King Dunlap bolts to Chargers

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The Chargers plan to shop for bargains in free agency.  But that doesn’t mean they’ll drag their feet.

According to multiple reports, the Chargers have agreed to terms with former Eagles tackle King Dunlap.  Per Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego, it’s a two-year deal, and with incentives and escalators Dunlap can earn up to $6 million.

Dunlap, who stands at a towering six-feet, nine inches and spins the dial 3.3 times, started 12 games for the Eagles in 2012.

Two years ago, he was arrested outside the SEC women’s basketball tournament for driving his car onto a sidewalk in front of the arena doors and refusing to move.

22 responses to “King Dunlap bolts to Chargers

  1. If he blocked the gym entrance with his car that would be the first and only path he has ever obstructed ever in his life.

    If you can’t tell I’m saying, this guy stinks

  2. It BECAUSE Of Dalton we are a contender. Too much emphasis is placed on arm strength. You should know that watching Carson Palmer for the last year and a half. WINNERS WIN!!!! Get used to it

  3. have the Chargers ever seen this guy play ? his best spot on the team is as the guard on the field goal team.

  4. Six million if he makes the Pro Bowl, and starts every game over two years? This guy isn’t worth 2 bucks. King is the absolute worse O lineman I have seen play football in the last 40 years. He moves about as fast as a guy taking his final walk to the electric chair.

  5. So the Chargers have a lineman who can’t block to save his life (Dunlap) and a guy who can’t play when he has a hangnail (Gaither). Rivers might as well call it a career.

  6. I cannot believe that this guy still makes a living in the NFL.
    I can’t even consider what he does playing football.

    King Dunlap is a 7′ 300lb mashmallow.
    Guy is soft as Charmen.

    Never once has he held his sand on the line of scrimage. This is a player that I hoped Andy would take with him. Couldn’t be happier that Chip Kelley sent him packing.

    I doubt he makes it through OTA’s.

  7. I used to be a big fan of Dunlap when he was a backup. I thought the Eagles had a nice prospect who would eventually turn out to be a solid starter. Boy, was I wrong. Not agile enough for pass blocking and not strong enough in the run game. Some guys are just too tall I guess.

  8. While I agree that Dunlap has serious constitution issues and is too tall to move well and properly use his leverage against speed rushers, but for max 6M/2 years this isn’t a terrible pickup. King is a more than serviceable backup RT.

  9. From the looks of it , seems to me the Chargers again made a terrible sign. I HOPE the deal is if he makes an impressive Half season, he gets his deal

  10. The Flav doesnt care much about this loser. His size was detrimental to blocking

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