Jasper Brinkley leaves Giants visit, will meet with Cardinals


The Giants had linebacker Jasper Brinkley in for a visit on Wednesday, but Brinkley didn’t sign a contract before leaving the team’s headquarters.

According to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, Brinkley is now headed to Arizona to meet with the Cardinals. Brinkley is coming off a 15-start, 99-tackle year for the Vikings, his first year as a starter in Minnesota.

There have been varying accounts of the Giants’ likelihood of bringing back middle linebacker Chase Blackburn. They may be talking to Brinkley and others who play the position in hopes of finding the player who fits what they’re looking to pay for a player at the spot. They cut Michael Boley before free agency began and aren’t expected to bring back Keith Rivers, which means linebacker is a need area for the Giants even after they settle things in the middle.

The Cardinals have kept themselves busy on Wednesday by signing linebacker Lorenzo Alexander, cornerback Jerraud Powers, quarterback Drew Stanton, running back Rashard Mendenhall and safety Yeremiah Bell. We’ll see if they continue on their bulk buying spree with Brinkley once he makes it to Arizona.

13 responses to “Jasper Brinkley leaves Giants visit, will meet with Cardinals

  1. As a Giants fan, I like Blackburn. I just hope they don’t draft T’eo. They are needy at LB, but there has to be better choices.

  2. He is an upgrade over Lenon. Really would be the only signing I would like so far if the Cards can get it done. Stanton is nothing great, Bell and Potter are scrubs, Alexander is a special teamer. This off season sucks so far for the Cards. At thus rate, this season will too. Seahawks and 9ers are way ahead of my Red Birds in talent level. Rams are better too.

  3. He is talented.. but will not be missed in the Vikings cover 2, needing the mlb to be able to cover deep, scheme. But thumbs up to whoever signs him as a run stopper.

  4. Vikings fan here…
    Brinkley is a good run stopper who can fill gaps nicely, but his coverage skills aren’t great and I’m not sure that he’s going to be anything more than an okay starter. He is very replaceable.

  5. This one really got me scratching my head. The Vikes are really thin in the LB department. Plus he’s the starting MLB to boot. Don’t get it.

  6. Brinkley was a 2 down MLB for the Vikes. As already mentioned – he’s a very good run stuffer.

    But on obvious passing downs he is a liability in most cases.

    I wouldn’t mind him coming back to MN – for depth. But I would like to find a 3 down MLB either in FA or the draft.

  7. jasper isa dime a dozen type of MLB, he has mental breakdowns and can have trouble sheddin blocks at times, thus the reason the vikes arent wanting to bring him back

  8. Brinkley was a fill-in when they let EJ Henderson go. He’s a thumper who didn’t do much thumping and is a liability in the pass happy NFC North. He’s a career backup that ended up starting out of necessity.

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