John Elway asked Peyton Manning before signing Wes Welker


John Elway calls the shots in Denver. But he checks with Peyton Manning first.

Elway, the Broncos’ front office boss, confirmed today that before signing free agent receiver Wes Welker, he first called Manning to see whether Manning thought Welker would be a good addition to Denver’s passing game.

I asked Peyton about it yesterday to make sure he was on board,’’ Elway said, via the Denver Post.

That’s not surprising. The Broncos’ brass haven’t made any secret of the fact that everything they do is about building a team around Manning that can win a title in the remaining years Manning has left. And before they make a significant move like bringing in Welker, they’d like to see if Manning agrees that it’s the right move.

Still, it put Manning in an awkward situation because his good friend, Brandon Stokley, may end up out of work in Denver because of Welker’s arrival. The next time Manning and Stokley talk, it could be awkward.

At least, it would be if Stokley weren’t such a class act about it: Stokley has already gone on record as saying he thinks signing Welker was a great move for the Broncos. Obviously, Manning agrees.

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  1. Elway has been a great executive; I’ve got to hand it to him. He’s a HOF’er in his own right, but he doesn’t let his ego interfere with his job at all. Nice hire by Bowlen for seeing his potential as an exec. Quick turnaround in Denver from that McDaniel’s mess a few years back…

  2. Gotta love Brandon Stokely. Have a feeling hes going to be a coach like his dad when he hangs em up.

  3. John Elway was heard expressing concern over Chip Kelly and the need to bolster their defense with intelligent players capable of understanding how they are being abused by his system. Shock the world fellas!

  4. manning will never be better than brady. not www ven by stealing his targets. go packers!

  5. Note to Elway: If you are the boss make a decision and Tell Manning who his new receiver is.

  6. he asked peyton does he mind if we sign welker to help them choke in the playoffs like peyton is knowned for

  7. Would have been better if he had poured some salt on the wound by calling Tom Brady and asking him if he thought it would be agood move for the Broncos.

  8. Wow, I really thought welker would end up back in NE. The broncos got a good player and a good deal at 6 million a year. The scary teams just continue to get scarier. Niners vs Broncos in the super bowl barring major injuries.

  9. Stokley has better hands than Welker and doesn’t run 5 yard routes. On paper this is a great addition, but I’m curious to see how Welker will fit into Mannings style of offense. He will have to actually run deeper routes.

  10. Brady knows it’s a business and do you think that at 31 Welker was going to last 5 more years in NE .. Amendola is younger and if he can stay healthy the offense won’t miss a beat .

  11. Broncos needed a running back, not another receiver. Manning can only throw the ball so often in each game. Do you really think Manning will pass for 1000 more yards this season? Welker will marginally improve the Broncos passing game.

  12. Management style #1:

    ask franchise QB if he can have permission to sign a player.

    Management style # 2:

    Let said receiver walk and piss off franchise QB for all of about 60 minutes and then sign a younger, faster, bigger, quicker version of above metnioed receiver.

    Step 3: turn new younger faster quicker receiver into better version of old receiver.

    If you’re the boss, you don’t have to ask permission.

  13. profootballwalk says:Mar 13, 2013 8:39 PM: ” Broncos needed a running back, not another receiver”

    Maybe- but when you have a threat at every level of the passing attack it will reduce the importance of a replacement for mcgahee. Substitute short passes for runs. Imagine being a d-coordinator mapping out a gameplan for 3rd downs against them…

  14. If you’re John Elway and you had to play in the late 80’s & early 90’s with certain receivers that you were never asked about – you know from experience how it would feel to be ASKED your opinion by management. Especially with a QB like the one they have on the field now.

    I’m sure there were plenty of guys that Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips stuck John with that he would rather have not been saddled with (see what I did there?)

  15. @ Infectorman

    The Pats have 2 tight ends who can’t stay a healthy, a receiver who cant stay healthy, horrible Secondary. Good Luck with Your Injury prone offence and bad defense. The Ravens will be fine as always and will continue to compete in the AFC.

  16. “I wish Welker all the best. Except when he plays the Pats. Thanks for everything!”
    I thought I was upset when they let Vrabel go. I wish Welker all the best *especially* when he plays the Pats.

  17. A rb wouldn’t hurt but as of now mchahee, Moreno and hillman are all still under contract.

  18. great now they have another guy they can blame instead of manning when he chokes again the playoffs. I can hear it now,we would have won if welker had made that catch after manning throws another crucial pick with the game on the line as he almost always does.

  19. @peytonsneck18,

    “he asked peyton does he mind if we sign welker to help them choke in the playoffs like peyton is knowned for”

    Kind of like you choked in english class with your George W. Bush-ism of the word “knowned”?

    From what I know of Peyton, he is a SB winning QB with a first ballot HOF body of work who will very likely be referred to as one of the greats in this game when it is all said and done.

    Exceptional work, Einstein. Your family must be proud.

  20. briscocountyjr says: Mar 13, 2013 8:51 PM

    Maybe- but when you have a threat at every level of the passing attack it will reduce the importance of a replacement for mcgahee. Substitute short passes for runs. Imagine being a d-coordinator mapping out a gameplan for 3rd downs against them…
    Very true but this only works if you have a QB that can take advantage of threats at every level and Manning isn’t that guy anymore. You have another guy who’s good in Mannings 15-20 yard range off the line of scrimmage and defenses are going to figure it out quick. It only took the Ravens one half to put together a gameplan to defend it.

  21. @killit and invector…I’m sure you both, in all your vast NFL experience, know exactly how Elway needs to improve his management style. I’m sure he’s waiting for your calls.

  22. I’m sure ever since this signing was announced, NFL network has been comparing Welker to Ed McCaffrey and Steve Watson.

  23. @ravensfan which team has won the most games since 2000.

    Here’s a hint… aint the ravens

    pats will b fine belicheck >newsome
    b4 this year the ravens had only beaten the pats TWICE they doubled that this year, and now that team is falling apart….lmaoo good luck “competing” with that

  24. necr0philia says:
    Mar 13, 2013 8:24 PM
    I always ask for Manning’s input before I order Papa Johns pizza! He has never steered me wrong.

    86 10
    Report comment

    Who are the 10 ppl that “thumbed down” this comment?

    It’s hilarious!! Who could not like it?

  25. Why not? 2 HOF QBs discussing a potential quality slot guy for the team? “Hey, Peyton! Think you can do anything with this guy?”. Seems a no-brainer.

  26. I am glad that Welker got a deal and didn’t have to return to the Patriots! Kraft was all talk. ….we want to keep Welker a Patriot for life like Brady? Yet they were too cheap to pay 6 mil a year? Go Broncos! And I am a Bengal fan! Bill played him last year for not wanting to sign his tender, so he is better off out of there!

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if Peyton went to Elway to begin with and requested that they get Welker. That’s how it probably happened.

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