Goldson deal leaves plenty of room for Revis trade

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Dashon Goldson is a Buccaneer.  A rich Buccaneer.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Goldson’s five-year deal has a total value of $41.25 million, with $22 million guaranteed.

Some of you have asked an astute question.  Does a big deal for Goldson leave enough cash and cap space for a possible Darrelle Revis trade?

It does.  We’re told that the contract has a favorable structure in the first two years, leaving more than enough room for a new Revis deal.

Of course, the Jets first have to trade Revis to Tampa.  But signing Goldson doesn’t take the Bucs out of play for Revis.


14 responses to “Goldson deal leaves plenty of room for Revis trade

  1. If Revis is healthy, make a move Dominik. Goldson and Revis and possibily a first or second round CB will greatly improve our secondary..

  2. @canadianbucs fan

    If you trade for Revis it will cost you at a least a first or second rounder.

  3. Sad to see him go
    Too bad the 49ers couldn’t re-sign Goldson

    As for Revis….
    Do they Really want a prima donna ??
    Why not sign TO, too ??
    I hear he’s available

  4. Revis for the right price only. If you can get two guys for the equivalent money without giving up the picks, you gotta think about that instead.

  5. Sign Brent Grimes. Improve our secondary and hurt the Falcons’ at the same time.

  6. The Jets are just praying they can get rid of Revis and get something big in return! The reality is he wants 15-20 Million a year, is never happy, you would have to give up a couple first round picks, and he may or may not be the Old Revis!

    The guy tore his ACL last year, and no doctor can say he will be the guy he used to be.

    Woody J wants his cake and to eat it as well……..he wants pre acl market value for a guy who may be the next Namdi!

    The Bucs are getting better every year, don’t let Woody screw up your team as well.

    Even Jerry Jones smells a rat in this deal, so that’s saying something!

  7. Goldson will definitely be an asset, but the Bucs overpaid. Hes a great Free safety, with good range and wraps up. Though hes usually looking for the big hit or playing the ball too much, which has a tendency to backfire at times and the results in a big play for the other team.
    He will be missed in SF but at that salary, it wasnt worth it.

  8. After the first 2 years of the contract and the Bucs don’t win, he gets cut cause he makes too much. Happens all the time with guys that chase money.

  9. Die hard bucs fan. Not a huge fan of this signing. Goldson is good, but not wrth 22 mill guaranteed. However, if the bucs trade for Revis, (and he is healthy) Goldson could look like a $100 million player because he would only have double on one side of the field. The only smart move now is for Dominik pull the trigger on this trade, and bring Revis island to Tampa!

  10. Ditto 49er33. Goldson can be a liability in coverage but is certainly known as a fierce hitter. That’s all well and good but last year as I recall he was fined big $$$ for hits, and since the league is focussing on those hits with fines and possible suspensions, I’d be concerned about him. I suspect that issue and the huge contract he wanted were instrumental in the organization letting him go.

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