ESPN announces Ray Lewis hire

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On Tuesday, the Ravens lost multiple key players.

On Wednesday, ESPN officially trotted out former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis as an employee, to talk about the players the Ravens have lost.

The hire officially has been announced, and he’s already on air talking about how the Ravens will proceed without him and Anquan Boldin and Paul Kruger and Dannell Ellerbe.

But forget about objectivity from Ray when it comes to the Ravens.  “It’s not as if I’m not gonna be around that program, to always be around to help them in whatever way I can,” Lewis said on the air moments ago.

He’ll specifically be around ESPN on Monday nights during football season.  Lewis, per ESPN, will join the on-site desk, with Stuart Scott, Steve Young, and Trent Dilfer.

Lewis also will make appearances on Sunday NFL Countdown, contribute once per week to ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning, and Lewis will “have the opportunity to host specials similar to Jon Gruden’s QB Camp series.”

The arrangement is good news for Cris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson.  It was believed that, with Lewis and possibly Tony Gonzalez joining ESPN as full-time Sunday contributors, the C+Key Music Factory would be shown the door.

It also means that Lewis will be able to attend most if not all of his son’s games at the University of Miami on Saturdays, and then to head to the site of the Monday night game.

50 responses to “ESPN announces Ray Lewis hire

  1. If ESPN has any humor whats so ever, they will pair Lewis and Skip Bayless on the same set for a show.

  2. In a completely unrelated story, ESPN has announced that employees are no longer permitted to bring steak or butter knives into work.

  3. So Lewis officially joins Chris Brown, Mike Tyson, and Michael Vick in the “I don’t care what he’s done in the past we’re gonna shove him down your throat until you accept him back” grouping.
    Lucky us.

  4. I get really tired of all the hate around Ray. Yes the guy was involved in withholding information about his friends in a murder trial. Which those friends where found innocent of murder anyways. Keep in mind the men killed weren’t exactly Boy Scouts. Anyone that takes time to research the case knows the State’s case was weak and it was a DA’s office looking for high profile publicity.

    Since then Ray Lewis has not been a perfect man but we’ve never seen him get into any other criminal issues. He’s inspired other players to be better and learn from his mistakes. Should he always be haunted by ATL when he’s done so much good for the betterment of others?

    Sometimes you got to get over it and let the hate go away.

  5. Why do they continue to hire incoherent former players who struggle with the English language?

  6. The only time I’ll watch ESPN anymore is if there is no other choice for the program I want to watch and when possible I’ll use a radio feed for audio.

  7. Great ESPN! Maybe they could contract Ray Carruth out and have a show called the Ray Ray Show. It could be a show about how and how not to be convicted of murder.

  8. Oh look. The do-gooders are out in force again.

    Marvel at their perfection. They are so smart and brave.

    Man, you people must really have issues in your own life to take so many stabs at Ray…

    Wait… Meh, whatever… 52 is HOF bound.

  9. Lol at all the “Lewis is a murderer” Jibberish Y’all sound real retarded..and I know 90% is from SteelerNation. You Homers know if we signd Lewis instead of The Ratbirds he’d be “The best MLB Ever” and trust me..Lewis didn’t just go up to 2 RANDOM dudes and kill um..Infact he didn’t kill nobody with his OWN hands..So just like Ratbird fans always tryna blame Ben for a “Rape” that didn’t happen..y’all sound just as REDICULOUS tryna blame this dude for murders he didn’t commit.

  10. Wow RayRay…judging by the comments here, I’d say you’re really gonna make a splash at ESPN. I didn’t think MNF with Dr. Eyeball and company could get any worse but I stand corrected!

  11. tgifcarterthefourththefifth says: Mar 13, 2013 10:55 AM

    Get over the double-murder BS and learn the facts about the case and grow up.


    you mean the facts that he hid, destroyed, and covered up evidence, then bought his way to a lesser charge?

  12. If only OJ wasn’t in jail,ESPN could bring him on board. That would make 2 murderers involved with MNF. Sorry,but I think they are both guilty. What little respect I had left for ESPN is gone. They are making the NFL Network look good.

  13. He should wear the elusive, bloody, white suit he wore the night he stabbed his homeboys to death, on the first MNF broadcast. ESPN might also want to run some kind of close captioning that translates his hyperbole to some sort of reasonable human language.

  14. Hire OJ and Mike Vick too. Maybe über talented cold blooded killers would have better insight than the usual washouts and awkward dorks they usually hire.

  15. Well said likeaboss302 coming from a Patriots fan. Most of these comments posted are written by people who were still in high school when this happened in 2000.

  16. @ likeaboss302
    Yeah. Everyone should be given a free pass. Imagine a society like that? Oh wait. That’s what we have here in America.

  17. Putting Lewis in the on-the-field crew of the NFL’s weekly marquee match up is ESPN’s biggest mistake since they hired Rush Limbaugh.

  18. I can’t stand jon gruden on MNF. ill never understand why they removed jaws who actually had insightful commentary to make about every play as opposed to gruden who compared everyone to former HOF’ers after making one good play. rhe addition of Dbag Lewis just gives me one more reason to avoid that broadcast like the plague.

  19. only two ravens I respect….reed and lewis. good luck to you ray. although I do think hes somewhat of a blowhard and plays it up big time for the camera. I wonder if he will be able to have a camera looking at him without breaking down into tears or his over the top praying for the first few weeks

  20. @db105

    How did he get a free pass? Have you actually taken time to research the facts around the case. I’m all for people being held accountable and he was as part of his deal with the State’s Attorney. He’s moved on with his life and done a lot of good since. Should he forever be banished to some island? I’d be all over him if he continued a life a trouble but he hasn’t. I think some people just want to pretend like the good hasn’t happened. I like to judge the entire body of work to date.

  21. Thanks for yet another reason for the mute button. Headphones on, music cranking, game playing silently…… is good.

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