Lack of early deal could send Jennings back to Packers offer


While Mike Wallace was getting rich in Miami, Greg Jennings’ phone was strangely silent.

And that could lead him straight back to the Packers.

According to Jason Wilde of ESPNWisconsin, there’s a growing feeling Jennings could still return. He reports that the Packers offered a deal worth in the neighborhood of $10 million a year, and that there had been discussions between his agent and the team recently about a return.

Without the Dolphins to use as leverage, it became harder for the second-best target at the wide receiver position to get a deal any bigger.

While there had been reports about the Vikings showing interest, that never materialized Tuesday.

“I definitely have some destinations in mind and I’m going to keep them close to the vest,” Jennings said on ESPN’s NFL Live. “I’m just enjoying this opportunity to be in free agency. A lot of players don’t get to experience this opportunity, and I’m one that does. So I’m going to embrace the opportunity and take my visits when we get those taken care of and lined up and I’m excited about it.”

But unless the Vikings change their minds, or other receiver-needy suitors emerge, the Packers may still have a shot.

22 responses to “Lack of early deal could send Jennings back to Packers offer

  1. Come back Greg! Packers fans take care of greats that retire in the green and gold!

  2. If I were Jennings I’d take the $10 million a year and the old spice endorsements and keep catching passes from the top QB in the game right now. And be very happy about it. But is it true or is it just the Jennings camp trying to boost his value?

  3. The Vikes better not pay him more than $10 million a year! Not even close to worth that much…play a full season and then we’ll talk.

  4. “Without the Dolphins to use as leverage, it became harder for the second-best target at the wide receiver position to get a deal any bigger.”

    If I didn’t know better I’d think that Miami was the only team in NFL history that targeted a player and lost out. I’m not why you all decided to get together and pretend that Miami is only used as leverage, but it’s getting old.

  5. So what happen to “if i don’t sign by midnight, i’m going back to the Packers”

    If the Packers are offering 10 mill a year, Jennings better run back to the cow pastures of Wisconsin. Nobody else will pay him that much.

  6. I wanted him in MN, but if the cheese are going to pay 10 mil, keep him. The loss of cap space will hurt them more than Jennings would help the Vikes.

  7. If the Packers are willing to pay Jennings $10 mil – it’s only to keep him away from the Vikings.

    Could the Vikings use Jennings. Sure. But Spielman won’t (and shouldn’t) pay him that much.

    If Thompson will, so be it. I think Thompson would find better uses for $10 mil than adding to a position of strength at the expense of positions of weakness.

  8. Why would the Packers give Jennings $10mil when they already have Nelson, Cobb and James Jones on the roster? They are going to need that $10M when the time comes to redo Rodgers deal.

  9. I don’t believe a word of this. The Packers aren’t going to offer $10 million for their fourth wide receiver. I’m sure Jennings has visits lined up with several teams and he’s going to take his time deciding what to do, just like he said. He isn’t known for lying.

  10. If the Vikes aren’t going to pay PH 10 million a year, then I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to pay GJ the same amount, they better not anyways. Offer him 5 million, take it or leave it.

  11. Go back to GB, Greg. If they’ll pay you $10mil to be a 4th wideout, why not? You can save a few decades of your lifespan by not being an every down player and being a 3rd option on the plays you are in for.

    It’s a win-win. I mean, your chances at reaching another pro bowl – let alone the HOF – are diminished and everyone will question your competitiveness, but Go Pack Go!

  12. No way Jennings is worth 10 million. The guy became a cancer last year (along with Finley) and threw his MVP QB under the bus. His entourage and crazy/self-entitled sister have been filling his head with ideas that he’s more important to the team than he really is.

  13. Being a free agent is great and all, but not if it means getting stuck with Ponder as your QB.

    Ponder is a magician, and his best trick is making his WR corps disappear during football season.

  14. No WR is worth $10 million a year to Aaron Rodgers. You could throw anyone out there and Rodgers would make them look good. The only one who comes close to that right now is Jordy Nelson, and he can’t stay healthy.

    Heck, Jordy might be worth half that just to make sure McCarthy doesn’t throw any stupid challenge flags and to pick up the ones he does.

    Sorry, as a Vikings fan I can’t praise Green Bay without taking a shot at them too.

  15. Fine receiver and great guy, but if I were Thompson I don’t know if I’d even go for $5 million to him.

  16. Good for Green Bay keeping Jennings. He is awesome and his Y.A.C. makes him special. Would have loved to have him with the Vikings because even Ponder can hit the short to intermediate routes that Jennings turns into huge gains but for 10 million the Vikings can sign a couple of guys. Looks like he used the Vikes to up his pay like Jones did last year. Tease.

  17. Love Greg Jennings – It’d be awesome to have another good guy retire of old age for the team that drafted him … to play his whole career with a single team…

    but at 10 mil a year ?

    Heck no… Go get Steven Jackson or keep Cedric – Keep Greg if we cut Finley and AJ, then I’d be alright with keeping him.

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