Jets hosting Antwan Barnes on Thursday

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The Jets don’t have the cap space to make a big splash in free agency, but they can still shop for bargains.

The shopping continues on Thursday, when Chargers linebacker Antwan Barnes arrives for a visit, according to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

As Mehta points out, Barnes bagged 11 sacks in 2011.  He did that despite starting only five games.

His contract year was a disappointment, with only three sacks.  But that makes him more affordable for the Jets.

13 responses to “Jets hosting Antwan Barnes on Thursday

  1. Are you kidding me Telesco. This guy was a solid contributor and we let him go. Hey Tom you do plan making us better right. Or are gonna be like Charlie Sheen in “Major League” and try tank the season you can have number 1 pick next year and get us moved to LA.. Geez bro Denver is signing dudes left and right. I guess I know why you signed our long snapper as your first deal. Cause were gonna Be punting a lot. Way to be aggressive and show the fans you want to make us better

  2. These are the type of pieces the Jets need to find. I am not sure they can fill out the roster, but it should give them a solid foundation. The circus atmosphere, although entertaining, needs to stop.

  3. dont have cap space……I guess you havent paid attention to the restructuring and cuts the jets made – once again a fine job of reporting. take another look at how much they are under the cap and maybe you can write a credible article then you might realize they are 17 million under the cap at this moment

  4. After restructuring and cuts, the Jets have 16 million in cap space- how dont they have the cap space to do anything?

  5. the 16 mil is set aside for all the circus animals they are going to bring in.

    the reality is that rex is a lame duck coach because after this year he’s gone. This year is just a bridge for next and nyj are just preparing for two seasons from now.

    mark sanchez still has no weapons. Santonio is not a no. 1 receiver i’m sorry, he’s a 2 on every other nfl team. The defense hasn’t acquired any new pieces to make up for the ones lost.

    Woody spent all is money supporting romney as he said to all the jets fan base that its more important to have him in office that for the jets to have a good season.

    As a fan i could care less of what his political standpoint is. All the fans care about is being able to cheer for their team every sunday. it’s no fun showing up to a game knowing your team has no shot. if you care about politics so much sell the team and focus on that, but don’t tell the fans its more important to have the president you want than to have a winning season.

  6. For those of you that think that the jets have “Cap space” to make a big splash just because they cut alot of their BEST players… you need to realize that cap space is based on how many people you have on your roster… The Jets need to refill their roster with cheaper players to replace those that they replaced AND those that left through free agency!

    They cant make a BIG splash in free agency because they would not have enough money to sign their draft picks and fill the roster. The Jets have very few contract players on the team which means they need to sign ALOT of players… thats why they made cuts to get more players under contract. Not to get under the cap… but to fill up their roster. NYjetscap has denoted this on their site repeatedly.

  7. lol Dolphins signed 3 free agents and still have more cap space then the jets…I hope Woody brings back Tannebaum to help hire the new head coach! I also hope that coach is broadway joe…

  8. It doesn’t matter the Jets will stink no matter what. Please tell me where the offensive production will come from??????


  9. With having pretty much no linebackers on their roster, I’m surprised the ravens aren’t all over Barnes.

    Not that I would go back there if I was Barnes… But still.

  10. Since teams can carry over 100% of unused cap money, maybe the Jets’ plan is to spend nothing on any player other than rookies and be able to spend the money next year when they can actually put together a competitive team.

    On a lighter note, I’m pumped to be able to afford tickets in the Coaches Club when the Jets are 2 and 10 and those $700 face value seats are $200 on Stub Hub.

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