Four teams in play for Nnamdi

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On Tuesday, the Eagles cut cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.  On Wednesday, the first word emerged of his potential destinations.

Per a league source, the early candidates are the 49ers, Broncos, Cardinals, and Texans.

Asomugha will get $4 million this year from the Eagles, regardless of what he makes elsewhere.  The fact that he has zero playoff appearances in his 10-year career could make him inclined to join a contender.

Of course, that’s what he thought he was doing two years ago in Philly.

59 responses to “Four teams in play for Nnamdi

  1. And, of course, the fact the Eagles have fallen from contender status since he signed had zero to do with his disgraceful play.

  2. The dude can’t run! I have never, in my life, seen a corner get beat more than Nnamdi Asomugha. They told us he was Revis, he wasn’t even Curtis Marsh. Good luck to whatever team decides to throw away money on this hack, but he certainly won’t help you stop opposing receivers. Maybe he can move to safety, but he sure as hell isn’t a corner.

  3. Yeah great guy for sure, but he just gave up. It was so bad that he was blaming others for his mistakes. Hope he gets his head right.

  4. ^^^^ Thats FUNNY! But seriously, 49ers better get Nnamdi or Sean SMith. I rather Sean Smith though. Either one will be great in Vic Fangio scheme.

  5. As a Bronco fan, I would like Nnamdi more than DRC. But both would be decent pickups. Chris Harris is one of the best NBs in the league (Dont Believe me, go watch any Bronco game from last year, hes quite above average), so it would be smart to keep him inside.

    Dont break the bank guys!

  6. As a philly fan i wish him nothing but the best. seemed to be a stand up guy. That being said, he’s lost about 3 steps, and his desire to play. Maybe getting cut will be a wake up call though. Good luck Nnamdi !

  7. If this guy were to start playing inspired football for another team while becoming a significant asset to their defense, Philly fans will be left wondering what the hell went wrong with this guy for the past 2 seasons.

    I don’t see success in his future. These past 2 years have solidified Nnamdi as possibly the most overrated player in the game today.

  8. Maybe now Revis will realize he was asking too much since he was cut. 12-13 million a year is about fair market value. With all the restructuring and cuts, I’m sure they couldpossibly get s deal done. Why else would they do so much to free up around 20 million in cap space?

  9. He is a liability down-field. The Steelers have never made a mistake. Our wisdom knows no bounds.

  10. Kinda surprised I’m not seeing the Browns in play for any of these CB’s. They desperately need a starter opposite Haden. Maybe they’ve got Milliner or Rhodes targeted in the draft.

  11. I’d love to see him a Bronco,Him and Champ have been 2 of the best corners of this era and with Manning racking up the points it would be interesting.

    —The dude can’t run! I have never, in my life, seen a corner get beat more than Nnamdi Asomugha. They told us he was Revis,—

    Maybe it was the retarded defensive scheme the eagles used? As for saying he was supposed be revis umm get it right Revis wanted to be Nnamdi when he came in to this league. well im sure he has loss some gas in the right system he can still have plenty of success.

  12. I’d be scared of picking up Sean Smith especially at the amount he wants. Here’s hoping 49ers sign him up at a reasonable price, and the slump in PHI was more scheme than his play. I recall him being a good fit for Fangio’s scheme when we ended up signing Rogers instead, since Nnamdi opted PHI.

  13. He’s done for. Philly put him in zone, man to man, press, off, etc. nothing worked, he just kept getting burned. It’s over, he can’t play safety because safety’s need to be able to tackle, he can’t do that either

  14. This is who the Broncos should have signed instead of Welker…what are the odss this can still happen?

  15. Sean Smith LOL. All you need to know about smith is watch the phins game against the colts last year. You’ll change your tune real fast

  16. This dude has NEVER been a playmaker. After being exposed the past two yrs. I can’t believe four teams are fighting for this guy. I feel bad for whoever ‘wins’.

  17. How’s he going to blame Kurt Coleman when he gets burned with his new team? Sideline phone call?

  18. He would be a great fit on all four teams. Patrick Peterson is not a #1 CB yet (too many mistakes last year), and would really benefit from Nnamdi playing on the other side of the field.

  19. It’ll be nice seeing him calling someone else’s bad in another uni next year.

  20. The Nfl network old dude: Charlie Cassidy (respect) said he watched film on N.A. and said he has slowed. Really wasn’t high on him. Some time a big name is just a name. All hood and no motor. I hope the Niners worked him out and timed him if they are serious.

  21. Not sure Denver can afford him now, but he would fill one of their biggest needs. They’ve also got to sign Dumervil or pay to replace him plus decide what to do at RB….

  22. Nnmandi should have stayed in Oak Town. From one useless organization to another.

  23. and harris is really good but dam our safety sucks go after adrian wilson or ed reed but wilson would be way cheaper

  24. Where are the 49ers getting all this cap space and how are they going to pay 14 picks?

  25. Nnamdi is cooked. Good luck if he lands on your team. Dude got beat straight up over and over and over. Just cause you put your arms out look around like it was someone else’s fault time and time again doesn’t mean it was someone else’s fault. Never saw him in Oakland but once the “fear” of throwing to his side ended so do his hype. can’t really cover anymore, can’t play the ball , can’t tackle. seems like helluva nice guy though

  26. This guy is a dog!!!! Maybe if he could actually cover somebody and not consistently get beat for touchdowns, the Eagles would’ve made the playoffs.

  27. You guys can rip Eagles fans but we watched him play for 2 years. Guy has ZERO heart and looks like he lost a step:

    -He’s stiff. If he misses his jam he’s slow turning and running. When he does start running it looks like he’s lost a step
    -He’s soft. I have literally never seen a player make more “business decisions” to not make a tackle. I’ve seen him literally stick an arm out and slap at a RB more than once.
    -He blames everyone but himself and he gives up on plays.

  28. he would make a great player in flag football. the guy played scared and afraid he would get hurt.

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