one the Jets have run throughout Keller’s tenure.

Anthony Fasano, t he Dolphins’ starting tight end in 2012, signed with the Chiefs on Tuesday.

20 responses to “Dustin Keller taking physical, talking terms with Dolphins

  1. If the Phins were trying to up their passing attack so much, why did they let Reggie go?

  2. Hope Miami gets a deal done by tonight.

    Anyone selling out on Dustin Keller, calling him “injury-prone” is a fool.

    Nobody was saying that when he played in every single game throughout his previous 4 seasons with the Jets, nor when he led his team in 2-consecutive seasons (2010-2011), which is saying a lot, considering the fact that the Sanchize was throwing to him.

  3. @theraiderskin Because all he did was cry about wanting to prove himself to be an “every-down back” when he got hear, and then walked out complaining about not being utilized to his “best abilities” like they did in New Orleans.

    He can go prove to be whatever he wants with a team whose best offensive linemen is Matthew Stafford.

    So long, Ray J Bush.

  4. I would have taken Cook but Keller will come at a better price if signed. I remember watching dolphins vs jets games for the last few years and he would tear our defense up especially on 3rd down. A couple years ago people were saying it sucks to be a dolphin fan cas they were the AFC championship, hahaha I would never want to be a fan of that circus. Go Fins

  5. “joemontanawasthegreatest says:
    Mar 13, 2013 4:31 PM
    Chances of the “Sanchize” completing more than 50% of his passes next year without him?”

    That depends. If passes completed to the guys on the other team count, then I’d say he has a good shot!

  6. He’s got some flaws in his game for sure, but Keller is a HUGE upgrade over Fasano. The ability to actually run makes him a weapon which is nice……

  7. Miami added good talent but really overpaid and I’m sure they’ll overpay for Keller. Good receiver but cannot block. gonna miss him but we are rebuilding. It happens

  8. Not my first first choice, but it’ll be interesting to see what a diversionary end, slot receiver and home run hitter, not to mention an up and coming non-panicky QB with a cannon, mobility, mid range accuracy and no happy feet can do for Keller’s productivity

  9. I’ve seen every game he’s played. Not a “great” receiver as some suggest, but is serviceable. Not really that fast either; he doesn’t run away from too many people. Good tight end in the passing game but hardly a game changer. Silly to overpay for such a player so I guess we have to wait and see the numbers.

  10. @jets4gold

    Stop with the overpaying comments… how do you know? Yeah, Wallace got a bundle… he was also the undisputed #1 Free Agent and we got him. Jealous much? Even Revis can’t cover him alone… oops, you might not even have Revis left by the time I get done writing this.

    BTW- Thanks for Dustin Keller (a major upgrade from Fasano). You can have our rejects- Garrard, Hilliard and Clyde Gates from our losing seasons.

  11. Nobody really knows if any of these moves will make the Dolphins a playoff contender. Ireland still has to nail of couple drafts.

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