Jared Cook’s Rams deal worth $35.1 million

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The Titans thought they were going to be able to keep tight end Jared Cook, but they might not have been in the same ballpark.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennesseean, the free agent tight end’s deal with the Rams is worth $35.1 million, and could grow to $38.5 million with incentives.

That includes $19 million in guarantees, more than half the total value of the deal.

The Titans considered franchising him, but didn’t want to fight over the different between a tight end tag and a receiver tag, so he ended up walking.

Cook’s contract surpasses every expectation, and puts the pressure on the Rams to throw it to him enough to justify the expense. He’s an excellent option in the passing game, which the Rams sorely needed.

And it’s not as if the Titans were afraid to spend, as they dropped big contracts on Andy Levitre (five years, $39 million) and Delanie Walker (four years, $17.5 million) on the first day.

The Titans also used part of the savings to lock up fullback Quinn Johnson to a two-year deal.

14 responses to “Jared Cook’s Rams deal worth $35.1 million

  1. Cook has some talent but clearly it wasn’t enough for Chip Kelly and his intricate offense. Scraps

  2. lol talk about some coin… Rams have to overpay to get anyone to play for that lame franchise….

  3. The Rams are going to be a nice team this year, and they certainly haven’t had a pass catching tight end like this since Randy McMichael. That being said, that’s an awfully steep price tag…

  4. All I can say to people like jfoxbebb is if you thought you hated the Greatest Show on Turf, you are going to absolutly despise what Jeff Fisher is putting together.

  5. I know he is a good player but that puts him on par with Vernon Davis’ salary which just seems too high for Cook. Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze on this one.

  6. He’s a good receiver, but awful blocker. He’s about as physical as a wide receiver when he tries blocking.

    That Martellus Bennett contract is looking better and better

  7. If that’s what it was going to cost the Titans to keep him, then I’m happy with the plan B of signing Walker to add to an underrated Craig Stevens and their athletic project from last year (HS TE turned college DE turned NFL TE Taylor Thompson).

    Cook is a major physical threat, but could never tell whether it was him or the coaching (especially in Chris Palmer’s offense) that led to him being invisible half the time. Guess we’re about to find out. Wish him well, but until/unless he turns into a reliable stud, can’t blame the Titans for balking at that kind of investment.

  8. Some times you have to throw extra cash at a player when your organization like the rams. As far as cook not being a good blocker I think he was just irritated at the way he was being utilised. Finley has butter fingers and hasnt done well since his first season

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